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GUN CONTROL…… You know, actually there is a constitutional procedure to remove or change any part of the Constitution, All it takes is 2/3rds of all 50 state legislature’s to ratify the change and it becomes law.

Instead of trying to usurp the Constitution why don’t the ‘progressive’ liberals simply remove the Second Amendment constitutionally? Do you know the answer to that? I know the answer to that, the progressives/liberals/communists/democrats/socialist’s , whatever name it is that they want to hide behind this month know that real American patriots will never allow it, and the lie that `gun control` will stop crime is just that, a lie.

It is about CONTROL period, every dictator throughout history worth his weight in lies knows the best way to control the masses is to first disarm them. Any American that does not want to own a firearm has that freedom of choice, but as an American he or she should support and defend his fellow Americans God given right to self defense and Constitutional right to do it by way of firearms if they so choose. It is an American birthright.

Now stop splitting hairs scheming about abolishing America’s gun rights, taking my firearms will not stop ONE criminal from committing a criminal act, and if so-called ‘democrats’ decide to be in an honest debate they would concede that, only that does not mesh with their little agenda. We are on to your statism game.

“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty, suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force you are ruined. PATRICK HENRY-

Mark Shean and Son

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Molon Labe!


The Ma. E-FA10 form is a transfer of ownership form, it is not gun registration. When you buy a firearm at the gun store, or from an individual, you have to fill out the E-FA10 form online now, by law, to transfer ownership of that firearm. If you did not do that in Ma. you would be committing a felony. See ‘Notice’ 20 lines down as to why this is not registration. See (GS#36).

If you want to register your firearm(s) on a voluntary basis only in Ma. you can, but why would you? Hold off on that.

When registration is the goal of any government body it is always proceeded with unconstitutional, very dire threats to the entire population of the impending penalties/prison time, if you don’t comply by such-n-such a date you will become an overnight felon, we will come after you, we will kick in your doors!….. those types of threats. Such as oath breakers in Connecticut and New York have just tried to impose on the citizens of those two states as of the deadline 1-1-2014, using the lie of ‘gun control’ to stop mental cases from killing people as a reason. Only a very small fraction have complied, (best kept news secret) the rest have publicly said to the oath breakers in office to go to hell, come take them! The police have said they will not enforce the dictate because it would needlessly put them in harms way. Now, there are very nervous politicians in those two states, as they should be, this is an election year…….

If you move into Ma. from out of state with your firearms, you have 180 days to get a LTC to legally keep them, in the meantime they would be properly stored under Ma. law, (see GS#22) you could not use them until you received your Ma. license. Once you obtain your LTC you are under NO obligation to turn in a list of your firearms. If you want to sell any of them in the future, at that point you would be required to file the E-FA10 Transfer of Ownership form.

NOTICE: Ma. Firearms records are EXEMPTED from the public records statute.  G.L c.4,§7 (clause twenty-six)(j).  The Firearm Record Bureau (FRB) may not disseminate firearms records “to any person, firm, corporation, entity or agency except criminal justice agencies as defined in chapter six and except to the extent such information relates solely to the person making the request and is necessary to the official interests of the entity making the request.”  G.L. c. 66, § 10(d). Note: Such as Law Enforcement in tracking ownership of a gun that was used in a crime.

State of Ma. Firearm Transaction list link, choose option/info you need;

Firearm registration is Unconstitutional;

It falls under Section 103(i) in the Brady Law:
(i) PROHIBITION RELATING TO ESTABLISHMENT OF REGISTRATION SYSTEMS WITH RESPECT TO FIREARMS- No department, agency, officer, or employee of the United States may–
(1) require that any record or portion thereof generated by the system established under this section be recorded at or transferred to a facility owned, managed, or controlled by the United States or any State or political subdivision thereof; or
(2) use the system established under this section to establish any system for the registration of firearms, firearm owners, or firearm transactions or dispositions, except with respect to persons prohibited, (convicted criminals) by section 922 (g) or (n) of title 18, United States Code or State law, from receiving a firearm.

NOTE:….”the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Infringe means to encroach. You cannot even encroach on that right. Any thing which restricts in any manner the right to keep and bear arms for the law abiding is Unconstitutional.

This decides what type of country we live in: a Constitutional Republic where individuals have unalienable rights, or an unlimited democracy where individuals have only privileges the fickle majority grants them. We live in a Republic, as instituted by our Founders.

