You are an American that believes in GOD, Freedom, the Constitution, or you are not. Politicians have put it squarely in our faces that they are not. They are in it for themselves and their globalist handlers at our expense, the Constitution is their roadblock, the criminal political class and many others are now conspiring to shred it!!!

This election was taken/stolen from the American people, Marxist politicians from both sides of the aisle, unelected government employees, traitorous military leadership, the big tech giants, media moguls with their useful idiot propagandists, foreign actors from all around the world participating in this criminal theft of the voice of We the People!

Those who swear an oath to defend this country from enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC have become Traitors to that sacred oath! China Biden is not anyone’s president, he is a thief!

President Trump is our rightful President! We all know it, and they fear the FACT that we ALL know it!! This is not forgotten, this is NOT going ‘away’!!

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