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A review from an award winning journalist about my book Gun Sense, today.

U.S.A. – -( “A little over a year ago, I was tasked with editing and formatting a book for a firearms instructor I had met through his class,” Second Amendment advocate, writer, and editor John Petrolino told me in an email. He was inquiring about my policy on book reviews.
“The book is on firearm safety, in general with … emphasis on dealing with being a gun owner in Massachusetts,” Petrolino explained. “He has some entertaining op-eds in it as well. The book is extracted from the author’s blog and I’ve spent the past year, really six months with solid focus, working on it.”

You don’t have to be from Massachusetts to get a lot of value from Shean’s book.
He was talking about “Gun Sense – Massachusetts Gun Law Information and Common Sense Firearm Safety,” by firearms instructor Mark Shean Sr.

“I’m always willing to look,” I replied. “My ‘rule’ is simple– I only give good reviews. That because it’s not fair for me to discourage someone else’s labor of love. I won’t endorse something and encourage readers to spend money on it unless it’s something I believe in. So basically, unless I can say something nice, I won’t say anything at all.”

The fact that I’m saying something now means I have no reservations about recommending gun owners buy this book, although after making time to read it I decided I’d need to postpone my review for a bit because AmmoLand had already reviewed it. Go read that one, because it gives a good overview of the types of topics you’ll find, as does perusal of the Amazon page, especially with the “Look Inside” preview and the reader reviews.

Starting out, I had my doubts. I’m not a lawyer and Shean’s not a lawyer. Besides, gun laws, especially those of states I don’t live in, don’t exactly make for light or fun reading if approached by themselves. Also, candidly, the title put me off at first, because “gun sense” is a term that’s been co-opted by the antis, more specifically by Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown, with its vacuous “pledge to be a gun sense voter.”

They also call citizen disarmament edicts “common-sense gun safety laws,” and it suddenly hit me what Shean was doing – he was taking back a term from frauds with an agenda. Those who understand the Founders’ intent for the Second Amendment and who have applied training and discipline to responsibly own and use firearms are the ones who can truly use — and rightfully claim — the term “gun sense”

Genuine common sense comes through loud and clear in Shean’s book, no doubt cultivated from his background, which includes all kinds of practical and useful experiences and skills. It comes across in his writing and I soon realized it felt more like he was talking to me than I was reading his words. It’s a gift to be able to do that.

So how about some more specifics about the actual content?
Again, I’ll point you to the prior AmmoLand review, and browsing through the Amazon preview should give you a “flavor” for what to expect. Several quick-to-read chapters are included there covering subjects like the lethal dangers of “unloaded guns,” educating children, misfires and hang fires, squib loads, “uncontrolled bullets,” ceasing fire, dry-firing, safeties, home safety slugs and defensive loads, and “the aftermath of defending your family/home.”

There’s also a chapter included in the preview “specific to MA” on litigation challenging arbitrary police decisions on gun licensing.” That and discussions of Massachusetts laws and regulations should not put off gun owners who live in other states.

It’s instructive to see what kind of harassment citizen disarmament bullies impose when they can get away with it through Democrat majorities, and you’d better believe similar efforts to gain traction for such infringements are already underway in your state. The plan is for an incrementally disarmed United States, and if you don’t believe that, you haven’t been paying attention, which the gun-grabbers are counting on.

Part of being an effective advocate is being an informed one. “Gun Sense” is a book for every gun owner who understands the critical necessity of that.

About David Codrea:
David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

Submitted by Mark Shean Sr. author of GUN SENSE, now on Amazon.

I think that we all can agree that laws do not stop anyone who has the intension of breaking them, from breaking them, evil intent can not be stopped by legislation. Only certain politicians pretend not to know this.

Anytime someone with a gun commits a crime, politicians, backed by the disingenuous media networks start pounding the drum for ‘gun control’, like more gun laws/controls would have stopped what ever it was that the criminal did. We have recently witnessed a string of bomb attacks on our east coast, I am steering this conversation toward ‘control’. How long do you suppose that explosives have been illegal and the use of them ‘controlled’? A very long time. Now do you suppose that the person who made the bombs out of pressure cookers and pipe bombs gave one hoot in hell about them being illegal?  Do you think the Boston Marathon bombers cared ? How are all of the laws and ‘control’ pertaining to explosives working out these days?

