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Concealed Carry

Recently USA TODAY put out a disturbing article based on their investigation titled ‘Fugitives Next Door, a License to Commit Crimes’  This investigation brought up some pretty scary findings about the legal system and how it regularly drops the ball while dealing with violent criminals/felons, and how we become victims because of it.

Before I summerize the story let me just say this about USA TODAY, this paper has never been pro gun rights, and I do not believe they intended to be pro gun in this article. Even so, USA TODAY inadvertently makes a very compelling case for legal gun ownership/personal protection in this article.

The story is based on facts surrounding the ability of fugitives to go from state to state, with no one chasing them, to rape, kidnap, rob and murder again and again, with the knowledge that law enforcement is unwilling/unable to chase them.

Bullet Points from investigation:

*Tens of thousands of accused felons get away easily, because police and prosecutors across much of the U.S. will not pursue them beyond their state boarders.

*With no one in pursuit, wanted fugitives went on to rape, kidnap, rob banks, and murder, often as close as the state next door.

*One victim, Frederick Tucker was brutally murdered by 3 fugitives the police had allowed to go free previously, these three men were wanted in other states with a long list of serious crimes. You ask how can this happen? The next point explains.

*Many times, because prosecutors do not approve extridition if a criminal is found in another state, the fugitives name will not be entered into the FBI data base, because of this, another state where the fugitive commits a crime does not know he is wanted somewhere else!

*Officials in Penn. have chosen not to pursue more than 20,000 people once they cross the state boarder.

*There are over 186,873 felony suspects whom police nationwide say will not be pursued into other states.

*There is a history of violence committed by wanted felony suspects, often after police, not knowing they were wanted in another state, let them go!

*In Tennessee, police charged that a fugitive from Florida, fatally shot four people on a quiet country road after Florida prosecutors had turned down 4 chances to come get him due to other charges…………four people murdered needlessly.

*Felon Lemont Pride was set free in N.Y. because North Carolina would not come to get him for shooting a man in N.C.  One month later Pride murdered a NYC police officer during a drug robbery………..”It becomes, to some degree a cost decision. We just cant bring everybody back”, said Howard Neumann, a district attorney in N.C.

*One in six homicide suspects arrested in D.C. were already wanted elsewhere!

These grim and startling statistics go on and on, with these findings, USA TODAY has done law abiding gun owners a service, I think we should cling to our guns and Bible a little tighter now. And at the same time tell anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment politicians to back off from their misguided attacks on law abiding citizens and start talking about crime control instead, or be booted from office!

In my opinion, gun owners who vote for any candidate(s) that are in favor of ’gun control’, amounts to the same thing as  turkeys voting in favor of Thanksgiving………

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