Part 6, Epstein Flight logs, starting on page 89 to 100. Twenty new/additional names pop up, so now there are about 140 total people, oblivious to what Epstein and Maxwell are up to? Personally I doubt that so many of these jet setter types are that naïve. From page 89-100 there are many entries into the flight logs that are coded, why? or make no sense at all. Where a name should be, there are initials or partial names or simply a question mark (?). A new pilot shows up on page 99. Nanny shows up twice on 97, nanny for who? Are flight logs supposed to be official? Are they supposed to be regulated for accurate content? Who is supposed to be responsible in maintaining flight logs if anyone? Good questions to ask. Are the coded entries, initials, and (?) marks all children? If everything is legitimate, these logs should not be riddled throughout with faulty entries! Part 7 tomorrow starting on page 101.

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