I am a small arms firearms expert, documented as such through yearly/quarterly testing by the federal NRC over the last 35 years. That equates to 140 plus firearm timed qualification tests with revolver, shotgun, pistol and rifle, 560 documented expert scores. I have been an NRA LE instructor and am currently an NRA civilian instructor and a state firearm safety instructor in Ma. I have been involved in organized shooting since 1963. This is no hobby, and I’m not a weekend warrior.

Factual Observation,

I personally can honestly say that I do not know what an ‘assault’ weapon is. I do know ‘assault’ is a behavior, it is not any specific firearm. For example, you can be assaulted by a person stabbing you with a pencil or throwing a hot cup of coffee on you. Amusingly the director of the ATF cannot define what an ‘assault weapon’ is while he is under oath. I can say without hesitation that it is a made-up phony term used by anyone with an agenda to strip our Second Amendment birthright away from all U.S. citizens, nothing more, nothing less.

Beware of all who would use the term “assault weapon”.

Mark Shean

Author of GUN SENSE

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