Part 5, Epstein Flight logs, starting on page 82 to 88. There are three mor (?) question marks where names should be on pages 82 and 83, children?
On 11-4-03 Bill Clinton and 4 secret service are logged on, from the 4th to the 11th they go to Oslo Norway, to Stockholm Sweden, to Novosibirsk Russia, to Hong Kong, to Chengdu China, to Beijing China, to Anchorage Alaska, on page 84, busy bees…..
A ‘Carolina’, no last name, child? No full names for an LC and AM? Children? Alan Dershowitz gets on and hops from Ma. to NJ and NJ to West Palm Beach on 2-5-2004. Nothing suspicious? Just getting a lift. Another incomplete name, ‘AM’/ going to the Virgin Islands, a child? There are and additional 11 names that are new to me, so this brings Jeff’s ‘friends to around 121 names so far…
Tomorrow will be part 6.

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