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It falls under Section 103(i) in the Brady Law:  And backs up the Second Amendment………….

(i) PROHIBITION RELATING TO ESTABLISHMENT OF REGISTRATION SYSTEMS WITH RESPECT TO FIREARMS- No department, agency, officer, or employee of the United States may–

(1) require that any record or portion thereof generated by the system established under this section be recorded at or transferred to a facility owned, managed, or controlled by the United States or any State or political subdivision thereof; or

(2) use the system established under this section to establish any system for the registration of firearms, firearm owners, or firearm transactions or dispositions, except with respect to persons, prohibited by section 922 (g) or (n) of title 18, United States Code or State law, from receiving a firearm.

“….the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Infringe means to encroach. You cannot even encroach on that right. Any thing which restricts in any manner the right to keep and bear arms is Unconstitutional. Now you must understand that therefore any federal firearms laws are unconstitutional.


The answer to that question decides what type of country we live in: a constitutional republic where individuals have unalienable rights, or an unlimited democracy where individuals have only privileges the fickle majority grants them.


“Shall not be infringed” is powerful language. Up there with “Congress shall make no law…”

Requiring paperwork, and disclosure of private information are all infringements.


It’s real easy, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.

If the feds are data basing gun owners they are infringing their right to keep and bear arms by requiring an unreasonable action on the part of the gun owner. A database has the potential to be abused therefore it is in itself an infringement of the right to own a firearm.

“Guard with jealous
attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel.
Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give
up that force, you are inevitably ruined.” unquote, -Patrick Henry-

Take heed from this very astute
warning fellow Americans…


In Ma. The E-FA-10 form is not a gun registration form, it is a transfer of ownership form, from the gun store to you, or from you to another person. By law it can NOT be used to determine what you own unless a firearm is part of a criminal investigation. Here is the statute that defines this;

NOTICE: FIREARMS RECORDS are EXEMPTED from the PUBLIC RECORDS statute. G.L c.4,§7 (clause twenty-six)(j). FRB may not disseminate firearms records “to any person, firm, corporation, entity or agency except criminal justice agencies as defined in chapter six and except to the extent such information relates solely to the person making the request and is necessary to the official interests of the entity making the request.” G.L. c. 66, § 10(d).

Mark Shean



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Change The Rule ! Americans who CARE!

After you receive you`re State Firearm Safety Certification the first thing you should know is that it will be a waste of your time if you go to the police station thinking that you can just walk in and fill out the gun permit application, 99% of police stations will send you away and tell you to make an appointment. So save your time by following these tips and good advice. It is not really an ‘Interview’ in the sense you might think, what they want is for you to fill out an application, they take your picture,  fingerprints, safety certification, and your $100…….

*Save anything/everything you give to the police by making copies for your records, ANYTHING!* Duplication is key!

If you want to check the status of your LTC application call 617-660-4722.

1.    Call the police station first, ask for the person in charge of licensing, get his/her name, extension #, and email, if he has no email get the police department email. The email will be real handy when it is time to renew your license 6 years later, because two months before your birthday you should contact the police by email to let them know your license will be expiring  and that you would like to set up an appointment to fill out an application to renew it. SAVE the email as proof you contacted the police and started the process. If your birthday comes and you have not yet filled out the application because the police have not brought you in for an appointment, by law they will have to honor your ‘expired’ license, it will be valid and in force until you get the new license, you will be issued a receipt, email them again with attached copy of the original email.

Note: If you are a Plymouth resident you will need to email Marsha at  follow up with a call to her at 508-830-4218, ext. 222.

OH NO!!   If you forget to start the process to renew, and your birthday passes by before you think about it, then you realize it and run to the station very concerned that your license has expired, the police can tell you that since you allowed it to expire you will need to turn in your guns. They can also fine you $500 for allowing it to expire, that fine is on the books though I have not heard of anyone being fined. If you now have no license you can not legally take your guns to the station, you will need someone else to go with you that does have a license. A friend or relative can hold your guns for you but will need to write a note to the police that has this information on it : Name, gun license #, address, phone#, and the note saying he will take responsibility for your guns while you renew your license, by law the police will/should accept this.  Some police chiefs may tell you to take the firearm safety course for another certificate first, as a ‘hoop’ to put you through, this is not in law.

The moral to this story should be not to forget to start the process. Even though the state is supposed to send you a notice that your license is about to expire three months before it expires, don’t hold your breath for that notice. I have been renewing my license since 1970 and have NEVER recieved a notice, some of my friends have and others have not, so it is a hit or miss proposition. Note: If you decide that you no longer want a license, before it expires you would need to be rid of  the gun(s) in your name by selling or giving them away and ultilizing the E-FA-10  form(s) online at the Ma. State Police, see GS #36

2.  Take note of the date of your application appointment, go 40 days out and note that date on your calendar also, this is the ‘window’ they have to deny or approve your LTC permit.  If you are denied you will receive a letter, (by law) from the police stating why,(this can be appealed, see #13, #20 Gun Sense).  After 40 days if you have not been denied, you`re not going to be, every town has experienced longer than the normal ‘turn around’ time legally prescribed by the state, (the state has/is breaking it’s own law)  for these licenses, now you need to just be patient. You will now be given a receipt when you reapply on time, this will keep your expired license in force  until the State issues you your new license, no matter how long that takes……

3. Next, as you look at the front of the application you will see license choices, if you are 21 years or older check off ClassA’ Large Capacity, if your under age 21 choose Firearms Identification Card (FID). As you read you will find a question that asks for your reason for the license, put three words here, for LTC, Any Lawful Purpose’. If for some bizarre reason, (known only to them) the police in your town do not like giving a license for lawful reasons,,,, use this as your second choice: For Personal Protection’, it is only a silly matter of semantics as far as I can see. For FID, TARGET and HUNTING se GS #26.  If you are required to bring letters of recommendation please read G.S. #33. If you are required to write a letter as to what your ‘reason‘ or ‘need’ is for wanting a license please read G.S. #19.  If they try to insist that they are going to give you a license with restriction(s) that you do not want, politely refuse it, tell them you would like a letter from them stating why you are being denied the license you applied for. If you know you should not be denied as stated in 4 below, stand your ground, don’t be needlessly bullied. Read G.S. #13.

