After going through the 116 pages of logs there are questions that stand out. Under the law for private and commercial flights, 49 U.S. Code 44909, Passenger Manifests, there are up to 6 criteria that must be followed. A. Full name, B. Passport # if international flight, C. A contact name and phone # D. sex, E. Date of birth, F. Visa # or resident alien card # if applicable. And it must be correct accurate and complete, given to the Customs Service upon request.

Knowing these REQUIREMENTS, and after carefully looking at all 116 pages, from 11-17-1995 through 12-28-2015, I found that on 215 log entries, instead of names there were question marks given (?) as a passenger! In another 86 entries there were only initials, partial names, or ‘staff’, ‘nanny’, ‘unknown’, ‘illegible’ given where a full name is REQUIRED by law! So this made 301 ILLEGAL log entries in the time frame shown!

Were many of these entries abducted children? Where was the Customs Service? Were they really this incompetent or were they complicit in child sex trafficking’s? On ALL pages of these logs, not once was all the criteria followed that was REQUIRED information by LAW! NONE of the criteria was followed! Many flights were international! Was this part of a world wide child sex operation?! And Customs officials were involved, looking the other way!? The complete lack or protocol/laws followed point in that direction!

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