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Concealed Carry

The link to this demonstration is on youtube.

Also an installation video for the FTSS for the KSG on YouTube

Also, 15 rounds in 9 seconds with KSG on YouTube

But read first;

I wanted to demonstrate the relatively new 15 shot Kel-Tec #KSG 12ga. shotgun as a home defense firearm. The distance I choose is 15 feet because I am simulating a scenario inside the home, possibly in a bedroom. The day I made this video it was cold and windy, about 30 degrees with a wind chill of about 20, my fingers were freezing. There is wind noise on the video, I tried to get most of it filtered out, if you put your volume up you will be able to understand me fairly well. This video was unscripted, I just turned on the camera and started talking.  The only thing that I would like to have said over was the info about slugs, I had meant to say that a 12ga. slug delivers 2000 pounds of kinetic energy at 100 yards, instead I believe I said it delivers 2000 pounds per square inch at 100 yards, again this was unscripted and I did not have the luxury of additional ‘takes’ like in the movies. It is my very first video.

I set up three B-27 silhouette targets so that I could swing from one to the other as I shoot, alternately 5 shots each, I did not want to use one static target. By using three I can demonstrate the accuracy while quickly firing. When I begin shooting the #KSG I fired the first 8 rounds in 3-4 seconds, then you will see me pause and look for the selector switch before I continue to fire the remaining 7 rounds, the total elapsed time is 12 seconds from start to finish including that mid way pause, (should be 3-4 seconds quicker)…. The selector switch is quite small and difficult to locate without looking for it unless you have larger hands, mine are medium size. The selector switch is located to the rear of the trigger guard, and most of us will not be able to reach it with our thumb unless we disengage/leave the trigger, and move our hand to the rear to select the next tube before re-engaging the trigger, I do not like that. My next follow-up video will incorporate a ‘fix’ to the selector switch problem, and there will be a ‘smoother’ result, on a less windy warmer day..with less talk….

Mark Shean

 NEW, First video for upcoming Feed Tube Selector Switch for the #KSG, (FTSS). The website is  We are now up and running as of the 16th, January 2016. This switch is a dramatic improvement over the factory and current variants and is not merely a protuberance.

If you like the attached video on youtube please share it and rate it Thanks!!      <——Here is the new video, just made in June 2015 with the new prototype switch we have developed.

Production has started, Pat. Pending 62/159,719

Solution De Innovation LLC



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