4. There are three set reasons to be denied, If you have been a Felon, if you have been convicted of Substance Abuse, if you have been incarcerated in a Mental Facility against your will, (by court order). There is a fourth reason also, Dishonesty by leaving out something that’s on your legal record.  If the police want to deny based on a non statutory reason they now need to petition the court to gain permission to do so, as of 8-13-2014.  

Gun Sense  #34 CORI REPORT, Excerpt:  There is a range of questions about being convicted for certain things. The application is not looking for parking tickets/moving violations. It is absolutely imperative that if you have been in front of a judge at some point in your life for some other reason, even if ultimately nothing  came of it, you need to mention it, it is already part of your record and they want you to repeat what they already know about you. If something was ‘dismissed’ make sure you emphasize that it was dismissed, or, ‘continued without a finding’, or, ‘expired’. If you leave something out it is deemed a ‘lie by omission’, ( dishonesty) and grounds for denial, take this advice seriously!!

  5.   There is not much room on the application to write down what you may need to say about something that once happened to you. So at home write it on a sheet of paper to the best of your recollection, make a copy of it for your gun file, ( save copies of anything you submit) because you will need this information every six years. When/if you come to a question that pertains to you write ‘see attached paperwork’. If you want a copy of your state CORI record,(that you could also submit) go to #34 G.S. and follow the prompts.

*Save anything you give to the police by making copies for your records, ANYTHING!* Reviews    Contact

6. When you renew your license in six years you will need to submit a signed affidavit stating, (‘That no guns were lost or stolen within the last 6 years’). If that were to happen, you would need to report it as soon as you became aware of it,  and then it can not be used against you for a license renewal, by law as of 8-13-2014

If you want to check the status of your LTC application call 617-660-4722, FRB in Chelsea

For the Ma. Firearm Transaction List; choose the option you need.


Recently someone who had taken my class had followed my advice about how to handle a town that only wanted to give a restricted license to the peasents, the town he lives in is Wareham, you may want to read the following letter he sent me, with his permission, I put it on my website. :

LETTER FROM WAREHAM, this also applies to WEYMOUTH as they both treat citizens this way;

Comment: Mark, I have been meaning to contact you and thank you for your help
but I wanted to wait until I had good news….yesterday I picked up my class A
license at the Wareham PD; a full five months after my interview, and almost
seven months after I applied.

The interview went well and in fact….went down
just as you suggested it would. I was told that they would “probably start me
off with just an FID…”. I politely said, “no…not interested; if you want to
reject my application do so in writing and I will appeal.”

I was then told that
“We’re winning all the appeals…”. I replied, “well…you won’t win this one. I
am a picture of stability. I’ve been in the same job for forty years, the same
address for 30 years, I pay all my taxes & bills, I owe nobody anything,
I’ve never been in trouble or arrested, and I’m not going to be the only one in
this town without a gun. If I don’t qualify…then nobody here does and you’ll
have to defend virtually every permit you have given out to justify excluding

The officer then said “well we didn’t give you a license to drive without a
permit….why would we give you a permit to carry a handgun when you have no
experience?” I said “well, I don’t have a right to drive, but I do have a
constitutional right to have a weapon….and since you brought it up, I’ve had a
driver’s license for 43 years, driven over one million miles, and not had an

At the end I said; Look…I don’t own any property that I can’t just
replace. I don’t own anything that’s worth hurting anyone or getting in trouble
over…but I do have a wife and two daughters in a neighborhood that is becoming
increasingly dangerous, and the police alone cannot guarantee their safety. The officers

So again….thanks a lot for your help Mark, particularly with
preparing me for that interview. Tom M
Wareham Ma. 9-15-2013

NOTE: Some towns will act as if, because you have never had a gun license before, or because of your age, that they instead want to give you a restricted license like an FID instead of the LTC you are legally eligible for. Here is a note you can and should put onto your application if you live in a town such as this. ( I have met the criteria as set down by the law, age or experience notwithstanding). The police enforce existing law, not ‘invent’ new laws……….

1. Notwithstanding, despite, in spite of imply that something is true even though there are obstacles or opposing conditions. The three expressions may be used practically interchangeably. Notwithstanding suggests, however, a hindrance of some kind: Notwithstanding the long delay, I shall still go. Despite indicates that there is an active opposition: Despite procrastination and disorganization, they finished the project. In spite of implies meeting strong opposing forces or circumstances that must be taken into account: She succeeded in spite of many discouragements.

Mark Shean      About Me

Revised 8-13-2014

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This question comes up quite frequently in my classes: ‘Do I have to tell the police that I have a gun or a gun license if I get pulled over?’ I will start by saying that in many other states when a police officer pulls you over, and if you do have a gun license, the first words out of your mouth will have to be “I have a gun license”, if you do not say that as the first thing out of your mouth you will be arrested. If you say ‘hello’ before you say ‘I have a gun license’, you will be arrested. But this IS NOT a requirement/law here in Ma……..yet…..

When you are pulled over on the highways or byways in Ma. you are not being pulled over because you happen to be a legal gun license holder, no, you most likely are being pulled over for a motor vehicle violation/infraction of some sort, typically speeding as the most common reason.

As a gun license holder of a Ma. class ‘A’ LTC or FID you may be, or you might not be carrying or have a long gun in the car at the time when you are pulled over. Following is an important ‘tip’ for you to seriously consider for handguns. Even though most of us can easily reach our glove box from behind the steering wheel in the little shoe boxes that pass as cars these days, and even though you would be considered under ‘direct control’ because you can easily reach the glove box, NEVER have a hand gun where your car registration ‘lives‘, do you see where I am going with this? The police officer asking for your drivers license, proof of insurance and registration does not know you from a hole in the wall, he does NOT need to see a handgun tumble from your glove box, bad things could happen to you from there…….use your own imagination on this one. He/she would have a legitimate reason to be very ‘upset’ with you. If you feel like having a handgun in you’re glove box keep the registration SOMEWHERE ELSE, maybe on your visor…

When the officer runs your information in his cruiser computer he may see that you are a legal gun license holder, so what? As I said before, you are not being pulled over because you happen to be a legal gun license holder. If  the officer asks if you are carrying, this is as far as that conversation needs to go; ‘Yes sir I am” or if not “No sir, not today” don’t lie about it, there is no legitimate reason for the conversation about a legal gun license to go any farther. If a police officer says he would like to search your car, and you know there is no reason or ‘probable cause’ for him to do so, don’t be bullied, ask if he has a search warrant, this should end any fishing trip in its tracks.