It’s real easy, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”, is powerful language, it is up there with “Congress shall make no law…” in the First Amendment.

If the feds are databasing gun owners they are infringing their right to keep and bear arms by requiring an unreasonable action on the part of the gun owner. A database has the great potential to be abused, therefore it is in itself an infringment of the right to own a firearm.

Under the 4th Amendment; Unreasonable searches and seizures are those that are without cause, actually without probable cause.Probable cause means that the police have to have a good reason to believe that someone has broken the law. The police can not do anything until they convince a judge that they have probable cause, and then they can get a warrant which gives them permission to search. Without a warrant they would need YOUR permission to search your car, home, etc.

 Under the 14th Amendment; No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or PROPERTY, (such as guns), without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. 

In Ma. a 209-A restraining order can violate your 14th Amendment protection based on nothing but hearsay, allowing someone to manipulate the court as a tool of harassment. This is done prior to your due process of law.

Mark Shean & Son

Submitted 10-21-2014

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Anything NOT mentioned here remains the same as when you took the class, please read and file it in your folder.
Please acknowledge to me that you got this updated information in a short email, I would appreciate your response.
Any questions, as always you should know that you can email me at( or )
Sincerely,Mark Shean and Son
H. 4376 HighlightsBreakdown;
H.4376 Accomplished many positive things for Massachusetts gun owners including:Juniors:
Critical training language correction for juniors, this now allows trainers to provide firearms to junior shooters and hunters with parental consent
Allow juniors to apply for their FID card a year early (age 14) and receive
their card at 15. Price still $25.Pepper Spray:
Person over the age of 18 will no longer need an FID card to purchase pepper spray
15-17 year old can still possess – but must have an FID card or class D license.FID:
Chiefs must first petition the court to deny someone his/her FID card.
Because it is in the courts, it gives GOAL, Gun Owners Action League, and others the ability to track what Chiefs are doing.
On a side NOTE: in Ma., courts will probably err with the chief as the courts here are not very gun friendly as we all know. So this still
could allow abuse from certain chief’s that do not like mere civilians to have firearms……….I know of a few towns where the chief’s will
continue to abuse their authority, the courts should over ride them in frivolous cases if there were actual justice in play, time will tell. Both licenses:
The term “prohibited person” is now being used for both licenses, FID and LTC – instead of “suitable”
This change in the language provides a much needed change in framework around whom is prohibited.
The 90 day grace period is gone. Gun owners will now receive a receipt upon renewal, which makes
the license valid until the new license is received, no matter how long the state takes to send you your new license.
NOTE: Don’t lose the receipt, make a copy for your file.
Mental Health:
Added language so that people who voluntary seek mental health help will not be listed as a prohibited person through the NICS.Olympic-style Handguns:
There will be exemptions for the sale of Olympic-style handguns in the Commonwealth
They were previously not legal to transfer by licensed dealers in the Commonwealth. Curios and Relic Collectors:
Collectors can now purchase handguns and firearms that may not comply with the approved firearms roster. Online portal:
Created online portal for face-to-face transfers, preserving private sales. Go to the Ma. State Police website to find this. Hopefully it will be working.

For the Ma. Firearm Transaction List go to; and choose the option you need.


The Class B+A License were eliminated; going forward there is only one License to Carry. (LTC). It will now just be a LTC firearms in the commonwealth of Ma., If you already have a class B license it will remain in effect until it expires on your birthday. Please read Gun Sense #39.

Chiefs now have to put denials in writing for the LTC, within 40 days, (the police sometimes violate this 40 day law…), they always were supposed to notify within 40 days…not sure why this was listed here?

For the first time, gun owners can appeal their LTC restrictions in District Court  – now the burden of proof is on the police chief to defend the denial or restriction in District Court and in writing. NOTE: This may burden some chief’s from just arbitrarily denying people offhand as some of them were infamous for doing in the past…..


We added language that if your firearms get confiscated that the licensing authority shall at that time inform the person in writing of their ability to transfer their firearms to an independent licensed individual. NOTE: You always could do this, they just did not tell you, so I made a point too in class.

Lost & Stolen Firearm:

GOAL put in language so that a person who, in good faith, reports their firearm as lost or stolen – this shall not make them considered a prohibited person – period.

Military Personnel:

We extended the time period an active duty military member has to become licensed, or renew their license from 90 to 180 days.

We exempted active duty military members from having to take the mandatory gun safety training classes.


