Ma. citizens. HD4220 is an anti-gun bill that is being pushed by dictator wannabes in the legislature. No one went to them asking for this, it is self-serving on their part.

It will force law enforcement officers to choose, they swore an oath, in part to uphold the Constitution and to uphold the public trust. If they enforce this bill, they shred the Constitution and how would the public be able to trust them ever again? They would in essence become state sanctioned thug/thieves.

Why? Because the firearms that they will be trying to steal from you were bought legally, recognized as legal by the state, the state took their share in the taxes generated, they are YOUR legally possessed firearms!

A short summary: It will ban ALL semi auto rifles/shotguns you own; you must show proof of destroying them or turn them in. ALL semi auto handguns must have magazines with serial numbers or be turned in. This is retroactive to 1994! All firearms that you can have must be REGISTERED within 7 days of the bill passing! All gun owners that do not comply will be felons, imprisoned for 10 years! I do not have room to go into the whole thing, research it. Police Chiefs from around the state are beginning to write letters of protest about this unconstitutional bill. This bill endangers police who would try to enforce it. It may take effect at end of July! Pass it on!

Mark Shean

Author of GUN SENSE.

2 Responses to “HD4220 a Ma. bill”

  • Eleanor Hardy Ferri says:

    Why does anyone need a semi automatic gun? I am honestly curious to see why people want to own them.

  • Mark Shean says:

    The short answer is because as Americans under the Constitution, they can. It is your choice not to, but not your choice to deny others their rights.

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