Part 3 Epstein flight logs. Starting on page 68-75 24 new names appear, along with reoccurring names from the beginning. So, up through page 75 there are are 94 names so far, going to the Virgin Islands and other far flung places. Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacy appear beginning on pg. 68 forward starting on 9-21-02 with at least 12 others trough 9-29-02. They go to Santa Maria Portugal, then Ghana, Nigeria, Kigali Rwanda, Maputo Mozambique, Cape Town South Africa, Johannesburg Africa, back to Accra Ghana. All in a 10 day period. Are these places children are bought and sold? Page 70-75, many entries show simply “passenger” or ‘male’ or ‘female’ or ‘staff’ or strangely, “reposition” going to St. Thomas Virgin Islands, it makes my sixth sense crawl with dread, and my blood boil for these ‘unknowns’. I will start on page 75 tomorrow. There are 116 pages in all, but this takes time.

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