Alcohol abuse and all the resulting death and destruction from it nationwide…….there are laws designed with the explicit intension to stop people from harmfully misusing alcohol yet there are far more deaths yearly related to it than from firearms, in accidents or crime related. How are the legal ‘controls’ governing alcohol working out?

Heroin is illegal, it is also an epidemic all over the country. Families torn apart, crime, usually in the form of homes being burglarized as addicts attempt to get their next ‘fix’. In Massachusetts heroin is not even treated as a crime anymore….politicians evidently don’t care, people are overdosing everyday, just check out the obituaries’ in your local fish wrapper,(news paper).

Firearms? lets see, machineguns have been outlawed since the 1930s, there are no so-called ‘assault weapons’ in private civilian hands without a huge background check and very expensive license. Maybe someone could contact the phony ‘journalists’  in the media to investigate……

Oath breakers,(elected public servants) screaming for more and more gun control know that they are overlooking the FACT that laws do not stop evil intensions, and disarming law abiding citizens is not a way that citizens can protect themselves from madmen….Just look at the loons shooting up the Wal-Marts recently, ask a politician which law would have stopped them.

Never allow any politician to disarm you, never comply.

Mark Shean Sr. author of GUN SENSE, rated #1 on Amazon!

From, Mark Shean at Ma Firearm Safety

Rated #1 at AMAZON in the Shooting section!!

I have just published a book that is now on Amazon, It covers updated Ma. Gun Laws as well as a series I have written over the years called ‘Gun Sense‘, covering a range of information and serious safety aspects.

This is not Ma. specific, it applies to anywhere you may live. A good reference book to have at home, the gun club or hunting camp. Good information concerning children as well.

This book would make a valuable go-to for hard to answer gun related questions. Please check it out. It will keep you informed and even entertained. If you like it, please tell your friends. the Gun Sense series is like having my class, and has answers to questions you probably did not get in yours.

Look for Gun Sense on Amazon, it is in paperback form or in Kindle.
Link to book, Rated #1 at AMAZON in the Shooting section!!

Sincerely, Mark 🙂

Mark Shean & Son

We have repeatedly, constantly heard the hype from media talking heads, and their politically elite pals concerning ‘assault ‘ weapons. I would like to broaden the scope of this erroneously overused misused term. Not to add to the panic mode propagated by the media and politicians that they want everyone to feel, but instead to use a little satire to show their true agenda.

In their blind zeal to disarm us they have overlooked a wide variety of ‘assault’ weapons, it amazes me. Here goes, seriously folks!

Rocks, the first and arguably the oldest ‘assault’ weapons, they are still lurking around us to this very day….

Rocks, are not just rocks, sure, on the outside they may look like your run of the mill ordinary innocent inanimate objects, but don’t let that fool ya, they can become deadly ‘assault’ rocks at a moments notice, we could even be justified in calling them minute rocks! Just take a good look down at the ground, you will see them looking back at you, sizing you up for the kill!

There are sharp edged scary looking shaped rocks, smooth rounded beach bum rocks, they may look benign, but make no mistake, they are just as capable as the sharp scary looking ‘assault’ rocks, believe it or else….

Let’s not forget the single shot slingshot rocks, (a very high trajectory) or the high capacity bag of rocks, these are very bad actors…..then there are the catapult grade of rocks, very lethal and destructive, they have been known to take down castles! Ya, castles!! So how secure do you feel in your stick house now?

People have been, and still are stoned by rocks using the carpet bomb method in large caliber configurations…. Boulder sized rocks should be classified as weapons of massive destruction!

Should laws be passed banning rocks? Maybe all rocks should be destroyed as an answer to stopping the evil they seem to be surely capable of! Loner rocks need to be rounded up and studied to see why they became loners, were they bullied by larger rocks when they were mere pebbles?

This is the reason rocks get away with evil doing, rocks, like many other objects, (except one) have the uncanny ability to do evil deeds, then shift the blame onto unsuspecting humans! This is completely missed by politicians and the media alike!

I’ll give you a few examples; Hammers, if you bother to look up the stats on these little hoodlums you will discover that they get away with hundreds of blunt trauma deaths every year. They are true masters at shifting the blame to humans…..undetected by politicians who should be writing legislation to ban them! Really!

Knives, and all their sharp edged ilk, even dull ones are no joke, yet with all the death and mayhem that yearly they are responsible for, they get away with it by shifting the blame to humans! Politicians again appear amazingly clueless! No save the children speeches if one life can be saved! No legislation to ban them, nothing. True statement!

