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Concealed Carry

Reality check.  In the first place, if you/I are not already fabulously wealthy and/or have the backing of people/organizations that are, do not try to make a bid to buy the White House.

Common sense will not get you there, only lots and lots of money will give you a shot to ‘buy it’. Loads of money, even in the absence of any kind of managerial experience such as running a business or a state, tons of money is all that is required to win, along with of course, a good line of bull s***, as history shows.  Heck, you need only be a ‘community organizer’ and have big money backing  to become President. The wealthy are not happy only to be wealthy, they also crave power over the ‘little people’, to have their fingers in the nations collective wealth,  power that their money alone will not give them. These are the kind of people in politics today, not people looking for real solutions, those solutions would have been found long ago had that been the case.

It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but, they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but, they mean to be masters.  –DANIEL  WEBSTER-

If the above mentioned were not the only way to buy into the White House, I sure would like a shot at it. I do not believe the empty suits that gain office for the most part have any idea what we, the common hard working, tax paying, middle class have to deal with to make ends meet.  Our taxes are certainly taken for granted and Congress spends it like drunken sailors, its very easy to spend someone else’s  money frivolously, and our so-called ‘representitives’ do it on a grand scale that we do not fully comprehend, mindlessly adding to our burdens. When they reach the limit of debt they just ‘raise the debt ceiling’ to spend more ‘funny money’, money we do not have, then raise taxes to do it!! Responsible on their part right?!

These empty suits claim they have ‘experiance’ and can fix the problems we face, each election cycle we have the same problems, only deeper. We should know the definition of insanity is to do something the same way, vote for the same people over and over and expect different results.  Thinking outside of the box would be placing me in the White House, because I’m as angry as hell about the status quo, as every tax payer should be with our elected ‘servants’.

If I could run for President, my platform would initially include, but certainly is not limited to theses next 8 topics, because I firmly believe the ‘working’ American people would back these money saving ideas and scare the living hell out of Congress if it did not consider implementing them. It just needs someone with the guts to bring these topics up, I would be that guy. If Congress is ever going to get serious about cutting waste, not just giving lip service, let me/us show them the way…… the ballot box and beyond.

1.     This is the first of many enormous ‘sucking’ sounds that exist in D.C./America, that needs to be more than casually addressed. The IRS needs to be totally abolished, 100% abolished, as in gone. The IRS is nothing more than a HUGE drain on our incomes. The infrastructure that is needed to maintain the IRS is mind boggling in waste, size and scope, we do not need it burdening us any longer. It is a runaway freight train that gets bigger, faster and scarier every year it exists. It must go. Smaller government anyone?  We can replace it with a flat tax system. Money back in your pocket, to do with as you please, boost the economy, you bet!  Big money would fight this tooth and nail because of loopholes, but we the people could beat them handily at the ballot box.

The flat tax system is simple, lets say we, that’s right, we decide to put the percentage we will pay at ten percent, 10%, how hard is that to figure out?  No more volumes upon volumes of contradictory ‘regulations’ designed to confuse/intimidate us into submission. No more layers upon layers of taxes designed to keep us working hard but never quite allowing us to get anywhere. These multiple layers of taxation are like a heavy yoke upon our shoulders, slavery is alive and doing quite well in the IRS states of America!  We can throw the multitude of tax volumes  away and replace them all with just one piece of paper. Example; If you make $1000 per year you pay $100 dollars, if you make $10,000 you pay $1000, if you make $100,000 you pay $10,000 etc., one tenth of your income. The reason Congress loves the IRS it would seem, is because Congress loves to waste our hard earned money and they like giving their big campaign donors nice ‘loopholes’ to avoid paying taxes. Did you already suspect that? Did you know that General Electric made 5 Billion in profits in the United States last year, and because of  ‘sweetheart loopholes’  in the tax laws did not pay 1 penny in taxes? It is true, now do you think the IRS should be abolished?

2.    My next step is towards renewing a free marketplace in America. This would encourage healthy competition and allow small businesses as well as large institutions to stand or fail on their own merits, no more tax payer ‘safety net’! This would be to abolish the monopoly on the banking system by a cartel known as the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is a small group of banks that dictate the rates all banks must charge. That is not how a free marketplace works. The Federal Reserve is not a part of the Federal Government as its name slickly implies, research it.  It runs to Congress whenever its ring of big banks has made risky over extended investments and asks for you, the tax payer to bail them out, under the threat of  “we are to large to fail” sound familiar? No one who is incompetent is too large to fail!

Under this cartel of banks, the men running them are never held accountable, they know they will be bailed out by you should their hair brained ventures fail, so there is never any ACCOUNTABILITY!  That must end, we must let them fail, from the ashes will rise banks/companies that will be stronger. No More Bailouts, Break the Cycle! Who bails you out if you make bad financial decisions? I think you know the answer to that. The Federal Reserve prints devalued paper money, (funny money) with no silver or gold to back it, pumps it into the economy and dilutes the worth of the money that is already in circulation. This is a cause of recession.

