Part 7, Epstein Flight logs, starting on page 100 to 108. Six new/additional names appear as ‘guests’, so 146 so far. One new pilot appears, a Bill Murphy, that makes 7 pilots listed since 1995 to 2005. Pilots should have some tales to tell under oath I would suspect. From 100-108 there are many more incomplete log entries. No less than 15 question marks (?) where names should be, why so many (?), children perhaps? Many more initials listed and partial names listed, what are these people afraid of? Part 8 will go to the end of the pages, (116) tomorrow. Part 9 will be an initial summary of all this on Monday. After that a dive into each name to find out who these people are/were. NOTE: A Sarah Kellen is a frequent flyer since the beginning, she loves the Islands?

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