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Concealed Carry

I recently tried to have some custom playing cards made from a company that does that service,(Zazzle). On the back of the card I wanted the picture of a 12ga. pump KSG shotgun. It apparently was abhorrent to their delicate sensibilities and they refused to process the order, calling the image ‘unsuitable’. I am sure if I had wanted a picture of a busty blond all but naked in a bikini that would have been fine with them since sex sells…. Looking into the co. I found that Zazzle is based in Redwood City California, we all know Ca. to be a political Constitutionally dysfunctional state especially in regards to our Second Amendment.

Below is the communication Zazzle sent to me;
Mr. Shean:
We would love to produce all designs submitted, however Zazzle prides itself on upholding all intellectual property rights as well as our own content guidelines and copyright policies.

In this instance, your order contained an image that was not suitable to be printed on the Bicycle Playing Cards. Bicycle has very strict guidelines on what can and can not be printed on their cards.

Your order has been cancelled in full. We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment that you may have experienced due to this cancellation and thank you for understanding..

Not Approved
Content Notes: Design contains content that is not suitable for printing on officially licensed merchandise. For more information please visit:

Content Management Team
Zazzle Inc.
Case Number: CAS-528076-G7S4X2

Marks Note, This ‘unsuitable’ image was a 12ga. pump KSG shotgun! Firearms are the ONLY Constitutionally protected consumer product, obviously the Founding Fathers did not consider firearms ‘unsuitable’, they considered them indispensable! ZAZZLE Card Co. takes acceptation to our Second Amendment rights it would seem, this is a company that should be boycotted by Americans who do not want to be chastised for their right to own firearms.

I looked up the Bicycle Playing Card guidelines, here they are:

No text or images that infringe on any intellectual property rights including, but not limited to copyrights, trademarks and rights of privacy/publicity.
•     No text or images that contain pornography, sexual activity or sexual connotations.
•     No text or images of convicted felons and/or notorious criminals. This includes any recent or newsworthy individuals.
•     No text or images that promote Satan and/or contain satanic or demonic content.
•     No content that poorly reflects the Bicycle brand.

I see nothing about ‘Firearms’, so Zazzle just does not like them and was trying to hide behind Bicycle as their excuse. The picture was my property, as is the firearm, no infringement’s.

I have since gone to another company and submitted the exact same order with no problem, they did not even blink, your business should go to this company should you want playing cards made;

Mark Shean


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