Part 4, Epstein Flight logs, starting on page 76 forward to 81. An additional 16 new names show up, this is only up into 2003 so far. On pages 77-81 Brent Tindell is listed as ‘Chef’, Larry Morrison, Barry Massion, and Gary Roxburgh are all listed as ‘Pilots’ for the first time. As far as I am concerned, they all probably have some interesting tales to tell if put under oath… There is an E.M. and a J.K. listed on 5-20-03, and a Julie K. listed on 5-30-03 to the Virgin Islands, same person as J.K.? A (?) listed to the Virgin Islands on 5-5-03, a child? Four entries from 7-18-19-29-2003 all listed as (?), going to Virgin Islands, more children? Two strange entries on page 81, MACKLA and MYLENE ? Why the code names? Who enters the names into the logs? Is it the Pilot, who? That person should be subpoenaed under oath.
More tomorrow. These people are disgusting, I get no good vibes from this.

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