Vehicles of any size. The deaths these are responsible for on a yearly basis eclipses almost everything else combined!
You are innocently driving down the road and suddenly, without warning, your vehicle careens off the road into a large group of people! The media immediately shifts the blame away from the vehicle and onto you! The vehicle has evilly shifted the guilt from itself to the human who was riding helplessly inside! And no one notices! No one!
As a matter of fact everyone is in agreement with the media that the person in the car is to blame!

Again, there is no hysteria from politicians to ban vehicles, amazing! There is no room here to even scratch the surface on drugs and alcohol and the deaths it causes…

The objects already noted, as well as countless others not mentioned, all have the unique ability to shift their evil deeds onto humans, undetected, all except one category, guns.

Guns must not have evolved to that level of deceit yet. Maybe it’s because in the larger overall scheme of things, they have not been around that long? They still have a learning curve? Who knows.

It is blatantly obvious that guns cannot fool the politicians or media, guns are blamed for every act they commit, as if they had a mind, to do it.
Politicians jump up and scream, think of the children! Ban the guns! With no thought of swimming pools and children…if they really cared about children….

I am completely stymied, really, as to why media manure spreaders and their political cronies can’t see blame in the other examples of objects mentioned? They certainly and clearly see that blame ‘needs’ to rest on the guns??

Definition of ‘assault’; noun, a sudden, violent attack; onslaught.
Law, An unlawful physical attack upon another; an attempt or offer to do violence to another, with or without battery, as by holding a stone or club in a threatening manner.
Verb, (used with an object) to make an assault upon; attack; assail.

Moral of the story:

So ‘assault’ is a behavior, not a weapon, an object cannot ‘behave’ one way or another, it can only be manipulated.

It always ends up with a human engaging in unacceptable behavior, not the inanimate object a criminal uses….

Mark Shean and
Co-conspirator in this
Satirical endeavor
Ed Sinnott

The Past:

The Firearms Reform bill s.2367, was passed by the Ma. House and Senate making it law on 6-29-2004. It created the Firearms Licensing Review Board, (FLRB). Firearm license applicants disqualified by a prior misdemeanor conviction could now file a petition for review, (see Gun Sense #20) now moot, in front of a seven member board. The petition could be filed 5 years after the conviction, adjudication, commitment, probation or parole.

The Firearms Reform bill s.2367 merely took the existing state references to Federal law, and fixed the language to a point in time in 1994. Lawmakers followed that Federal language supposedly in 2004 as well, and believed the net effect on Ma gun owners should be zero.

Under M.G.L c. 140/ 130B, since 2004, people who were previously denied a firearm license were able to sometimes successfully petition the FLRB to regain or gain a firearm license. Police chiefs would ultimately have the final say but normally were comfortable with the findings of the FLRB.



To read this chapter in full, and any other articles in the Gun Sense series, it is available as an Ebook and a Paperback at Amazon under:
Gun Sense Massachusetts Gun Law Information and Common Sense Firearm Safety By Mark R. Shean Sr.


Submitted by Mark Shean Sr. author of GUN SENSE, on Amazon.

BATFE Advises Ma. Firearm Licensing Review Board NOT to Restore Licenses

In a 2004 firearm licensing reform bill, GOAL was successful in establishing the Firearm Licensing Review Board (FLRB). The Board’s purpose was to restore Second Amendment Civil Rights to those who have had their rights taken away for having committed minor misdemeanors. According to the state, approximately 350 people have successfully acquired an FID Card or LTC by the Board.

Recently, GOAL has been made aware the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) has advised the Department of Criminal Justice Informational Services (DCJIS) that the FLRB is issuing FID Cards or LTCs to persons who are considered to be prohibited under federal law. As a result, the DCJIS has shared a letter they have sent to the BATFE confirming their opinion.

Essentially, the BATFE is claiming that all of those that were granted an FID Card or LTC are still statutorily prohibited under federal law. Under federal law 18 U.S.C § 922(g) convictions for all of the applicants were misdemeanors punishable by more than 2 years. This would mean that the crime cannot be forgiven unless it is expunged or vacated somehow.

There has always been an issue with federal law not recognizing a so-called partial restoration of rights. They have always claimed that if a person loses their Second Amendment Civil Rights, they cannot be restored piece meal. Either they are fully restored or they are not. This would be similar in fashion to voting rights. If you were convicted of a crime that resulted in the loss of voting rights, the government would not accept a process that would restrict your right to vote in certain elections.