There are police officers out there, (hopefully very few) that may try to treat you badly because they personally do not like the idea of anyone having a gun license, or maybe they are young, (rookies) and possess far more authority than they possess matureity, not a very good combination for public relations/service. My advice is to politely listen to the unprofessional rant, at the end of the tirade ask for his/her badge number and name. Write the chief a letter clearly detailing what happened including time of day and date, any witnesses etc, then cc, (courtesy copy) it at the end of the letter to the towns selectmen, by name, to your lawyer, by name, and to your personal ‘file’.  Be sure to send it certified mail with return receipt to all listed, this way everyone will be on the same ‘sheet of music’ about the unprofessional  bully in this matter. You will be doing the chief/town a favor in the long run. The chief may already have complaints against this person and will, or should know he needs to nip it in the bud before it costs the town an expensive lawsuit(s).

Mark Shean,   About Me

Submitted on 2-22-2013

Reviews  Towns Served    Gun Sense #44, KSG 12ga. Shotgun Demonstration



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Under 527 CMR, Board of Fire Prevention Regulations: 13.04 Licenses, Permits, and Certificates.

Under M.G.L. Chapter 148-13 the following quantities of explosive materials that shall be exempt from license, registration, and permit, and may be kept, or stored in a building or other structure: (a) Small Arms Ammunition: 1. Not more than 10,000 rounds of rim fire ammo. 2. Not more than 10,000 rounds of center fire ammo. 3. Not more than 5,000 rounds of shotgun ammo. (b) Small Arms Primers: 1. Not more than 1,000 caps or other small arm primers. (c) Smokeless Propellants: 1. Not more than 16 pounds. 2. Persons under age 18 may not keep or store smokeless propellants. 3. Not more than 2 pounds of such propellant shall be stored in a multiple family dwelling or a building of public access. (d) Black Powder: 1. Not more than 2 pounds. 2. Persons under age 18 may not keep or store black powder.

(e) Exempt quantities of small arms ammo, primers, smokeless propellants and black powder shall be stored in original containers and such containers shall be stored in a locked cabinet, closet or box when Not In Use 

Mark’s NOTE: A firearm, (or magazine) certainly is NOT considered an ‘original container’ to lock away with ammo inside it. Also, if a loaded firearm became hot enough during a fire the gun would go off just as if you pulled the trigger yourself, a fireman’s job is dangerous enough without the added danger of inadvertently being shot. The fire Marshall understands this. So if someone tells you that you can leave a gun loaded so long as it is locked up or trigger locked at home, (a felony), ask that person to point out specifically in the law where that is stated, because obviously it runs contrary to what is stated under M.G.L Chapter 148-13. Pardon the pun, but Ma. gun laws are written vaguely so that the courts can ‘burn’ you any which way they choose to interpret them.

 It is better to be pro-active and do a little more than what is thought to be required, than to take chances on being charged over misconceptions in vague law.

NOTE: Storage by Permit increases the amounts of ammo, primers, smokeless propellants and black powder in private use that you may have. But be aware that when you apply for and are approved for a permit to store more than quantities listed above you consent to periodic inspections by the Fire Marshall or his designee. The entire code can be viewed under 527 CMR.

Submitted By Mark Shean

About Me


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When a gun owner dies, the “heir or legatee” is not immediately in illegal possession if they do not have a license.  Chapter 140, § 129 gives a 180 day exemption.  By the end of 180 days, the person in charge of the estate should have either done one of three things:

  1. Transfer the firearms to a dealer.
  2. Transfer the firearms to a person who has the appropriate FID/LTC.
  3. Or, applied for an extension of the time period to the chief of police
  • If the deceased had a MA license:  It appears that an E-FA-10 could be filled out during this 180 day period, with the deceased person’s information as the seller, and the new owner as the buyer.  The executor/executrix should sign [her name] for the estate of [deceased’s name].
  • If it has been longer than 180 days, or the deceased did not have a current LTC, then the sales must go through a licensed dealer.
  • If the inheritor is out of state, then have the executor/executrix ship the guns to a licensed dealer in that state OR have the inheritor pick them up directly.
  • Inherited guns still need to be transferred with the Ma. E-FA-10 form! Inheriting Across State Lines: If a MA resident with an LTC/FID inherits guns from a deceased person out of state, they may go directly and pick up those guns (provided it is lawful for them to possess those guns in that state as a non-resident).  Although the federal government prohibits private transfers across state lines, it does make an exception for “direct bequest or interstate succession.”  This is especially handy when we are talking about a person inheriting handguns that may not be “MA compliant”.  Inherited guns still need to be transferred on an E-FA-10 form.

The electronic ‘E’-FA-10 will be used in place of  the paper firearms transaction forms as of 8-13-2014, (E-FA-10) used by Ma. residents to report firearms transactions to the Firearms Records Bureau (FRB) as required by G.L.c.140, §§ 128A and 128B. E-FA-10 is an Internet-based application that allows residents of the Commonwealth to safely and securely submit firearms transfer  records electronically from any Internet-enabled computer.

In order to utilize the E-FA-10 system, you will need your firearms license number and personal identification number (PIN). The ONLY way you will be able to complete your firearm transaction, ( E-FA-10) will be with your  State provided Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you did not receive a PIN or can’t find it, call the Firearms Records  Bureau at 617-660-4722  Monday through Friday between 9am and 6pm.

 Please put your PIN in your phone, file, and with a magic marker on the back of your LTC/or FID.
 For Ma. Firearm Transaction List; choose the option you need.

Generate Firearms License Validation  Use this link to prove your license is valid before you buy any firearm from a gun show, individual, or gun shop. Know your PIN #.

Again, for any other questions if you don’t see your answer on this page, “Firearms Record Bureau”.  FRB, 200 Arlington Street, Suite 2200, Chelsea, Ma 02150   617-660-4722

Gun Sense #43, Ma. Gun Registration Misconception

No person to person interstate transactions are allowed using these forms, for other than, “direct bequest or interstate succession.”  You could consult a Gun Dealer.


