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Concealed Carry

Maybe someone can help me out on this one, when did people start calling New Years Eve ‘first night’ and why ? If you stop and think about it, for a nano-second, you should know it is the last night of the departing year. The first night of the new year starts after 6 PM on the first full day of  January. The last day of the year is the ‘eve’ of the new year, no different than Christmas eve being the night before Christmas, duh! What am I missing here? Politicians like mayor ‘mumbles’ Menino of Boston  or mayor Bumbag of  NYC seem to think its the ‘first night’ right along with all the ‘lefty’ lame-stream newspapers/media that ignorantly print it/say it on every front page and channel as fact. I just don’t get it?

I remember, in the not so distant past, watching people wearing paper party hats using  little noise makers that you would blow into or spin in your hand, no one was ever heard calling it ‘first night’, ever. Guy Lombardo playing a countdown to midnight.  When did that simple ringing in of the new year turn into a freak show with people jumping around in weird costumes like, (in the words of Slim Pickens from the movie Blazing Saddles), like a bunch of Kansas City fags“?  Its no wonder we come off as morons to the rest of a world that looks for any reason to hate us anyway.  I just don’t get it? Maybe that is why we are 47th in the world in education, and fading.

Have a safe New Years Eve, and hopefully a happy and safe new year. 🙂 M.S.

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