This MAN, Canadian Army Major Stephen Chedowski is a HERO, it is Time others in his position stop doing the bidding of Tyrants and end their reign!! I shared this on Clouthub, everyone should share his brave words, he knows this could destroy his career and did what was Right anyway! Please SHARE this link that has been blocked on FascistBook, and Twitter.

The police in Canada/anywhere, need to decide what side of history they will be on. If they mumble, (“I’m only doing as I am told”) while committing crimes against their communities, their fellow citizens, at the behest of tyrants, it will not go well for them in the end. It will not go well for their tyrant bosses either! Decide Police, decide to do the RIGHT thing, like Army Major Stephen Chedowski! THE TIME IS NOW!!


Mark Shean

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  • Mark says:

    Just like teachers saying “they just followed orders to force kids facial covering”. – nazi’s tried that excuse too

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