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Concealed Carry

From the author of GUN SENSE, now rated #1 on Amazon.

GUN CONTROL…… You know, actually there is a constitutional procedure to remove or change any part of the Constitution, All it takes is 2/3rds of all 50 state legislature’s to ratify the change and it becomes law.

Instead of trying to usurp the Constitution why don’t the ‘progressive’ liberals simply remove the Second Amendment constitutionally? Do you know the answer to that? I know the answer to that, the progressives/liberals/communists/democrats/socialist’s , whatever name it is that they want to hide behind this month know that real American patriots will never allow it, and the lie that `gun control` will stop crime is just that, a lie.

It is about CONTROL period, every dictator throughout history worth his weight in lies knows the best way to control the masses is to first disarm them. Any American that does not want to own a firearm has that freedom of choice, but as an American he or she should support and defend his fellow Americans God given right to self defense and Constitutional right to do it by way of firearms if they so choose. It is an American birthright.

Now stop splitting hairs scheming about abolishing America’s gun rights, taking my firearms will not stop ONE criminal from committing a criminal act, and if so-called ‘democrats’ decide to be in an honest debate they would concede that, only that does not mesh with their little agenda. We are on to your statism game.

“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty, suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force you are ruined. PATRICK HENRY-

Mark Shean and Son

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2 Responses to “Constitutional Amendment- for the ‘Gun Control’ crowd”

  • 2maik7 says:

    “progressives/liberals/communists/democrats/socialist’s , whatever name it is that they want to hide behind this month”

    I was with you up until you spewed this nonsense. You are no better then they are, spewing this ignorant partisan BS about political positions that you know nothing about. People like you are victims of years of US propoganda during the cold war so much so that anyone that thinks differently then you is labeled a socialist or communist. I hate to break it to your conspiratorial, small, and simple mind but there are virtually NO communist or socialist in the US government. There are capitalists who have different approaches to that economic system. Communist/socialist is the typical name calling idiocy that predominates today’s conservative when the vast majority wouldn’t know communism if they were smacked in the face with the means of production. This BS hyperbole about anyone who takes a different approach to capitalism is a communist has to stop. UNITE or DIE. It is ignorant name calling and it needs to stop.

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  • Mark Shean says:

    It’s the truth.

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