Police chiefs gain discretion over the issuance of FID cards, however they must petition the district court in order to deny an FID card for any non-statutory reason;

Court-ordered commitments (and relief) relative to mental illness, alcohol and substance abuse will now be reported to the Federal National Instant Check System, (NICS).

Suitability’ is better defined;

Improved opportunities to appeal suspended, revoked, denied, or restricted licenses to carry;

Expired licenses remain valid indefinitely if a renewal is in process;

Reduced penalties for failing to renew a license;

License renewals now require an affidavit stating that the licensee has not had any firearms lost or stolen since their last license was issued;

Increased penalties for carrying on school grounds, improper storage, and failure to report a lost or stolen firearm;

Elimination of the Class B License to Carry; Gone-

Elimination of the licensing requirement to possess or purchase pepper spray; Gone for anyone 18 or older, but, 15-17 still need a class D for pepper spray.

Requirement to report face-to-face firearms transfers in ‘real time’.

Even after the passage of H.4376 our rights are severely compromised in Massachusetts. However this legislation provides us with more opportunities to leverage the courts in regaining our rights.

Again, please drop me a line in an email that you have received this, thanks.


Mark Shean & Son
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I will give you my definition of how a Representative becomes a politician:

When we vote for a new candidate we want someone who will represent us and honor their oath to office by defending our Constitution, ALL of it, not cherry pick what they like. We call these people Representative’s and they are public servants, in the public domain, in short, public property, in either party.

Now somewhere along the line they start losing sight that they are supposed to represent the People, and they instead start to represent special lobbyist groups that are made up of big money and people who do not even live in the district the representative comes from, so this means he/she no longer cares about his/her constituent’s, that is the moment he/she becomes a Politician.  It now becomes all about  short sighted agenda(s) and self interests, and no longer the will of the People who put him/her there.

I hope that was helpful? When they get to this point, it is time to BOOT THEM OUT on their ear, for freedoms sake!

“A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government”. -GEORGE WASHINGTON-.


Mark Shean,  About Me

Submitted 8-10-2014


This is a overview of some of the suggested gun laws that I have had forwarded to me by an anonymous source, I will make notes,(in RED, meaning danger to our freedoms) throughout this with a brief summary at the end.  I will send out two more alerts covering the other pending changes in the days ahead. M.S.

The ‘Honorable’ Speaker Robert DeLeo told the committee that nothing was “off the table” and the committee could look into any proposals that might decrease gun violence, including proposals that might call for additional revenue. MARK’s NOTE: See the “additional revenue”, it boils down to how can the state squeeze more money from the tax payers. They sure like to overwork the term ‘Honorable’ when these taxing political career leeches do not, by any means, qualify for it.

The committee met more than 15 times over the 9 month period between March 28, 2013 and the end of December 2013. We spoke with representatives of 10 different groups (see appendix for listing of representative groups), and individual committee members attended other events, researched other state laws and regulations, reviewed academic literature and mass media articles,  and conducted individual interviews to learn more about ways to reduce gun violence in the Commonwealth. MARK’s NOTE: To reduce ‘gun violence’ one should consider turning their attention to the criminal element, but I guess THAT would not raise revenue…………its always about money.

Each committee member respected the perspectives of other members; this report is the very ‘positive outcome’ of this process.  MARK’s NOTE: But no one on the committee thought about respecting lawful citizens legally owning firearms……………no. “Positive outcome” if you are anti gun, anti Second Amendment.

Strength of Gun Laws:
1. Massachusetts already has some of the strongest gun laws in the nation.  For example, over the last few years the Brady Center ranked Massachusetts 3rd among US states in terms of strength of our gun laws. I n December 2013, a year after Newtown, with other states passing new laws, the Brady Center ranked Massachusetts 6th. MARK’s NOTE: So what’s the big issue? Oh, that’s right, revenue……bingo.

2.Massachusetts also has among the lowest rates of household firearm ownership.

3. Massachusetts also has lower rates of non-fatal firearm injuries than is average for the rest of the United States.

4. Typically some 13% of Massachusetts households report having a gun, compared to about 1/3 nationally.  Still, over two thousand people in Massachusetts died as the result of gunfire during the most recent decade.

5. Massachusetts has very low relative rates of gun death.  From 2001-2010, for example, we had the 2nd lowest rate among the 50 US states. From 2001-2010 in Massachusetts, 2,179 people died from gunshot wounds, a rate of 3.4/100,000.  In other words, the rest of America has over three times the gun death rate as do people in Massachusetts.