In Ma. The E-FA-10 form is not a gun registration form, it is a transfer of ownership form, from the gun store to you, or from you to another person. By law it can NOT be used to determine what you own unless a firearm is part of a criminal investigation. Here is the statute that defines this;

NOTICE: FIREARMS RECORDS are EXEMPTED from the PUBLIC RECORDS statute. G.L c.4,§7 (clause twenty-six)(j). FRB may not disseminate firearms records “to any person, firm, corporation, entity or agency except criminal justice agencies as defined in chapter six and except to the extent such information relates solely to the person making the request and is necessary to the official interests of the entity making the request.” G.L. c. 66, § 10(d).

See (GS#43 & GS#45) also.

Link below are guns approved in Ma., copy and paste.

Anything NOT mentioned obviously is NOT approved…..but that does not necessarily mean they can not be legally owned.

Mark Shean,  About Me

Reviews  Towns Served

FYI,  Revised 8-13-2014



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I don’t just answer questions, I give classes too, go to home page for details.

Q. Are there any places in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that I cannot lawfully carry a firearm?

A. Yes. Some of the more common places include *State and Federal Courthouses, *Post Offices, *Police Stations, Prisons and Jails, and virtually all other *Federal Buildings and some *State Buildings where metal detectors are in use.   *Schools and school grounds. Do not bring a gun onto school grounds without written permission, (good luck getting that…). School grounds include parking lots, driveways, and the grounds outside the building. You can pass by on the public roads while in legal possession of a firearm(s).

Marks NOTE: While all law abiding citizens are prohibited from carrying on school grounds,  history shows us time after time, this has not prevented psychopaths from murdering our children there, (or anyone anywhere else) in fact it has helped to enable criminals to easily commit these atrocities in so-called ‘gun free’ zones. Foolish legislation for places not under static law enforcement protection….there is a lot of blood on the hands of the asses that made the ‘Gun Free’ zones.

Other Places where law or policy can curtail carry.

*Public Library’s, (maybe a policy)

*Private party sporting events, concerts etc. where a search at the entrance takes place, sign posted, or policy. Anonymously Call ahead to find out….

*Any House of Worship without permission, (again, good luck getting that…), (maybe a policy)

 *Medical property, Hospitals/Clinics etc., (maybe a policy, usually is).

*Anyplace where there is a ‘No Guns Allowed” posting on private property. If  you are not sure about a Hotel/Motel firearm policy, call ahead anonymously and ask, (maybe a policy, maybe not, at the owners discretion).

*Airports, For a brief and painful stint as a  TSA employee for one very long year at Logan, I had opportunity to inspect numerous firearms declared in checked baggage. There is set protocol/regulations in place that allow this, they are posted on airline websites. Notify the airline in advance of your intention to bring a firearm(s). NOTE:  Do NOT show up the day of your flight with a gun asking if you can bring it with you! You would be carried away by six huge State Troopers, and may never be heard from again…

*Bars/Restaurant’s, Use your head when it comes to drinking at these places. If your bound and determined to get smashed, leave the gun at home. If your caught intoxicated while in possession of a firearm you will lose your license to carry. Just as if your caught intoxicated while driving a vehicle you will lose your drivers license. Here is the difference, in Ma. you will get your drivers license back loooong before you will get your gun license back, if ever…..keep that in mind.

Transportation in a vehicle: A resident may transport a rifle or shotgun provided it is unloaded and he has at least an FID. A resident may transport a handgun, (loaded under direct control, read #22 Gun Sense) but only if he/she has a LTC.

Transporting Firearms

Q: How do I transport a gun in my vehicle?

A: A person with a Class “A” LTC may transport a handgun loaded or unloaded on his person or under his direct control in the vehicle. If the handgun is not under his direct control, it must be unloaded and in a locked case, locked trunk or other secure container.

For more specific information see M.G.L. c. 140, §131C.

Q: Do I need to lock my non-large capacity rifles and shotguns in a case while transporting them in a vehicle?

A: No. They must be transported unloaded, but are not required to be in a locked case while transporting.

Q: Can I leave my gun in my car if I need to go into the store on my way home from the range or from hunting?

A: If your handgun or large capacity rifle or shotgun is transported in accordance with the provisions of M.G.L. c. 140, §131C (i.e. unloaded and in a locked case, locked trunk or other secure container) then the gun may be left temporarily unattended in the vehicle. Weapons transported in this manner will automatically be considered “stored or kept” in compliance with the safe storage requirements of §131L.

A person leaving a non-large capacity rifle or shotgun in an unattended vehicle is required to lock the rifle or shotgun in a case/container or in the trunk, or install a mechanical locking device on the weapon (i.e. cable or trigger lock).

Sincerely, Mark Shean,

submitted 6-25-2012, revised 8-13-2014

In my opinion/observation, a no guns allowed ‘policy’ or so-called ‘Gun Free Zone’ does NOT come with any guarantee on the part of the policy maker to protect me or you, I protect me……the police get there to late 99% of the time. These ‘policy makers’ have much innocent blood on their hands. These very misguided ‘policy makers’ are trying to make it so the only place we can carry would be from our home to our vehicle and back to our home again….We all have a God given RIGHT to defend ourselves, no one can take that away, I would rather deal with a jury than be a good little victim or another statistic just to keep the anti gun crowd happy……..!

Firearm Education Saves Lives, Firearm Ignorance Takes Lives. Ignorance of the Law lands you in Jail. Ignorance of history can cost you your freedoms……..



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Reviews    Gun Sense #44, KSG 12ga. Shotgun Demonstration

This is information that I think people need to know if they want a better chance for a gun license in Ma. If you did not hear this in you’re firearm safety class, you have been inadvertently set up for failure probably by someone who did not know enough to bring it up.

For your ‘reason’ ask if they accept, (Any Lawful Purpose), if for some bizarre reason that is not accepted, for you’re second runner up put, (For Personal Protection) as a reasonable alternative, it boils down to a silly matter of semantics’s in some towns.  Next, read carefully, and please, take it very seriously;

When you are filling out your application for a firearm license you will come to questions that the police already have the answers too. It may be helpful for you to request a current Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) report.   This is a tool you can use to help you if you’re not sure of what might be part of you’re record,  you can attach it to you’re application. Let me stress that you do not have to get a CORI report, only if you want to.

