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Concealed Carry

Ma. Gun Laws Alert!

It Appears the Redcoats are here, and in political office.

The speaker of the House, Robert Deleo, is going to push,(under cover of darkness of course) 44 ‘gun control’ recommendations down our throats, (if we let the oath breaker) in June or July of this year, many will mirror what has just been forced on the citizens of Connecticut. These ‘recommendations’ come from a group of so-called academic ‘experts‘ that have blocked any discussion/debate from pro gun groups/people. (Can you say left wing agenda?)

This is a small sample of these so-called ‘recommendations’, of which not one will deter a criminal from committing a crime(s).

1. A monthly limit on gun purchases.

2. No more private sales between licensed gun owners.

3.  A limit on firearm magazine capacity.

4. Liability insurance for every gun you own.

5. A requirement that firearms only be stored at gun clubs, not in homes.

6. Unlimited control to Police Chiefs as to who they allow a gun license, regardless that you have no criminal record, total arbitrary discretion. (Can you say police state?)

7. Making the firearm safety class at least 8 hours long, to include live fire, ( police are not willing to give anyone a gun license prior to a background check but it would be OK to put guns in their hands prior to a bakground check, thus endangering the instructors and others, brilliant!).

8. Expanded gun ban list, (if your guns are on the list you will have to turn them in or be an overnight felon!) They would throw the working tax base of the state in jail…….’morons r us’ in public office! Nothing ‘honorable’ about any of this.

This is a partial list, none of it good for law abiding citizens. Its been difficult to find the complete list of Robert Deleo’s  44 gun control recommendations, (the crook is hiding the rest of it) I am sure the rest are just as or more unpleasant but, as you know, the ones they made public have absolutely nothing to do with fighting crime, and everything to do with control. Like criminals will give a damn….

They also say that it will help close ‘loopholes’ but do not explain what loopholes they are talking about, because there are none, name me one, and I will expose it as a lie!

Ask your ‘Representative’ how any of this reduces crime. You will get knee jerk emotional BS, not facts!

Gun liability insurance would also be a despicable form of discrimination by the ruling class elite against lower income people, the very people who live in areas that are most susceptible to higher crime rates, need the self defense a firearm allows for protection and would be denied that protection simply because they could not afford the insurance on a Constitutional right! = backdoor gun ban! Unconstitutional on the very face of it!

Registration of your guns would have to be next, how else would they know if you have guns to insure otherwise? Registration throughout history has ALWAYS led to CONFISCATION! Never do it, that’s where Americans will draw a line in the sand, as over 350,000 citizens in Connecticut have refused to register and are now felons, the tax base of the state, felons, very bright, along with over 68% of the police, wow! The elite politicians there are now horror stricken because of this blatant civil disobedience to their unconstitutional dictates……(can you say election year clean house baby)!


I can not sugar coat this, that is not my style anyway, Those that took my class probably can remember how I feel about so-called ‘gun control’. I will not beat around the bush. Draconian changes are in the wind from the very people you elected to uphold the public trust. They swore to uphold the Constitution, they LIED, don’t forget that in Nov.

The changes they want to dictate/impose on us will make it very difficult for most people to get their LTC with no restrictions because Speaker Robert Deleo wants police arbitrary discretion to run amok! If you know anyone who has been sitting on the fence procrastinating about getting a gun license, tell them to get off the fence and sign up for a class somewhere, but do it soon! After June they may have lost their chance and whining will not help them.

None of this reduces crime! Only your RIGHTS!

PLEASE pass this on to your family and friends, contact your public servant’s at 617-722-2000, remind them who they work for. Time is growing very short before the onslaught on our gun rights begin under the pretext of ‘crime control’ from your so-called ‘representative’s’ up on ‘Bacon’ Hill…

Mark Shean & Son


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