6. Massachusetts, with few guns, has the lowest rate of firearm suicide in the nation and a very average rate of non-firearm suicide.

7. Massachusetts has very low rates of gun homicide compared to other urban states.

8. New Hampshire is a prime source of gun trafficking into Boston. MARK’s NOTE: IF this is true, how will more restrictions on legal gun owners in Ma. help? Really?

9. Massachusetts has one of the lowest rates of unintentional firearm death in the nation, 24 people in Massachusetts were unintentionally killed with a firearm,2001-2010, in that decade.

10. Massachusetts is doing well compared to other US states in terms of gun deaths and injuries.  We could do better.  MARK’s NOTE: Of the last ten examples listed by the Committee where is the ‘panic’ and dire rush to implement stricter ‘gun control’ in Ma.? The emphasis throughout all of this you will see, is on ‘gun control’ and ‘revenue’, not one word on what to do about controlling CRIMINALS, I think reasonable people understand this to be an attack on our freedoms by this elitist ‘committee’, and the ‘honorable’ Robert DeLeo, nothing more, nothing less.

The committee recognizes that there have been many complaints that the lack of specific suitability standards has made the application process inconsistent throughout the municipalities in Massachusetts.  The committee also believes that placing a definition of suitability in statute will not provide the necessary flexibility and discretion needed in allowing the licensing authority to make a reasoned decision. MARK’s NOTE:  Not a criminal, get the license, that sounds reasonable to me, how about you?

The Committee recommends that the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association in conjunction with the Massachusetts ‘Gun Control’ Advisory Board specify a set of factors which defines what constitutes a suitable person for gun ownership and obtaining a gun license. MARK’s NOTE: How about if they have not committed a crime as the factor to determine suitability, end of this three ring circus…….

The Committee is very concerned that, (A person who may have been arrested numerous times without having been convicted must be granted a firearms identification card). MARK’s NOTE: “without having been convicted” this is KEY, means he was found innocent…………and should be granted an FID should he apply for one.

No further restrictions on magazine capacity.
The Committee recommends that no further restriction be placed upon firearm magazine capacity. Current Massachusetts law restricts large capacity magazines to 10 rounds. The Committee believes the current ‘restriction’ strikes a reasonable balance between public safety and personal liberty. MARK’s NOTE: Their glib use of the words ‘restriction’=infringement, and ‘personal liberty’ here are very elitist in the context they are put forth,(as if deemed from on high). How will any of this effect criminals one wonders? Really?

The costs of gun violence are enormous.  They include not only the pain, suffering, disability and possible death to the victim, but affect the victim’s family and friends.  The short and long-term medical costs can be large, particularly for spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. MARK’s NOTE: Here is the ‘revenue’ angle again, they want lawful gun owners to pay the costs for what criminals do. This is the over riding theme throughout this obvious scam on legal gun ownership in Ma.

The Committee recommends a simple change in the law that will keep the license valid until the application is re-approved or denied by the Commonwealth. A simple rewording of the law to read in the appropriate sections that “a firearm identification card or a license to carry a firearm shall be valid, unless revoked or suspended, for a period of not more than 6 years from the date of issue, except that if the cardholder or license holder applied for renewal before the card or license expired, the card or license shall remain valid after the expiration date on the card or license, until the application for renewal is approved or denied.” By eliminating the 90 day period the onus is put back on the government to perform its bureaucratic duty. MARK’s NOTE: Of this entire document, this recommendation is the ONLY thing that made sense, and the ONLY thing that should be adopted! And they could add the license will still be suitable to purchase firearms and ammo no matter how long it takes the state to do its bureaucratic  duty.

The Committee recommends the development and implementation of firearms training consistent with existing licensing standards, and new suitability guidelines developed by the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association and the Massachusetts Gun Control Advisory Board.  This training should require applicants to complete a firearm safety course that contains an extensive live fire component. Current safety classes are not required to include live fire. MARK’s NOTE: Live fire can come after the background checks/license, not before, endangering instructors that hand people firearms who have not been checked out…….dangerous for instructors. Define ‘extensive’, this is another way to make it difficult for people to schedule any class.

The Committee also recommends that this firearm safety course be standardized and accredited. MARK’s NOTE: This means large centralized firearm safety schools have crawled into bed with the politicians and want the whole pie/state to themselves, knock off the individual instructors……….how does one become ‘accredited’?