Money has not been backed by gold since 1933, without the backing of gold/silver, paper money is, well, just paper. We need desperately to go back to gold/silver backing our money, in this way you could only print paper money to the extent of the value of the gold/silver in our national vaults in Fort Knox etc.. This would reduce, and eventually stop the runaway inflation of worthless paper money that has no gold/silver backing flooding the economy. The Federal Reserve did not want gold/silver backing the paper money because it limited how much money they could print/loan, that is how money is devalued, ‘watered down’ so to speak. If they could print lots of paper unrestrained from gold/silver, they could make more risky ‘investments’, spread more ‘funny money’ around. Bernie Madoff  is a boyscout compared to the Federal Reserve cartel, and Congress is a willing partner fleecing the American tax payer, order them to disband this cartel, NO MORE!! Hey, are you angry about bailouts? Bailouts will happen again, unless we abolish the power of the Federal Reserve frauds, and allow all banks to set their own rates in the healthy spirit of competition. Wow, only use real money and stop printing ‘funny money’ to prop up risky schemes. Gee whiz!

To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt….I am for a government rigorously frugal and simple.”  -Thomas Jefferson

3.    My next step towards putting money back into your pocket, to spend as you see fit, is  to have Congress explain why, we as a nation, are somehow beholden to throw trillions of tax dollars to countries all over the world. There is a Beatles song, ‘Can’t buy me love’, well these countries hate our guts but love our money. What do we get for our generosity, “Death to America“!!!!!  They will hate us anyway, so let the handouts end. Funding should end on a country by country basis, to be voted up or down with those votes recorded as to how each so-called Representative votes, this, so the voting public will be able to reward or punish these ‘representatives’ at election time. Real savings, in real time, and all this enormous amount of money saved without cutting any needed services. Charity begins at home, lets take care of our house first and foremost. Wow look at all the money I just saved, and all without cutting into a single ‘service’ here at home! Gee whiz! Why don’t our so-called ‘representatives’ think of these things??? Aren’t they supposed to be ‘smarter’ than us little people?

4.    Everyone I know or talk to about this next subject is on the same page, maybe it is because we are the ones who work for our livings, and care deeply about how we will feed our families, pay our bills. The United Nations, it is nothing more than a conglomerate of anti-American countries sucking up our tax dollars as fast as our so-called representatives can fleece us. It is an impotent ‘debating society’ that would love to void our sovereignty as a nation, and usurp our Constitution with the help of like minded ‘progressive’ politicians within our own government with a ‘one world’ government agenda.  I would move to evict the U.N. from America, against the wishes of Congress, with the support of you, the tax paying voter, cut their tax funded umbilical cord, thus saving the tax payer from this unnecessary, loathsome  burden. The U.N. would be free to move to any country that would have them, they can leech off  their new host to their evil hearts contentment as they continue to bad mouth America. I believe rank and file Americans would support this. Vast amounts of money would be saved, again, without cutting into needed services here at home. Gee whiz! Why only the sound of ‘crickets’ coming from Congress on this? We the People can change that tune.

5.     Tired of listening to president after president give lip service that no legislation will be signed if there are ‘pork’ items stashed/hidden within the bill? I would be the worst nightmare these empty suits ever saw. I would actually use the line item veto power to save the tax payer billions if not trillions in ‘pork’. You can bet the farm on that pledge, I am as sick of it as you are. You and I both know that Congress always talks with forked tongue when if comes to frivolous pork spending, they ALL lie! Both sides of the aisle! A third party is not a bad idea, shake things up a bit. I would save untold amounts of your hard earned tax dollars by stopping all bills in their tracks if need be, until the light filtered through to their pea brains in Congress that no pork means no pork! Again all this money saved without cutting needed services. Gee, why can’t our so-called ‘smart’ representatives think of ways to help you? Because they do not care, cannot relate, there is no common ground, all they see is someone else’s money to waste and they go after it, not coming out of their pockets! Look at the vast amount of tax money we could save without cutting needed services, gee whiz!

6. Are you tired of working hard so that those who have never contributed a dime to Social Security can collect it? Here is a plan that would shore-up S.S. and stop the hemorrhaging. Unless you were born an American, with American citizens as parents, or you took the legal route and were legitimately naturalized to become an American citizen, and worked paying taxes, you do not need apply for S.S., that would save the legitimate tax payer a fortune. The same citizenship rule for Welfare. Again, untold amounts of money saved without cutting one service. Gee whiz!   The only irresponsible ‘solution’ our ‘smart’ so-called representatives have for SS is to keep raising the retirement age, soon you will have to be 80 before retiring!

The second step to saving S.S., and this is a step that was conveniently ‘overlooked’ at its inception in 1935, and continues to be ‘overlooked’, by our ‘smart’ representatives, would be to make it illegal for Congress to ever touch S.S. for any other reason than what was initially intended, retirement, or for those American citizens that through no fault of their own are no longer physically able to work! If this had been the case from the start, there would be no crisis now. It is not to late to protect S.S.  No more worthless I.O.U’s from worthless politicians who have no intentions of returning what they have taken/stolen from the S.S. fund, for ‘other reasons’, that will never again be accepted, no ifs ands or buts! Gee whiz, problem solved! Wow!

