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Concealed Carry
Attack in NICE France
     An intolerant ‘religion’/ideology whose supporters preach that all so-called ‘non believers’ must be killed was never a real religion in the first place, it is a terrorist organization veiled in ‘religion’, it is a cancer, and like a cancer, for the survival of the body/world it has infected, it must be surgically removed once and for all, for the survival of this world.
     I believe that the attack by the demented follower of this ‘religion’, using a huge truck, should finally be a ‘wake up’ call to the nations of the world to unite, even briefly, to remove this ideology/cancer once and for all.
     That will never be accomplished by empty posturing and foolish agenda driven rhetoric on how to disarm honest Americans every time an evil event like this occurs. The attack in Nice France was so horrific/twisted/sick and heart breaking it could only be topped by something nuclear the next time.
Are our so-called ‘leaders’ stupid/foolish enough to allow that to happen while sitting on their thumbs?
 Mark Shean

One Response to “Attack in NICE France!”

  • M.S says:

    ‘Religion’ of peace strikes again,

    over 800 very close family members of the victims grieving the loss of parents, kids, brothers , sisters , etc.

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