There are currently two separate lists of approved firearms in Massachusetts.  The Executive Office of Public Safety’s approved weapons roster established by law and the Attorney General’s consumer protection regulations established under administrative rules and regulations. This is confusing to police chiefs, officers, gun dealers, and the gun owner. The Committee recommends that the Attorney General’s list and the Executive Office of Public Safety list be made consistent. MARK’s NOTE: This can only mean a wider gun ban.

Our recommendations are intended to tighten the already strong gun legislation in Massachusetts, and are directed toward those irresponsible gun owners, who do not follow the Commonwealth laws and regulations. MARK’s NOTE: WHAT?! Not directed towards the criminal?! Get ready folks……….

MARK’s Summary:  I will not go any further today, this is the second installment of four from me concerning this ‘Committees’ proposed ‘gun control’ changes. You read it and saw my notes/opinions in red, what are yours? All this is slanted towards squeezing gun owners out ultimately in Ma. My only question is, will we allow it to happen? We have the power in the voting booth to effect real change in this one party state, all incumbent’s need to be sent home, they have caused enough damage already by blatantly breaking their oaths to office. Maybe new blood in office will think more of their constituents and be far less self serving than what we are suffering now.

Mark Shean & Son



Ma. Gun Laws Alert!

It Appears the Redcoats are here, and in political office.

The speaker of the House, Robert Deleo, is going to push,(under cover of darkness of course) 44 ‘gun control’ recommendations down our throats, (if we let the oath breaker) in June or July of this year, many will mirror what has just been forced on the citizens of Connecticut. These ‘recommendations’ come from a group of so-called academic ‘experts‘ that have blocked any discussion/debate from pro gun groups/people. (Can you say left wing agenda?)

This is a small sample of these so-called ‘recommendations’, of which not one will deter a criminal from committing a crime(s).

1. A monthly limit on gun purchases.

2. No more private sales between licensed gun owners.

3.  A limit on firearm magazine capacity.

4. Liability insurance for every gun you own.

5. A requirement that firearms only be stored at gun clubs, not in homes.

6. Unlimited control to Police Chiefs as to who they allow a gun license, regardless that you have no criminal record, total arbitrary discretion. (Can you say police state?)

7. Making the firearm safety class at least 8 hours long, to include live fire, ( police are not willing to give anyone a gun license prior to a background check but it would be OK to put guns in their hands prior to a bakground check, thus endangering the instructors and others, brilliant!).

8. Expanded gun ban list, (if your guns are on the list you will have to turn them in or be an overnight felon!) They would throw the working tax base of the state in jail…….’morons r us’ in public office! Nothing ‘honorable’ about any of this.

This is a partial list, none of it good for law abiding citizens. Its been difficult to find the complete list of Robert Deleo’s  44 gun control recommendations, (the crook is hiding the rest of it) I am sure the rest are just as or more unpleasant but, as you know, the ones they made public have absolutely nothing to do with fighting crime, and everything to do with control. Like criminals will give a damn….

They also say that it will help close ‘loopholes’ but do not explain what loopholes they are talking about, because there are none, name me one, and I will expose it as a lie!

Ask your ‘Representative’ how any of this reduces crime. You will get knee jerk emotional BS, not facts!

Gun liability insurance would also be a despicable form of discrimination by the ruling class elite against lower income people, the very people who live in areas that are most susceptible to higher crime rates, need the self defense a firearm allows for protection and would be denied that protection simply because they could not afford the insurance on a Constitutional right! = backdoor gun ban! Unconstitutional on the very face of it!

Registration of your guns would have to be next, how else would they know if you have guns to insure otherwise? Registration throughout history has ALWAYS led to CONFISCATION! Never do it, that’s where Americans will draw a line in the sand, as over 350,000 citizens in Connecticut have refused to register and are now felons, the tax base of the state, felons, very bright, along with over 68% of the police, wow! The elite politicians there are now horror stricken because of this blatant civil disobedience to their unconstitutional dictates……(can you say election year clean house baby)!


I can not sugar coat this, that is not my style anyway, Those that took my class probably can remember how I feel about so-called ‘gun control’. I will not beat around the bush. Draconian changes are in the wind from the very people you elected to uphold the public trust. They swore to uphold the Constitution, they LIED, don’t forget that in Nov.

