**FORMER NRA LAW ENFORCEMENT FIREARM INSTRUCTOR  **FORMER UTAH BCI CERTIFIED CCW INSTRUCTOR **Current MA.BASIC FIREARMS SAFETY COURSE INSTRUCTOR **Former SIG SAUER CERTIFIED LOW LIGHT PISTOL INSTRUCTOR  **Approved Instructor for FLORIDA CCW Criteria **NRA Certified Instructor  in *HOME FIREARM SAFETY*  *MUZZLELOADING RIFLE*  *PISTOL*  *SHOTGUN* *RIFLE*  *PERSONAL PROTECTION*- [Documented EXPERT in SMALL ARMS use for AUTO PISTOL, REVOLVER, SHOTGUN, AR-15 RIFLE and infra-red optics.] NUCLEAR SECURITY OFFICER since 1987 and counting…, SECURITY SAFETY OFFICER 32 years and counting. Pilgrim Station shooting team member. Hospital Security/House of Worship defensive plan Consultant. Certified by Sig Arms Academy, (ongoing). Competitive shooter. Participate yearly in Force on Force drills as per the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) criteria under Homeland security. Involved in organized shooting sports since 1963. All round nice guy.  This is not a hobby.

Knowledge through Experience;  WE believe in customer service, and will help you long after the class, guaranteed! If the instructor(s) you look into do not do that, why go there?

I am the only published firearm instructor in Massachusetts, see my #1 book at Amazon, GUN SENSE

FID license starts for ages 15 and up.  We are referred often by ‘Dick’s Sporting Goods’ of Plymouth and ‘Out Back Arms’ of Plympton, Plymouth Police, but mainly by satisfied past students state wide. NRA & GOAL advocate.  Listed with the Plymouth Police Dept.

NOTE: NEW,  If  you have previously taken a state safety class and want the 36* state Florida CCW license good for 7 years,  please contact me for details by email.

In my opinion, gun owners who vote for any candidate(s) that are in favor of ‘gun control’, makes them the equivalent of  turkeys voting in favor of Thanksgiving………. get my meaning? Why would you?

Mark Shean