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Concealed Carry

Submitted by Mark Shean Sr. author of GUN SENSE, now on Amazon.

I think that we all can agree that laws do not stop anyone who has the intension of breaking them, from breaking them, evil intent can not be stopped by legislation. Only certain politicians pretend not to know this.

Anytime someone with a gun commits a crime, politicians, backed by the disingenuous media networks start pounding the drum for ‘gun control’, like more gun laws/controls would have stopped what ever it was that the criminal did. We have recently witnessed a string of bomb attacks on our east coast, I am steering this conversation toward ‘control’. How long do you suppose that explosives have been illegal and the use of them ‘controlled’? A very long time. Now do you suppose that the person who made the bombs out of pressure cookers and pipe bombs gave one hoot in hell about them being illegal?  Do you think the Boston Marathon bombers cared ? How are all of the laws and ‘control’ pertaining to explosives working out these days?

Alcohol abuse and all the resulting death and destruction from it nationwide…….there are laws designed with the explicit intension to stop people from harmfully misusing alcohol yet there are far more deaths yearly related to it than from firearms, in accidents or crime related. How are the legal ‘controls’ governing alcohol working out?

Heroin is illegal, it is also an epidemic all over the country. Families torn apart, crime, usually in the form of homes being burglarized as addicts attempt to get their next ‘fix’. In Massachusetts heroin is not even treated as a crime anymore….politicians evidently don’t care, people are overdosing everyday, just check out the obituaries’ in your local fish wrapper,(news paper).

Firearms? lets see, machineguns have been outlawed since the 1930s, there are no so-called ‘assault weapons’ in private civilian hands without a huge background check and very expensive license. Maybe someone could contact the phony ‘journalists’  in the media to investigate……

Oath breakers,(elected public servants) screaming for more and more gun control know that they are overlooking the FACT that laws do not stop evil intensions, and disarming law abiding citizens is not a way that citizens can protect themselves from madmen….Just look at the loons shooting up the Wal-Marts recently, ask a politician which law would have stopped them.

Never allow any politician to disarm you, never comply.

Mark Shean Sr. author of GUN SENSE, rated #1 on Amazon!

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