The changes they want to dictate/impose on us will make it very difficult for most people to get their LTC with no restrictions because Speaker Robert Deleo wants police arbitrary discretion to run amok! If you know anyone who has been sitting on the fence procrastinating about getting a gun license, tell them to get off the fence and sign up for a class somewhere, but do it soon! After June they may have lost their chance and whining will not help them.

None of this reduces crime! Only your RIGHTS!

PLEASE pass this on to your family and friends, contact your public servant’s at 617-722-2000, remind them who they work for. Time is growing very short before the onslaught on our gun rights begin under the pretext of ‘crime control’ from your so-called ‘representative’s’ up on ‘Bacon’ Hill…

Mark Shean & Son


Recently USA TODAY put out a disturbing article based on their investigation titled ‘Fugitives Next Door, a License to Commit Crimes’  This investigation brought up some pretty scary findings about the legal system and how it regularly drops the ball while dealing with violent criminals/felons, and how we become victims because of it.

Before I summerize the story let me just say this about USA TODAY, this paper has never been pro gun rights, and I do not believe they intended to be pro gun in this article. Even so, USA TODAY inadvertently makes a very compelling case for legal gun ownership/personal protection in this article.

The story is based on facts surrounding the ability of fugitives to go from state to state, with no one chasing them, to rape, kidnap, rob and murder again and again, with the knowledge that law enforcement is unwilling/unable to chase them.

Bullet Points from investigation:

*Tens of thousands of accused felons get away easily, because police and prosecutors across much of the U.S. will not pursue them beyond their state boarders.

*With no one in pursuit, wanted fugitives went on to rape, kidnap, rob banks, and murder, often as close as the state next door.

*One victim, Frederick Tucker was brutally murdered by 3 fugitives the police had allowed to go free previously, these three men were wanted in other states with a long list of serious crimes. You ask how can this happen? The next point explains.

*Many times, because prosecutors do not approve extridition if a criminal is found in another state, the fugitives name will not be entered into the FBI data base, because of this, another state where the fugitive commits a crime does not know he is wanted somewhere else!

*Officials in Penn. have chosen not to pursue more than 20,000 people once they cross the state boarder.

*There are over 186,873 felony suspects whom police nationwide say will not be pursued into other states.

*There is a history of violence committed by wanted felony suspects, often after police, not knowing they were wanted in another state, let them go!

*In Tennessee, police charged that a fugitive from Florida, fatally shot four people on a quiet country road after Florida prosecutors had turned down 4 chances to come get him due to other charges…………four people murdered needlessly.

*Felon Lemont Pride was set free in N.Y. because North Carolina would not come to get him for shooting a man in N.C.  One month later Pride murdered a NYC police officer during a drug robbery………..”It becomes, to some degree a cost decision. We just cant bring everybody back”, said Howard Neumann, a district attorney in N.C.

*One in six homicide suspects arrested in D.C. were already wanted elsewhere!

These grim and startling statistics go on and on, with these findings, USA TODAY has done law abiding gun owners a service, I think we should cling to our guns and Bible a little tighter now. And at the same time tell anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment politicians to back off from their misguided attacks on law abiding citizens and start talking about crime control instead, or be booted from office!

In my opinion, gun owners who vote for any candidate(s) that are in favor of ’gun control’, amounts to the same thing as  turkeys voting in favor of Thanksgiving………

Mark Shean 

 About Me




To anyone who has taken my class, you know that I am watching the politics of our gun rights and those who would wantonly infringe upon them. Please consider forwarding to others you know who may be legal gun owners in Ma.
If you received this twice I apologize for any inconvenience.

Recently I picked up on an article from [In wake of Newtown massacre, Mass. ‘panel’ recommends that state gun laws be tightened]

Excerpt from this article:
“More than a year after the school shootings in Newtown, Conn., a panel of ‘academic experts’ today released a long-awaited report recommending that Massachusetts tighten its gun laws, which are already considered among the toughest in the country.”{The panel made 44 recommendations.}

These 44 recommendations were not listed in the article for the public to see……………Mark’s note.

This panel of so-called ‘academic experts’ who obviously are not elected to represent us and are not accountable to us, are going to dictate how our gun rights/freedoms should mirror those passed in Ct. recently. They like the draconian new ‘laws’, including ‘gun registration’ that the politicians in Connecticut recently just imposed/forced on the people of that state in typical kneejerk fashion due to the actions of one well documented mentally ill person.

