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Concealed Carry

The Reciprocity bill that just passed the House and is headed for the Senate has 14 states angry. Maura Healy, the AG of Ma. is all in a ‘tizzy’ over this bill. She makes wild un-researched claims that the police will be put in grave danger if this bill is signed by President Trump! In essence she is trying to convince all the sheepeople that this bill will cause wide spread mayhem and destruction,,, blood will run in rivers down the streets! OMG!!! Either she thinks that everyone is that stupid, or she actually IS that stupid….. and that doesn’t say much for people who allowed her to be in that position…

Why would police be suddenly in danger Maura? Explain that with a little more scientific authority to back up that claim and less irrational emotion would you please?  There are already reciprocity licenses out there, Utah and Florida for instance issue them good for 36 states each, + or -, whom already honor them. There is no blood running in the streets of those 36 states, at least not by lawful license holders……

The people that have these licenses have all been fully vetted by the police prior to receiving the license, they are good people. The police should feel good that the person they pull over for what ever reason, has a national carry license. I would be more concerned about the ones who don’t…..if I was concerned at all.

I will just sum this up. We have all heard the media and certain politicians scream about ‘gun control’ when ever there is a criminal who commits a crime with a gun. They never talk about crime control, do they.

The 14 states in question that would all be against this bill have some things in common. They are all run by democrats, the majority of their  cities are all overrun with violent crime and are struggling to survive, the democrats have run them for decades and like to keep things status quo. Gun control to these political deviants means ‘CONTROL’ over the sheep, nothing more, nothing less. They abhor the Constitution and the Second Amendment in particular. They distain the oath to office they took to gain public office, and have, long ago, forgotten that they are public servant’s…..

I hope the Reciprocity bill passes the Senate and that President Trump signs it, as he said he would, just so I can sit back and watch all those despicable politicians in those 14 states, and the media everywhere go insane. That will be funny to watch!

Mark Shean

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5 Responses to “Reciprocity Bill for Fifty States”

  • John says:


    I couldn’t’t agree more!!! Maura Healy what a Crazy Liberal MA. Democrat. I wonder waht kind of laws they will try to come up with to hinder this new Nation law.


  • Victor says:

    Well said!

  • Victor says:

    Do you think it’s going to pass? And if it does, how soon?


  • Mark Shean says:

    Just need to keep watching the news, nothing in DC is fast.

  • Mark Shean says:

    Well you know there is something the liberals overlook on purpose, all the mayhem they predict will happen if this bill passes doesn’t happen in the states where they all already honor 36 other states….gee.

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