Another issue brought up by the BATFE was a 2007 United States Supreme Court case called Logan v. United States 552 U.S. 23. The use of this ruling involves language stating that civil rights cannot be restored that have not been taken. Essentially what the ruling is saying is that if the actual law a person violated does not itself include as a penalty the loss of rights, then the rights have not been taken. So for example, the penalty clause in the driving under the influence statute would have to list the loss of civil rights.

Our problem here is that the BATFE does not seem to equate the loss of a license to the loss of a civil right. In their eyes, the civil right is maintained, but the “privilege” of a license is lost. This is a very contorted way of looking at things to be sure.

GOAL has been informed that with the BATFE’s opinion, FID Cards or LTCs for those previously approved by the FLRB will no longer be renewed by the state. The state does have the authority to revoke a license, so they simply won’t renew them. However, local licensing authorities can make a decision to either revoke them or simply let them run out.

GOAL is consulting our friends at the national level to see if there is a way to rectify this problem. It is bad enough these good folks lost their rights once, now it is going to happen to them again.
DCJIS Letter:
FLRB Statute:

Face Book asks what’s on my mind….WARNING NOTICE Attempted Felony theft by Marty’s GMC dealership in Kingston. Failed attempt……

My 2014 GMC Sierra, (that I bought from Marty’s GMC) inexplicably lost power, I had it towed to Marty’s on the same day, Saturday Jan 27th.
They were able to get to it on Tuesday Jan 30th. At 1:00 PM Tuesday I was called at home by the Service Department, this person explained that they had located the issue under the Sill plate of my drivers side door. He explained that moisture had corroded the wiring and that they would need to replace a section of that wiring.

He explained that their policy was to ask for the customer’s permission prior to doing any work. I asked if it was hard to get to? He said that they remove the outer cover and under that was another cover they would unscrew to expose the wiring.

I asked how much, he said between $500 and $600 hundred dollars with parts and 5 hours labor. (I thought 5 hours labor sounded odd after I hung up), but I gave permission to do the work. This transpired at 1:00 PM remember.

At 2:30 PM only 1 1/2 hours later, I went to pick up some things from Lowes in my sons truck, as I went by Marty’s I see my truck out in their lot. So I stop and take a picture of it on my phone. Now I am curious. I go to Lowes and buy my items, on the way back past Marty’s at 3:00 PM I still see my truck in their lot……
I take another picture on my phone.

At 3:04 Marty’s calls me, the Service Department tells me the truck is all apart and they are working on it in the bay and that should be able to come get it between 4:30 and 5 PM….I just looked at it outside in their lot 4 minutes ago…..I say, “so its in the bay and they are working on it?” to make him repeat the statement, he said ‘yes’.

I go pick up my wife and go straight back to Marty’s, my truck is STILL sitting outside in the same spot in the lot at 3:23 PM….

We go inside and we ask to see the General Manager in his office. I outline this story to him and tell him that Marty’s has now lost all credibility with me. That the problem that had been outlined to me on the phone was probably not the real issue at all. The truck was in the lot, and they wanted to charge me for 5 hours labor for time that they obviously did not spend, that is Felony THEFT! (Theft of $250 or more is a felony)

The General Manager went to talk to the shop and service department. When he came back he claimed it was a communications problem, the head of the shop had the mechanic fix the problem without telling the service department…..

I said that I know your policy is to call the customer BEFORE any work is done, so the shop manager violated that policy?? And I pointed out that this did not explain why the Service Department called me at 3:04 and told me the truck was apart and would be ready by 5 PM? As if he was actually looking at it in the bay himself?

The General Manager said that he would “eat the bill” and that there would be No Charge, he put N/C on the bill. The Bill states a $550 labor charge, and the Part was only $4.00?, a Misc. charge of $27.50?, (must have been for their lunch), tax of $1.97? with a total of $583.47………It costs $550.00 to put in a $4.00 part?? What cost only $4.00 on a truck???

The General Manager said that this was an “isolated incident”, I said the only thing ‘isolated’ about it was that I came by and caught the fraud, something that I suppose never happens, that is why it was ‘isolated’!! I would have been the one to ‘eat the bill’ if I had not been off from work that day….

This is a heads up to anyone that has or will have dealings with Marty’s GMC in Kingston.
I can never trust them again, and will never go back there. This is how they treat a customer who has bought two trucks from them? Beware.

