Epstein Flight log’s part 2. Previously I had gone to page 45, in this I go 45-68. Of the 46 reoccurring names going to the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas, there are 14 additional names up to page 59, names I am not familiar with, non the less. From pages 61-68 it starts getting curious, there are 10 more new names, (24) all together, but the destinations are intriguing, the flights start going to the Philippines, Hong Cong, Japan, China, Indonesia, back to the Great Exuma Bahamas. On the flight logs, instead of names being listed, you see ‘female’, ‘male’, ‘passenger’, or only a first name, sometimes just a question mark,? I have to seriously wonder if these are children being abducted from these far off places? Tomorrow, it starts getting really interesting with names that I do recognize.

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