There are a range of questions about being convicted for certain things. The application is not looking for parking tickets/moving violations. It is absolutely imperative that if you have been in front of a judge at some point in you’re life for some other reason, even if ultimately nothing  came of it, you need to mention it, it is on you’re record and [they want you to repeat what they already know about you]. If something was ‘dismissed’ make sure you emphasize that it was dismissed, or, ‘continued without a finding’, or, ‘expired’.

If you leave something out because you don’t think it was important, because maybe it was a ‘continued without a finding’, (cwoaf) or maybe it is an expired 209-A restraining order, or perhaps a long ago, long gone probation when you were a teen,  it may not be important to you anymore, but if you leave it out the police consider it a “lie by omission” and it can lead to a denial of you’re gun license.   It may be something that happened when you were a teen and you think to yourself that those records are sealed, think again, when it comes to a gun license they break the ‘seals’.  Just because something may have happened in your past  it does not necessarily mean that you will not get a license, but, if you don’t mention it, that is what may stop you short in your quest.  They have your record, and they want you to repeat it, consider it a serious test of honesty. If there is nothing in your past, good, just check NO on each question.

Please see the attached information on how to get your report. Again, you do not have to get one, but if you do want one:

How do I get a copy of my CORI report?

Online: You can request a copy of your CORI online using the web-based iCORI service:
  1. Go to the Massachusetts iCORI Service and click on the “Register as an Individual” link
  2. Answer “Yes” to the question “Would you like to request your own Personal CORI?”
  3. Enter your personal information, including a username, password, and e-mail address
  4. Verify your information; then follow additional instructions and submit your registration
  5. Check your e-mail for the iCORI Account Activation notice; follow the instructions to activate your account
  6. After you have registered, enter your username and password at Massachusetts iCORI Service
  7. Click on “Add Request,” select the purpose of the request, and enter the subject information
  8. Click on “Add & Checkout” and follow the instructions for submitting your payment
  9. View your CORI online (in PDF format) or download your CORI to your computer
For more information about using the iCORI service:
By mail: You can also request a copy of your CORI by mail:
To get a copy of your Massachusetts CORI report by mail, you must send a Personal CORI Request Form to the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS).
You can call the DCJIS at 617-660-4640 (TTY: 617-660-4606) and ask them to send you a copy of the form, or you can download a copy from the CHSB web site:
After you complete the form, you must:
  • sign the form in front of a notary public
  • include a $25 check or money order payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • include a business size, self-addressed stamped envelope
  • mail the notarized form, $25 payment, and self-addressed stamped envelope to:
    Department of Criminal Justice Information Services200 Arlington Street Suite 2200Chelsea, MA 02150ATTN: CORI Unit
  • Your CORI report will be mailed to you in about two weeks
If you go online and pay for your CORI report you can get it almost immediately and just print it out.
Mark Shean,   About Me
submitted 5-21-2012
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Reviews  Towns Served   Gun Sense #31, Frequently Asked Questions

There are some towns in Ma. that require from 2 – 5  letters of  ‘recommendation’ when you apply for a class ‘A’ LTC.  As mentioned, this is on a town by town basis, *many towns do not ask for these letters even though they can. If you are applying for an FID card this will not be asked of you, and is stated on the application that it is not required.  If you are asked to produce letters of recommendation my advice to your friends is to keep it short and to the point. Only people Not related to you can write these.  This is an example/template to follow: [I have known Eric for X number of years and have no reason to believe he should not attain a gun license. He has always been level headed in my view. Any questions please feel free to call me.  Thank you, John Doe], include you’re address, phone #. 

  The reason it should be kept ‘short and sweet’: *In my opinion it has no legitimate purpose, as I am certain many towns have already surmised. When towns ask for letters from friends, it would follow that friends will write nice things about you. What would the police possibly glean from these nice letters? Nothing. It is just a ‘hoop’ that some towns want you to jump through simply because they can. I do not believe the police even glance at these letters. Your friends can not possibly know what the police already know about your legal record, (if any) so it is a pointless and time consuming exercise/’hoop’. Police Dept. Firearm Policies in some Ma. Towns,

If you were a criminal in prison you would probably be asked for names of those who might want to come visit you. This has relevance, if you were to escape, the authorities would now have a wider base of information in their search for you. You on the other hand are a law abiding citizen, the police already know this to be true, due to the lack of any criminal record, you should not need to jump through ‘hoops’.  Treating you badly does nothing to prevent a single crime. *Don’t be discouraged or intimidated, play this game if you must, you will still get your license. Another ‘hoop’ some towns/cities put people through is demanding a “Reason” letter, please go to  Gun Sense #19, ‘Reason’ Letter for Ma. class ‘A’ LTC   for help in dealing with this game. Sincerely,

Mark Shean,  About Me

submitted 1-5-2012 revised 8-13-2014   Gun Sense #29, Firearm Safety Test with relevance to Ma.

Gun Sense #19, ‘Reason’ Letter for Ma. class ‘A’ LTC


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Reviews  Towns Served   Gun Sense #44, KSG 12ga. Shotgun Demonstration

A Synopsis of State Laws on Purchase, Possession and Carrying of Firearms in Massachusetts

NOTE: Caution: State firearms laws are subject to frequent change. This summary is not to be considered as legal advice or a restatement of law. To determine the applicability of these laws to specific situations which you may encounter, you are strongly urged to consult an attorney.

POSSESSION:  Either a Firearm Identification card (FID) or a License to Carry (LTC) is required to own or possess a handgun, rifle, shotgun or ammunition. An investigation of the applicant by the local chief of police or his delegate is required before issuance of an FID. There is a $100 fee for the FID and LTC is valid for 6 years, unless revoked or suspended “for cause” at the will of the licensing authority. When you renew, prior to your birthday you will receive a receipt that will keep your old license in force until the state sends you your new license, how ever long that may take.  Persons over 70 shall be exempt from all renewal license fees.

An applicant is entitled to an FID unless he has been convicted of a felony within the last five years, or has been confined or treated for drug addiction or habitual drunkenness within the last five years, or has been confined to any hospital or institution for mental illness unless he has an affidavit from a physician stating that he is not disabled in a manner which should prevent his possessing a handgun, rifle, or shotgun. All aliens and minors under the age of 15 are prohibited from obtaining an FID card; but a minor between the ages of 15 and 18 may obtain an FID card with the written permission of his parent or guardian.

