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Concealed Carry


There are in the neighborhood of  200 so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ around the United States.

The elected officials running many of these cities have come out publicly since President Elect Trump won the election on November 8th to proclaim to the world that they will not enforce the laws that deal with illegal aliens, and that they welcome illegal aliens to their ‘sanctuaries’.

Their stance in and of itself is illegal, and a premeditated criminal act. They took office swearing to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, this would automatically include all laws passed by Congress. They have become traitors to that oath.

I will boil it down in this way; If a bank robber fleeing from the law showed up at your door because he knew of you, and he asked for you to shelter him until the ‘heat’ blew over, and you agreed, what would that make you? You would now knowingly be harboring a fugitive from justice. If caught you would be charged as an accomplice in the crime and sentenced accordingly for harboring a fugitive from justice, aiding and abetting.

For these elected officials to publically take the stance that they willingly/knowingly harbor criminals that have come into our country illegally they also are aiding and abetting. They are engaged in sedition against the citizens of the United States.  In doing so, should an illegal alien commit a crime against any American citizen, the elected officials running the city where the crime was committed are liable for the actions of that illegal alien, and should be arrested and tried with that illegal alien. If that crime be murder they should also be tried for murder, and sentenced accordingly when found guilty.

This is not some far flung theory, it is a fact that immigration laws are being broken and politicians are encouraging it. Officials in office are ignoring the safety of American citizens they swore an oath to protect in order to harbor illegal aliens. They must be arrested, heads must roll in order to bring back the rule of law, no one is above the laws no matter what their ‘title’ may be, or who they think they are, one such case will turn these ‘tough’ Mayors into quivering bowls of repentant jelly…….

Mark Shean


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