In the wake of SCOTUS ruling that you have the right to carry a gun in public for self defense, and not to have to prove “just cause” to any public official to exercise your Right protected in the Second Amendment, New York communists have gone crazy.

They hastily drafted a ‘law’ with many new infringements to circumvent SCOTUS! None of which will pass judicial muster when challenged. I will look at one. These communists decided that a license applicant will have to give a list of all his/her social media handles, so that officials can see what kinds of things are posted, and they will determine if the person is a good character or not.

So not only are they infringing on your 2A Right, but they will also use your 1A Right as a weapon against you if they don’t like your opinions that you posted! Who will get to decide that? Sounds like censorship of one Right to cancel another Right by some shadowy ‘official’.

Oh, they also require for you to turn in all social media handles of anyone living in your house and their contact information, so they can check their opinions on social media. If someone in your home says something ‘officials’ might not like, they will deny you your license because you probably think alike….

Overreach? YES. Unconstitutional? YES. Stand up in court? NO. These communists will be learning very many costly court lessons soon. The so-called law they threw together is far more onerous, I only gave an example here.

Your Freedoms are ALWAYS under attack! Pay attention and fight back, or you will lose them!

Mark Shean, 6-3-2022

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