The licensing authority may petition the court with a non statutory reason to deny the FID but the court would need to agree.  Notice of approval or denial must be given to the applicant within 40 days. If denied, the applicant may appeal to the District Court for judicial review. (see link below)

Gun Sense #13, Specific to Ma. Petition for Judicial Review

Any person who inherits a rifle, shotgun or handgun is required to obtain an FID or license to carry LTC, within 180 days if he intends to retain possession of the firearm(s), See GS#36.

For Ma. Firearm Transaction List go to;  choose the option you need.

A new resident moving into the state who owns firearms has 180 days in which to obtain an FID or a LTC to make the possession legal in Massachusetts. A person may possess but not carry during this 180 day period.  An alien may obtain an “alien permit to possess” from the state Commissioner of Public Safety which will allow him to possess a rifle or shotgun. These permit cards are valid for one year and are issued only to aliens with a U.S. Immigration card.

EXEMPTIONS from the FID and licensing requirements are provided for:  1. The temporary holding or firing of a handgun under the supervision of a person with a LTC, or the holding or firing of a rifle or shotgun under the supervision of a person with an FID or “where such holding or firing is for a lawful purpose”.   2. The use of a rifle or shotgun for hunting or target shooting by a minor under age of 15, provided he is under the immediate supervision of a person holding an FID or a LTC.   3. Possession by a chartered veterans organization and possession by their members when on ceremonial duties.   4. Possession by museums and institutional collections open to the public, provided such firearms are unloaded and secured.   5. Possession by federally- licensed manufacturers and dealers and their employees when necessary for manufacture, display, storage or testing.

PURCHASE:   To purchase a rifle, shotgun, handgun or ammunition the buyer must have an FID or LTC or proof of exempt status (police or military) and be at least 18 years old. It is a crime (felony) to sell, give away, loan or otherwise transfer any firearm or ammunition to anyone who is not properly licensed or otherwise authorized to possess or receive such firearm or ammunition. See GS#36, E-FA-10 form.

A private individual is permitted to sell up to four firearms in a linear (365 day period) year, more if sold directly to a licensed gun dealer. He must be properly licensed to possess these firearms and the purchaser must be properly licensed to buy them. The seller must file a report of the sale with the Commissioner immediately, online via the E-FA-10 form. This report must be on the proper forms provided by the Commissioner and give all required details regarding the seller, purchaser and the firearm being transferred, including the caliber, make, and serial number along with the FID or LTC numbers of both buyer and seller.     NOTE: This is form, E-F.A.-10 or “Firearms Sale/Rental/Lease Transaction Form” portal  should be found online at the Ma. State Police website.

CARRY:    A person may not carry a loaded rifle or shotgun on any public way. The LTC allows the holder to purchase, possess or carry an unlimited number of handguns. A license may be issued to an applicant who satisfies the requirements for obtaining a LTC, who appears to the chief of police to be “a suitable person to be so licensed” and who has “good reason to fear injury to his person or property”. In addition, the applicant must never have been convicted of a felony, must be 21 years of age, or 15, (with parents permission) for FID, and be a US citizen. A license also may be issued for “any lawful purpose” including the carrying of firearms for the reason of “target and hunting only”.

An applicant must be notified of a denial within 40 days of submitting an application for a LTC. In the event a license is denied, revoked, or no reply has been given within 40 days of submitting an application, the aggrieved may, within 45 days file a petition for judicial review in the District Court. See GS#13.

Change of Address:   Any license holder who moves his residence to another jurisdiction within the state must, within 30 days, notify the chief of police who issued the license, the chief of police in the jurisdiction where he is moving, and the Commissioner of Public Safety.  Failure to provide such change of address notification is unlawful and may void the license.    NOTE: You can find the form “Change of Address Notification For License To Carry Firearms And Firearms Identification Card” at your local police department. Pick up four of them, one is for your file. See GS#14.

Transportation in a vehicle: A resident may transport a rifle or shotgun provided it is unloaded and he has at least an FID. A resident may transport a handgun only if he has a LTC. It is illegal to temporarily leave any firearm unattended in a vehicle. Note: See this link for Stored or Kept” and “Direct Control” Gun Sense #22, Ma. ‘Stored & Kept’ and ‘Direct Control’  definition.

NON-RESIDENTS: A non- resident may possess a rifle or shotgun in Ma.  1. While hunting and in possession of a valid hunting license. 2. While on a firing or shooting range. 3. While traveling in or through Ma. if the rifle or shotgun is unloaded and enclosed in a case. 4. While at a firearms show organized by a “regularly existing gun collector’s club or association”. 5.  If he has a license or permit to possess any firearm in his home state. To transport or possess a handgun, a non-resident must obtain a temporary LTC good for one year, from the Commissioner of Public Safety, 200 Arlington St. Suite 2200, Chelsea Ma. 02150, Tel: 617-660-4600.   A temporary license may be issued to a non-resident or alien or person not falling within the jurisdiction of a local licensing authority.

Temporary Licenses:

The colonel of state police may issue a temporary license to carry a handgun to a non-resident, alien, or resident who does not live within the jurisdiction of a local licensing authority.  1. A temporary license must clearly indicate  it is a class A  license. The fee for a temporary license is $100.  2. Temporary licenses are good for one year, and renewable at the discretion of the colonel of state police. Unlike regular class A license, temporary licenses may not be used to purchase firearms.   3. A non-resident with a license to carry a handgun issued by his home state* may carry a pistol or revolver in Ma. for the purpose of taking part in a competition or exhibition of handguns, or for hunting provided he has a valid hunting license issued by Ma. or the state of his destination. *( Provided that the home state has the same requirements as Ma. for obtaining a LTC ).

Antiques and Replicas:  An antique firearm is defined as any handgun, rifle or shotgun manufactured in or before 1898, or any replica thereof which is not designed for firing fixed ammunition or which uses fixed ammunition no longer manufactured in the United States and no longer readily available commercially. An FID card is not required to possess antique and replica firearms in the home or place of business. A LTC is required when antique and replica handguns are being carried outside the home or place of business.  An LTC or FID is also required to carry antique and replica rifles ad shotguns outside the home or place of business.