Yet another huge saving for the American tax payer, again without touching needed services. I would say that if these ideas were all  implemented to this point alone that we probably would soon be coming out of this dark tunnel that generations of greedy power hungry political empty suits have created.  Do I think the rank and file American worker would back my legislation in this and force their so-called ‘representatives’ to pass it under threat of sudden political ‘retirement’ at the voting booth. Yes.  Should politicians, once they leave power, be able to collect S.S. ? As a gesture of humility they should waive it, they are not financially in need of it. Maybe that should be a law to pursue? Your choice.

7.  Our boarders security is a huge issue that could be addressed in this way. We know,(are told) that most of the people coming across the boarder are looking for work related to crops, that work considered ‘unattractive’ to many Americans. We should give these people temporary visas for the time frames needed to pick the crops, there should be no reason for these people to ‘sneak’ into the country. The companies hiring them would need to pay, at the least, the going  minimum wage, and be responsible for housing and feeding these workers until the job was completed, the company need not pay taxes on these wages to help offset the feeding and housing costs. The workers need not pay taxes on the wages they receive, but neither would they have any claim to the benefits that are the right of American Tax payers. This would be incentive to become legitimately naturalized should they want those benefits. But until that time, when the job is through these workers would be bussed back over the boarder by the company that had employed them.

Anyone who felt a need to ‘sneak’ into the country would be immediately considered a criminal, arrested and deported, on a second arrest, imprisoned and put to work on a ‘chain gang’ cleaning up our highways for 5 years, not an attractive reason to be arrested, actually a better incentive to stay away.   This would save the tax payer money on minor highway maintenance and help offset the costs of keeping these criminals in prison. And we can build more prisons, which would put more Americans to work. The ‘fence’ would be a psychological one rather than a material one.  The National guard would be stationed in large enough numbers to make a real difference, with orders to engage/eliminate any hostile action against them. Money saved by not building a fence, to the tax payer this would be a huge savings. This also would offset the cost of the National Guard. Respect restored, I think ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt would have agreed.

8. Are you tired of listening to politicians promising to stop our dependency for foreign oil?  Total ‘lip service’, it is double speak catering to the big oil lobby, with no end in sight.  I look at this in a much different light, instead of us being dependent on foreign oil, how about foreign oil countries being dependent on our exports of food?  Can we cut our oil dependency almost immediately to foreign countries and survive? Yes.  Start using our own natural oil supplies, that by conservative estimates would last the U.S. 100 years or more. Do you think that these oil rich but food poor countries would last one hundred years without food? I think not, it could be measured in months at best. We can build additional refineries which would put more Americans to work.

We allow these oil countries, and Wall Street ‘speculators’ to hold us hostage when they inflate the price of oil at a mere whim, some Arab farts somewhere and suddenly prices go up,  we do not need to put up with it. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.  Offer them $50 dollars a barrel, when they refuse we walk away, along with our food. They can eat their oil.  I think they would come around to our price rather quickly, and still be filthy rich. Could this boost the average American budget? Of course it could, and in turn Americans would have more money to pump back into the economy. Bingo, a win/win. The majority of the Mid East hates us anyway, so we give them something to hate us for. In turbulent times we let them fight among themselves and use our own oil, and keep our food, quite a mechanism for the peace process don’t you agree? I think they would meet our price on our terms.

I will close with this, if I were to ever become President I realize that as an individual that neither I nor anyone else has the solutions to every problem, I would surely surround myself with the best experts from every field for the optimum advice. I would not surround myself with unqualified Chicago thugs, tax cheats and former anarchists, Americans deserve much better than that.  Americans deserve the very best in Government that can be obtained.  Health care for instance, I would ask health care and medical insurance professionals for their ideas, not a bunch of clueless politicians. At the State of the Union I would talk directly to you, not the politicians in the room. I would name names as to who was trying to fleece you in government, you should know who needs to be removed from office.

Every ‘bill’ would be subject to scrutiny, but bills more than 300 pages would be immediately subject to sever scrutiny. Remember the no strings  “bail out” bill being so huge no one bothered to read it before voting on it? It let big banks do what ever they want with our money (think federal reserve frauds). And the gargantuan health-care bill that Nancy Pelosi said that we needed to pass “so then we could find out what was in it”! Huge bills spell (smoke screen) to me and would never be signed until torn apart with every scrap of ‘pork’ removed. My middle name would be ‘veto’ until Congress learned how to read. There is an old song by Burt Bacharach that should be the theme song for Congress, it is “Promises Promises” and quite fitting. I could write a new song and title it “Results Results”.

Vote for  MARK “VETO” SHEAN” in 2012!!

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silentThomas Jefferson-

Sincerely, Mark Shean, submitted on 3-20-2011

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  • Folwart says:

    Mark, I’m in line with most of your views except one. I wouldn’t accept a ridiculously long bill in the first place. If it needs to be that long, it probably needs to be broken up into many separate bills. NOTE: And a so-called ‘representative’ should be obligated to read any bill from begining to end as Paul Ryan does. You still did not mention if you would vote for me or not, 😉 ? M.S.

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