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Concealed Carry

Mr. Brown goes to Washington! That has a catchy ring to it don’t you think so ? Next the book, then the movie, then the Presidency! Allow me to fantasize just a little bit, being from the bluest of all blue states where my vote has always been nothing more than a futile gesture.

   It would now appear in no uncertain terms that voters in Massachusetts are no longer brain dead. Up until now if your great great grandfather, your grand father, your father were Democrats then you too must only vote for democrats, mindlessly, like zombies, no matter what they said or stood for. You were taken completely for granted by the candidate who would merely coast to an ‘entitled’ victory for decades on end. Well that has changed now, the independent voter has turned that ‘entitlement’ notion on its head! Coakely lost precisely because of that mindset, she knew she was the democrat and thereby that ‘entitled’ her to the Senate seat/throne, her arrogance showed through loud and clear and it cost her.

   After her primary win she dropped out of sight for weeks while Scott Brown criss-crossed the state working hard to earn our votes. Obama came charging to her rescue two days before the election because the polls showed it to be a neck and neck race, he put his political capital on the line. Someone should have reminded Obama before he charged up here that in the primary race Massachusetts went for Hillary, not for him, he found that his so-called appeal was lost on people from the Bay State. The only ‘issue’ that the Democratic Machine thought would derail Mr. Brown was the fact that he drives a pick-up truck, just how out of touch does that make them look? A lot of people drive pick up trucks, so what? We cant all afford limousine’s.

   Mr. Brown ran a very conservative race, in Massachusetts no less. He said at all of his campaign stops that he would be the 41st vote to stop the health care bill. He said he would fight to lower taxes, and referenced JFK as also being an advocate to lower taxes. JFK would not be able to recognize the Democratic party of today, it has changed so. Mr. Brown said he was strong on defense and firmly believed that the Constitution was for American citizens and its rights should not be applied to enemy terrorists trying to kill us. He said that our tax dollars should never be used to buy lawyers to defend these enemy terrorists, (I think it is absurd to even entertain the notion let alone implement it). Mr. Brown let it be known in no uncertain terms that the so-called Kennedy/Democrat seat was neither, it was and always has been the Peoples seat! His message, and he stuck to it, obviously resonated with the educated voter.

   In the not to distant past his message would have slaughtered him at the polls in Massachusetts. Not any more, and it makes me proud of independent thinking Americans and to be American. A loud and clear message has been sent now to D.C., it should scare the hell out of politicians that up to now thought people will always only vote along party lines. This message is not about any political party, it is about Americans who are now totally fed up with politicians that will wantonly destroy the our country along party lines by not working together to solve the problems that real Americans face. If politicians in both parties miss this clear message there will surely be a total massacre at the ballot box in November.

   Democrats will be, and should be very nervous of a Presidential ‘visit’ by Obama in heated contests. An Obama visit to ‘help’ get someone elected should now be viewed as the political ‘kiss of death’ for any chance of winning. Obama visited New Jersey and Virginia multiple times to lend the weight of the White House to those races, both of those democrats LOST! He came to help out Martha, in a state where no democrat should ever need help, Martha LOST. You should stay home Obama, you no longer ‘walk on water’ in the voters minds, only in socialist European minds, and they cant vote for you. I can not wait to hear Obama’s State of the Union Address on the 27Th, I am sure it is being drastically rewritten, or should be in light of the ‘mind boggling’ turn of events in Massachusetts yesterday. Mark Shean- written 1-20-2010

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