Machine Guns:   A machine gun “is a weapon of any description, from which a number of shots or bullets may be rapidly or automatically discharged by one continuous activation of the trigger, and includes a sub-machine gun”. It is unlawful to possess a machine gun without a special license. Application is made to the local police chief who, in his discretion, may issue a license to any applicant “who is a suitable person to be so licensed”, and is a firearm instructor certified by the criminal justice training council for instructing police personnel or is a bona fide collector of firearms. A LTC is a prerequisite.

Miscellaneous Provisions1. Although persons in the military and other peace officers are exempt from the above requirements, this exemption is applicable only when they are performing their official duties or when duly authorized to possess weapons. It is not applicable for any private or sporting use of such rifles, shotguns or handguns.  2. Air guns and BB guns are regulated by the above provisions.  3. It is unlawful to possess, sell, or transfer any firearm whose shape does not resemble a handgun or short-barreled rifle or shotgun, or that is not detectable by x-ray or metal detector.  4. It is unlawful to remove, deface or alter in any manner the serial or identification number of a firearm, or knowingly to receive such a firearm. Possession of a firearm with an altered or defaced number creates a legal presumption that the possessor committed the offense.  5. Discharge of any firearm within 150 feet of a public way or 500 feet of a building in use is prohibited, except with the consent of the owner or legal occupant, in defense of life and property, or at licensed shooting galleries, target, test, trap or skeet ranges with the permission of the owner or legal occupant.  6. In the event of theft, loss or recovery of any firearm, the owner is required to notify the executive director of the Criminal History Systems Board, and the licensing authority in the city or town where the owner resides.  7. Any person in possession of any firearm is required to exhibit his FID, receipt for FID card fee, license to carry, LTC, or hunting license to a law enforcement officer upon demand. If the person fails to display the appropriate document, he may be required to surrender his firearm, although he may recover it if he produces the license within 30 days.  8. The governor shall appoint a 7 member gun control advisory board. Their duties include compiling and publishing a roster of large capacity rifles, shotguns, handguns, and feeding devices.  9. Any handgun or large capacity firearm sold without a safety device approved by the colonel of state police “shall be defective and the sale of such weapon shall constitute a breach of warranty … and an unfair or deceptive trade act or practice.” This creates a civil cause of action.  10. All firearms must be stored or kept secured in a locked container or equipped with a lock or other safety device. A firearm is not considered stored or kept if carried by or under the “direct control” of the owner or other lawfully authorized user. A violation of this provision is evidence of wanton or reckless conduct in any criminal or civil proceeding if a person under 18 gains access to a firearm. A violation of this provision is also criminally punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 and/or imprisonment up to 10 years.  11. In a domestic relations restraining order, (201-A) the court shall also order the defendant to surrender any firearm, ammunition, and cards and licenses therefor if it makes a determination that the defendant presents a likelihood of abuse to the plaintiff.


Addtional Provisions for Boston:  In Boston under a vague law it is unlawful to possess, display, transfer, or receive: 1. Any shotgun with a revolving cylinder and/or a capacity exceeding six rounds.  2. A semiautomatic rifle with a fixed magazine capacity exceeding 10 rounds.  3. Any SKS, AK47, UZI, AR-15, Steyr AUG, FN-FAL, and FN-FNC rifle.   4. Any semiautomatic pistol which is a modification of a proscribed rifle or shotgun with a shorter barrel or no stock, and any magazine or belt which holds more than 10 rounds. Also:

An “assault weapons roster board” may add additional firearms to the list of so-called “assault weapons.”  Such firearms must have been registered with the Boston Police Commissioner within 90 days of the effective date of the law (12/9/89), or they are unlawful.  An owner, in Boston, of a firearm added to the roster of assault weapons must obtain a license to possess it within 90 days of its addition, or it becomes unlawfulThe provision does not apply to possession by non-residents of Boston at a sporting or shooting club by persons who possess the requisite state license to carry.  It also does not apply to persons taking part in competition or at a collectors’ exhibit or meeting or traveling to or from such event or while in transit through Boston for the purpose of hunting by licensed hunter, provided that in all cases the “assault weapon” is unloaded and packaged and the person has a Massachusetts FID card or has a license or permit to carry or possess firearms issued by another state.

Massachusetts has a mandatory sentence of one to two and 1/2 years imprisonment for anyone convicted of illegally possessing a firearm loaded or unloaded. It is legal to possess chemical  ‘mace or pepperspray’ without an FID or LTC or class D license as long as you are 18 0r older. It is illegal to possess a ‘stun gun/tazer’, there is no license available.

Revised 8-13-2014

Mark Shean,  About Me

Reviews  Towns Served


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Dear Rep. Dwyer, This is a copy of a certified letter I sent 5 years ago to the State House, to my elected ‘Representative’, with no response. Can I ask that you now represent this ongoing concern?

   State House, Boston: Dear Mr. DeMacedo; Hello, I will try to be as concise as possible concerning the problem herein. I am a basic firearms instructor registered with the state. As such, I have had the opportunity to hear many varied true stories that concern many an honest citizens quest to gain his or her license to carry concealed in this state. I will relay to you the following examples that highlight a few of the road blocks that are being reported to me from people that have taken my safety class, as well as others who have contacted me.

