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Concealed Carry


Gun Sense #42, Legal Resident Aliens, (Federal Law) and license info.

Question: Can a LEGAL Resident Alien apply now for an LTC, (license to carry) in Massachusetts ?

Answer: Yes, a Legal Resident Alien (so-called ‘green card’ holder) can apply for an LTC on the SAME BASIS as a citizen.  It is the result of the federal court, Fletcher v. Haas decision, found here:  Civil Action No. 11-10644-DPW.

If you run into a Police Department, (PD) that refuses to process your application even though you are a Legal Resident Alien, please contact Comm2A (though the word is pretty much out, and PD’s seem to be processing such apps) as they should be.

Permanent legal resident aliens (so-called ‘green card’ holders) are treated the same as citizens with a license duration of 6 years and the $100 fee. The case was all about fairness for legal resident aliens – and we scored a decisive win.

NOTE: A yearly license fee for Non-residents is $100 per year, which I believe is designed to discourage people from out-of-state.

Commonwealth Second Amendment group, (lawyers)  or  or 617-942-0660

Comm2A | PO Box 301398 | Jamaica Plain | MA | 02130

Licenses in Ma. +

Below is an explanation of the graduated licenses under Massachusetts Law as dated back to Oct. 21, 1998. And “Green Card” firearm licensing info. Revisions on 8-13-2014.
CLASS D: You need this license from age 15 to 17, To Possess pepper spray, mace or other chemical incapacitating agents legal in the State of Massachusetts. NOTE: As of 8-13-2014 once you are 18 or older you no longer need this license or gun license to buy Pepper Spray, (sometimes called mace) . See Gun Sense #41
FID: Possession of low capacity rifles and shotguns. Low capacity is defined as a shotgun with a loading capacity of five rounds or less and a rifle with a loading capacity of ten rounds or less. $25 for age 15-17. For all other residents $100.
CLASS B: Gone as of 8-13-2014 law revisions. See Gun Sense #41
Class A: Known as a ‘LTC,’ Possession of high capacity handguns. High capacity is defined as a handgun with a loading capacity of more than ten rounds. This is the only license that allows an individual to carry a concealed weapon if authorized by the licensing authority in your town, $100
NOTE: The possession of electronic incapacitators (stun guns) is illegal, there is no license available and if caught with one in your possession you will be arrested, fined up to 10,000 dollars, and can be jailed for up to 2 1/2 years in the house of correction.
“GREEN CARD” Information: I verified this information through the Framingham State Police, (Inaa Hoyle) who also verified it through the Firearms Record Bureau in Chelsea Ma..
If you have a so-called ‘green card’ you may apply for an LTC, (license to carry). You must still take the state approved firearm safety class before applying for either an FID or LTC.
1. Call the Firearm Records Bureau at 617-660-4780, (prompt # 2) for a permit application, to apply for a non resident alien license.
2. You can take the Ma. Firearm Safety class any time and hang on to the Certification as proof you took the required course
Permanent Legal Resident Alien:
Gun Sense #42, Legal Resident Aliens, (Federal Law)

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