Honesty and integrity are things that SHOULD happen when no one is looking.

Mark Shean

The Reciprocity bill that just passed the House and is headed for the Senate has 14 states angry. Maura Healy, the AG of Ma. is all in a ‘tizzy’ over this bill. She makes wild un-researched claims that the police will be put in grave danger if this bill is signed by President Trump! In essence she is trying to convince all the sheepeople that this bill will cause wide spread mayhem and destruction,,, blood will run in rivers down the streets! OMG!!! Either she thinks that everyone is that stupid, or she actually IS that stupid….. and that doesn’t say much for people who allowed her to be in that position…

Why would police be suddenly in danger Maura? Explain that with a little more scientific authority to back up that claim and less irrational emotion would you please?  There are already reciprocity licenses out there, Utah and Florida for instance issue them good for 36 states each, + or -, whom already honor them. There is no blood running in the streets of those 36 states, at least not by lawful license holders……

The people that have these licenses have all been fully vetted by the police prior to receiving the license, they are good people. The police should feel good that the person they pull over for what ever reason, has a national carry license. I would be more concerned about the ones who don’t…..if I was concerned at all.

I will just sum this up. We have all heard the media and certain politicians scream about ‘gun control’ when ever there is a criminal who commits a crime with a gun. They never talk about crime control, do they.

The 14 states in question that would all be against this bill have some things in common. They are all run by democrats, the majority of their  cities are all overrun with violent crime and are struggling to survive, the democrats have run them for decades and like to keep things status quo. Gun control to these political deviants means ‘CONTROL’ over the sheep, nothing more, nothing less. They abhor the Constitution and the Second Amendment in particular. They distain the oath to office they took to gain public office, and have, long ago, forgotten that they are public servant’s…..

I hope the Reciprocity bill passes the Senate and that President Trump signs it, as he said he would, just so I can sit back and watch all those despicable politicians in those 14 states, and the media everywhere go insane. That will be funny to watch!

Mark Shean

link to my book-

Mark Shean Sr, author of GUN SENSE, on Amazon.

Brought to you by www.shotgunswitch. com , We replace the original KSG switch, to keep your hands where they belong and your eyes on target!

If you own a KSG shotgun you know that there is a series of numbers and letters instead of  a conventional serial number on it, you may be curious as to the actual number of your gun, I was so I did a bit of research to figure out my guns number.

Here is what I found.

The letters mean a number; A=10, B=11, C=12, D=13, E=14, F=15, G=16, H=17, J=18, K=19, L=20, M=21, N=22, P=23, Q=24, R=25, S=26, T=27, U=28, V=29, W=30, X=31, Y=32, Z=33

You may have noticed that ‘I’ and ‘O’ were not used probably because they can easily be confused for other characters.

You set up the formula below to look exactly as I have put it in red, for every code.

        X 3400 =

100 X          =

 10  X          =

       X          =


Example; Lets say that the code on your KSG looks like this; X2Z28, you disregard the first letter X and put the number 2 in the top column and multiple by 2 in this example, it comes to 6800. You take the next letter, in this case a Z, if you look at the alphabet above the letter Z = 33, put 33 in the second column and multiply by 100. Now take the next number, the 2 again, and put it in the third column and multiply by 10. Now take the last number 8 and put it in the last column and multiply by 1 every time. Add all the numbers and it comes out to 10,128 in this example.

      2   X   3400 = 6800

100  X    33       =  3300

 10   X     2        =   20

   8  X       1      =     8


This would be the actual number of the KSG as it was produced. A low serial number, a first generation in this case. That’s how you figure out what the code on your gun means.

I hope this is helpful. Mark Shean, CEO, Solutions De Innovation LLC, for the KSG.

My new #GUN SENSE book, Rated #1 at AMAZON in the Shooting section!! Good anywhere people and guns are when it comes to safety. Firearm education saves lives, firearm ignorance can end lives.

Muslim refugees, they have no thought to assimilate, only to kill those who are not Muslim, great ‘religion’ they have, they destroy the fabric of every country dumb enough to let them in………..we do not need them here. There is plenty of space from very rich countries in the Middle East, let them step up…..

Dont feel too sorry for them, if you are not a Muslim they fully believe that they must kill you. Brainwashed from birth, that is not something that can just be undone through what we consider kindness,,,,raise a rattlesnake as nicely as you can and guess what, it will still bite you!

America and Americans FIRST!