   These examples are not all inclusive.
1. Some are told they need to prove that they have cause to fear for their safety before they will even be given an application, and to write a ‘reason’ letter to the chief outlining their specific concern. For ‘self defense’ is specific enough in my view, that would be my total ‘letter’.
2. There are those told they must first prove they are members of a gun club before they may apply for any permit for firearms. Why?
3. There are restrictions such as, ‘for target and hunting only’ imposed on people that want a carry permit for personal protection ,with no good reason given why they can not have it for ‘any lawful purpose’. 
4. There are towns that will not issue carry permits to anyone, including retired police officers.
5. There are towns that tell people they will not issue a class ‘A’ permit to anyone who has not had one before, instead they will issue a class ‘B’ permit for target and hunting only, but, they say, if in six months you have not been in trouble with the law you may come back for reconsideration for the class ‘A’ permit, of course this will cost you another $100, (never mind that these people have never been in trouble with the law in their lives), is this a scam to fleece people twice by the state? I hope this is not done by design as a ‘back door tax’ to raise additional money for the state? This practice should be investigated and stopped, and those involved prosecuted. Do you agree?
6. One town will not give out class ‘A’ permits because the chief claims that two people in the past had firearm related accidents so he no longer gives them out, (how capricious) this is blanket paranoia. Under this police chiefs ‘theory’, it should follow that because there have been car accidents in the past no one should be given a drivers license I suppose?
7. There are towns that want an applicant to have a physical exam and a mental evaluation to make sure they are physically and mentally able to handle a gun. Does this mean that someone with a physical handicap need not apply? That sir is discrimination.  
 8.  Many, but not all of these towns, require any number of letters of reference concerning the applicants character, when in reality the police need only to punch in a persons SS# , as they do at a traffic stop, to know more about a person than anyone writing a letter of reference could possibly know about someones legal background.
9. Some Police Chiefs want you first to be a survivor of a criminal attack before they will ‘deem’ you worthy of a carry permit. Is it just me or does this sound insane to you also? 
    Hoops? You bet they are! These ‘hoops’ to jump through are simply used as tools of harassment, designed to dissuade people from applying for gun permits. I could cite many more examples, but I wanted to point out a few of the obstacles that honest law abiding citizens are made to endure, (for no good reason) in order to pursue their right to self defense in Massachusetts. There are towns that use multiples of these ‘hoops’ listed, and others not listed here.
   There is a common thread that runs through all of the afore mentioned examples, that thread being “ABSURDITY”.  There are towns that only do a background check, (and rightly so) that is all that should be required. This sould be a ‘Shall’ issue state, it would end this foolishness and abuse of good people. {NOTE; to be continued on pages two and three……..}
Continued from page one:
   If discretion is the common denominator being exercised by each town and city, then it is far from consistent, and on a broad scale, being used irresponsibly by many in positions of authority. There needs to be simple criteria, set in positive law, from Boston to Lenox and from Gloucester to Province town, without variation, so that anyone anywhere knows what to expect when applying for any gun permit. As it stands now it appears extremely arbitrary, simply because it is.
   The blame for this falls directly at the feet of you in the legislature, and I am asking you as a legislator, and a ‘Representative’, to propose the bill that will correct the problem. I do not believe anyone should point out a problem without offering what could be a viable solution or solutions to a problem. As with an FID, (firearms identification card) there should be set reasons to deny:
1. Having been convicted of a felony within the last five years.
2. Having a record of drug or habitual drunkenness within the last five years.
3. Having been confined to any hospital or institution for mental illness unless he/she has an affidavit from a physician stating that he/she is not disabled in a manner which should prevent his/her possessing a handgun rifle or shotgun.
4. If there is a current 209-A restraining order in effect, that gun ownership be reinstated after it is vacated or expires. As it stands now, it is often used as a tool of harassment. A  209-A ‘order’ is a violation of your rights under the Fourteenth Amendment and its Due Process clause!  
5. There should be a rapid appeal process should a ‘rogue’ town invent its own ‘law'(s) outside of set law.
6. There should be considered an exemption to the age requirement of ’21′ for anyone serving in the armed forces for a pistol permit. These responsible young men and women put their lives on the line daily so that we may enjoy our freedoms, yet they are not shown the courtesy of obtaining a pistol permit in Massachusetts. No veteran, past or present, should need to pay for any firearms permit, they have already paid through their service to our country.
   I would be very surprised if there was not broad bipartisan support for this exemption. There should not be restrictions such as ‘target and hunting only’, “any or all lawful purposes” covers target and hunting if one wishes to do so, and does not infringe on ones right to self defense, as ‘target and hunting only’ does. People have a right to personal protection, and there is no provision in the Constitution for government to arbitrarily place restrictions on that right. This is where law makers have a bipartisan opportunity to demonstrate that they actually understood their oath to office.
Continued from page 2:
   People that want to obtain their pistol permits are not the problem, a simple background check is all that is needed to verify that. They need not be treated with, in many cases, contempt. Politicians and the police need to understand that these citizens are not the reason for crime, and treating them badly is not a solution to crime, and never will be.
   There has never been a criminal, that on the threshold of perpetrating a crime, paused and said,”gee, I think I should obtain a pistol permit first”. There will be police chiefs screaming that they need arbitrary discretion over this issue, no, they do not. They need clear, concise direction from you in the legislature. Arbitrary discretion does a disservice to the public. Not everyone may want to keep a firearm(s) for self defense, but every American should support and honor the constitutional rights of all those who do, including you, by not allowing discretionary tactics/schemes/high fees, to strip away that right, EVER.
    I am not a lobbyist, so I am unable to shovel loads of money at you. I am only an individual highlighting a real problem that exists, a problem that is effecting only the honest people of the state. I am asking as a constituent/citizen, for representation that would give relief to all law abiding citizens/constituents in Massachusetts.
   I thank you in advance for taking the time needed from your very busy schedules to consider this outlined problem/proposal. Please, if you have any questions I would be honored to lend any assistance I can.
cc: Rep. T.J. O’BRIEN (D) 12Th Plymouth District. Sincerely, Mark Shean-
[NOTE; REP. Dwyer, I wrote this and sent it certified mail and received the return receipts. When shown a chance to make a positive impact that would effect good people statewide what I receive instead is no response, none what so ever, from either DeMacedo or O’Brien. But when there is a chance to levy a new tax or scheme up a new fee, politicians are johnny- on- the- spot for any opportunity to lighten our wallets. Do not direct me to GOAL, they are not my elected representatives and are not charged with the public trust.
Please support H.1567 An Act Relative to the Right to Carry Firearms
   As THOMAS JEFFERSON once said,{“What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?”}
  Mark Shean, originally submitted 3-9-2006
 Resubmitted on 10-7-2011…….
People are invited to add their own stories to this list of abuses of authority, made possible by your ‘representitives’.
UPDATE: This was sent to the following ‘representitives’ on 10-7-2011:
As of this date, 11-26-2011, 48 days, (and counting) after I sent this to each of these ‘representitives’ not even one of them have had the courage to respond. If you are in a district that is ‘represented’ by one of these people, thats too bad. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they are not involved in politics for you.
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