In essence, Ct. politicians made felons of all legal gun owners who did not register their guns by 1-1-2014, over 300,000 thousand have refused to register their guns in Ct. making the politicians there VERY nervous about retaining their phony jobs in Nov. as well they should be, for forgetting their oath to office when they swore too uphold the Constitution.

Excerpt From these ‘experts':
“Overall, Massachusetts continues to be a leader nationally in efforts to reduce gun violence. The committee believes that even more can be done,” the report said. “The committee recognizes that changes such as those proposed in this report may be challenging, but if adopted, provide a pathway to further reduce gun violence in the Commonwealth.”

Mark’s Translation: Replace “reduce gun violence” from the above statement and insert (‘remove more gun rights from legal gun owners’!)

This group of ‘intellectuals’ have NOT allowed any discussion from gun rights advocates in this so-called ‘process’. Why would these mental giants be afraid to allow legal gun owners a chance to discuss/participate? Simple, they have a set anti gun agenda, they do not want to ‘muddy’ the waters with real facts, that would only impede this anti gun agenda, an agenda that they wish to impose on us before the Ma. House of Representative’s in June. That’s not very far away folks.

Why do they have more of a voice than the constituents who actually elect those in the House?? Why indeed…….

Our freedoms are only as strong as the current generation is in protecting them, you need to protect your rights under the Constitution if you expect them to be there for your posterity, they were protected in the past for you to now enjoy. Term limits initiated at the voting booth, we have that power!

What you need/should do is call your Representative’s on Beacon Hill at 617-722-2000, or the link to a directory of representatives, if your not sure who represents you, (since no one seems too) is,   just copy and paste to discover who your rep may be.

Let them know that they can not hide behind a group of unaccountable left wing ‘academics’ who want nothing better than to take our freedoms, that we will remember in November if they do not stop this assault on our gun rights in the pretext of stopping crime! Please, take a moment from your day to contact them…..

A free and lawful citizenry should never have to conform to every act of the criminal/mentally ill element, as these so-called ‘academics‘ want, instead the criminal element had better conform to society as a whole or pay the price with hard jail time/death!

“An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”
Norton v. Shelby County, 118 US 425 (1885)

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1. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through…all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero

1. Rome then, Washington D.C. today

2.An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”
Norton v. Shelby County, US Supreme Court Decision 118 US 425, 442 (in 1886)

2. This was at a time when no one in political office ‘pretended’ that they did not understand our Constitution……..

3.Patriots are not revolutionaries trying to overthrow government. Patriots are counter-revolutionaries trying to prevent government from overthrowing the U.S. Constitution.
Author unknown

3. Executive Orders are now circumventing Congress while they sit on their hands doing nothing!

4.The strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it. Only if every single citizen feels duty bound to do his share in this defense are constitutional rights secure.
Albert Einstein

4. So defend it, or it will not be there for your descendants as it was for you…..starting, at first, in the voting booth !

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It falls under Section 103(i) in the Brady Law:  And backs up the Second Amendment………….

(i) PROHIBITION RELATING TO ESTABLISHMENT OF REGISTRATION SYSTEMS WITH RESPECT TO FIREARMS- No department, agency, officer, or employee of the United States may–

(1) require that any record or portion thereof generated by the system established under this section be recorded at or transferred to a facility owned, managed, or controlled by the United States or any State or political subdivision thereof; or

(2) use the system established under this section to establish any system for the registration of firearms, firearm owners, or firearm transactions or dispositions, except with respect to persons, prohibited by section 922 (g) or (n) of title 18, United States Code or State law, from receiving a firearm.

“….the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Infringe means to encroach. You cannot even encroach on that right. Any thing which restricts in any manner the right to keep and bear arms is Unconstitutional. Now you must understand that therefore any federal firearms laws are unconstitutional.


The answer to that question decides what type of country we live in: a constitutional republic where individuals have unalienable rights, or an unlimited democracy where individuals have only privileges the fickle majority grants them.


“Shall not be infringed” is powerful language. Up there with “Congress shall make no law…”

Requiring paperwork, and disclosure of private information are all infringements.


It’s real easy, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.

If the feds are data basing gun owners they are infringing their right to keep and bear arms by requiring an unreasonable action on the part of the gun owner. A database has the potential to be abused therefore it is in itself an infringement of the right to own a firearm.

“Guard with jealous
attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel.
Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give
up that force, you are inevitably ruined.” unquote, -Patrick Henry-

Take heed from this very astute
warning fellow Americans…

Mark Shean