By Edmond Sinnott

About 123 million house holds are in the United States, less than 100 million of them are supportive of the financial needs to sustain the government’s budgets.   

A billion is 1000 million, that’s ten dollars per household to support each one billion spent. A trillion is 1000 billion, for 100 million households to support a trillion dollars each household would have to pay ten thousand dollars each…

Well, over the last few years spending has exceeded 5 trillion, and that means each household will pay fifty thousand dollars to support the five trillion spent…  The radicals and their RINO bed fellows are likely going to embrace five more trillion to burden the households of the citizens further… this will equate to 100K debt per household..

Now that’s not all, the leaches are planning taxes and putting all kinds of foolish economic plans designed to ruin the “just getting by common taxpayers” who are the common households footing the fest of drunken power and spending on things that will not provide any returns on the money spent…

So, it’s not investments, it’s just bleeding the households and common citizens into more debt that they cannot afford… And I haven’t even mentioned inflation and how the wage earners in the households will not get pay raises to cover any of the lost value of their money’s buying power.  Not counting the 100K debts and thousands a year new taxes.

  Many businesses that support the households are almost bankrupt too. If the small businesses fail then the number of households to support all this ‘STUPID’ will obviously be reduced and that will burden even more on the remaining households to pay…it sinking in?

Most people work about 40 years, they live and pay income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes and if they are blessed they have a few hundred thousand dollars of equity to show for their lifetime of labors. Well inflation will erode all the worth of these gains, and the political spending will ensure the money is becoming more worthless each day, pay raises will not keep pace with these losses.

If you earned, say, 25 dollars last year, you now earn about 19 dollars, and worse, they want to tax your 19 from inflation loss down to about 10 dollars from 25… Now I don’t know who can survive this loss of useable income? Common taxpaying citizens can’t survive this. In fact most are drowning in debts and losses just from out sourcing of work to foreign suppliers. Not even counting Covid-19, shutdowns, and the mismanagement BS of our politicians, this has put us into very sad shape. 

Is there hope? Not as long as ignorance from the mainstream media doing the thinking for our citizens and colluding politicians towing the media narrative as if it’s gospel… Sadly the 100 million households is less than one third the population. It’s basically a march to doom because the voting numbers with their hands out are greater in number than the individuals stuck with the bills of the expenditures.

Conservatives are builders of wealth and the quality of sustainable life. But the majority of voters now are leaches and don’t care that they are not paying out the money. Just like their arson and robbery, the average left voter thinks it’s equalizing the balance of wealth….  They are too ignorant to know most retail outlets are statistically going to fail in five years, the store owners don’t need looting and arson and shutdowns to have this failure rate happen…

I guess people want third world living standards every where in the whole world??? Well they might get their wish quickly….  But they will never live long enough to build it back, ever,… especially if they kill the United States that helped every Nation on earth have prosperity. Democrats/socialist’s/RINO’s are on their way to do just that.

In my opinion, a Revolution will only give the political dictators more power to rule over us. The losses of civil unrest will ruin more economics. The losses of life will cause many good people to suffer even worse…How do you target ignorance??? Education, but how can the conservatives get good media information out?  Unfortunately the thinking is like concrete all mixed up and permanently set hard as stone. 

And don’t kid yourself the communist play book had its plans to act out too.  I expect the genocide of party members not supporting the new deal will all be labeled and gotten rid of just like Hitler and Stalin did in the not to distant past.

If politicians invested all the trillions into electricity like solar and wind, then energy would be cheaper, if “The People Owned it”.  But government is a money machine, they would soon zoom in and figure a way to tax your free energy more than the private power companies now charge… ( they are regulated and can’t overcharge the citizens). Who ‘regulates’ spending in government? And we all know politicians all want bigger budgets to spend, they love taxes and leaching wealth from good managed investments to pork barrel their wealth and to give away our gains.

Edited and submitted by Mark Shean 8-12-21

2 Responses to “Spending out of Control”

  • Mark says:

    Communism kills more than any virus ever has. The lockdowns are one of the dumbest things any nation has ever done. Being forced to cover your face has always been a symbol of lost freedom all through world history

  • Mark Shean says:

    And it is a war crime under the Nuremberg code.

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