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After you receive you`re State Firearm Safety Certification the first thing you should know is that it will be a waste of your time if you go to the police station thinking that you can just walk in and fill out the gun permit application, 99% of police stations will send you away and tell you to make an appointment. So save your time by following these tips and good advice. It is not really an ‘Interview’ in the sense you might think, what they want is for you to fill out an application, they take your picture,  fingerprints, safety certification, and your $100…….

*Save anything/everything you give to the police by making copies for your records, ANYTHING!* Duplication is key!

If you want to check the status of your LTC application call 617-660-4722.

1.    Call the police station first, ask for the person in charge of licensing, get his/her name, extension #, and email, if he has no email get the police department email. The email will be real handy when it is time to renew your license 6 years later, because two months before your birthday you should contact the police by email to let them know your license will be expiring  and that you would like to set up an appointment to fill out an application to renew it. SAVE the email as proof you contacted the police and started the process. If your birthday comes and you have not yet filled out the application because the police have not brought you in for an appointment, by law they will have to honor your ‘expired’ license, it will be valid and in force until you get the new license, you will be issued a receipt, email them again with attached copy of the original email.

Note: If you are a Plymouth resident you will need to email Marsha at  follow up with a call to her at 508-830-4218, ext. 222.

OH NO!!   If you forget to start the process to renew, and your birthday passes by before you think about it, then you realize it and run to the station very concerned that your license has expired, the police can tell you that since you allowed it to expire you will need to turn in your guns. They can also fine you $500 for allowing it to expire, that fine is on the books though I have not heard of anyone being fined. If you now have no license you can not legally take your guns to the station, you will need someone else to go with you that does have a license. A friend or relative can hold your guns for you but will need to write a note to the police that has this information on it : Name, gun license #, address, phone#, and the note saying he will take responsibility for your guns while you renew your license, by law the police will/should accept this.  Some police chiefs may tell you to take the firearm safety course for another certificate first, as a ‘hoop’ to put you through, this is not in law.

The moral to this story should be not to forget to start the process. Even though the state is supposed to send you a notice that your license is about to expire three months before it expires, don’t hold your breath for that notice. I have been renewing my license since 1970 and have NEVER recieved a notice, some of my friends have and others have not, so it is a hit or miss proposition. Note: If you decide that you no longer want a license, before it expires you would need to be rid of  the gun(s) in your name by selling or giving them away and ultilizing the E-FA-10  form(s) online at the Ma. State Police, see GS #36

2.  Take note of the date of your application appointment, go 40 days out and note that date on your calendar also, this is the ‘window’ they have to deny or approve your LTC permit.  If you are denied you will receive a letter, (by law) from the police stating why,(this can be appealed, see #13, #20 Gun Sense).  After 40 days if you have not been denied, you`re not going to be, every town has experienced longer than the normal ‘turn around’ time legally prescribed by the state, (the state has/is breaking it’s own law)  for these licenses, now you need to just be patient. You will now be given a receipt when you reapply on time, this will keep your expired license in force  until the State issues you your new license, no matter how long that takes……

3. Next, as you look at the front of the application you will see license choices, if you are 21 years or older check off ClassA’ Large Capacity, if your under age 21 choose Firearms Identification Card (FID). As you read you will find a question that asks for your reason for the license, put three words here, for LTC, Any Lawful Purpose’. If for some bizarre reason, (known only to them) the police in your town do not like giving a license for lawful reasons,,,, use this as your second choice: For Personal Protection’, it is only a silly matter of semantics as far as I can see. For FID, TARGET and HUNTING se GS #26.  If you are required to bring letters of recommendation please read G.S. #33. If you are required to write a letter as to what your ‘reason‘ or ‘need’ is for wanting a license please read G.S. #19.  If they try to insist that they are going to give you a license with restriction(s) that you do not want, politely refuse it, tell them you would like a letter from them stating why you are being denied the license you applied for. If you know you should not be denied as stated in 4 below, stand your ground, don’t be needlessly bullied. Read G.S. #13.

4. There are three set reasons to be denied, If you have been a Felon, if you have been convicted of Substance Abuse, if you have been incarcerated in a Mental Facility against your will, (by court order). There is a fourth reason also, Dishonesty by leaving out something that’s on your legal record.  If the police want to deny based on a non statutory reason they now need to petition the court to gain permission to do so, as of 8-13-2014.  

Gun Sense  #34 CORI REPORT, Excerpt:  There is a range of questions about being convicted for certain things. The application is not looking for parking tickets/moving violations. It is absolutely imperative that if you have been in front of a judge at some point in your life for some other reason, even if ultimately nothing  came of it, you need to mention it, it is already part of your record and they want you to repeat what they already know about you. If something was ‘dismissed’ make sure you emphasize that it was dismissed, or, ‘continued without a finding’, or, ‘expired’. If you leave something out it is deemed a ‘lie by omission’, ( dishonesty) and grounds for denial, take this advice seriously!!

  5.   There is not much room on the application to write down what you may need to say about something that once happened to you. So at home write it on a sheet of paper to the best of your recollection, make a copy of it for your gun file, ( save copies of anything you submit) because you will need this information every six years. When/if you come to a question that pertains to you write ‘see attached paperwork’. If you want a copy of your state CORI record,(that you could also submit) go to #34 G.S. and follow the prompts.

*Save anything you give to the police by making copies for your records, ANYTHING!* Reviews    Contact

6. When you renew your license in six years you will need to submit a signed affidavit stating, (‘That no guns were lost or stolen within the last 6 years’). If that were to happen, you would need to report it as soon as you became aware of it,  and then it can not be used against you for a license renewal, by law as of 8-13-2014

If you want to check the status of your LTC application call 617-660-4722, FRB in Chelsea

For the Ma. Firearm Transaction List; choose the option you need.


Recently someone who had taken my class had followed my advice about how to handle a town that only wanted to give a restricted license to the peasents, the town he lives in is Wareham, you may want to read the following letter he sent me, with his permission, I put it on my website. :

LETTER FROM WAREHAM, this also applies to WEYMOUTH as they both treat citizens this way;

Comment: Mark, I have been meaning to contact you and thank you for your help
but I wanted to wait until I had good news….yesterday I picked up my class A
license at the Wareham PD; a full five months after my interview, and almost
seven months after I applied.

The interview went well and in fact….went down
just as you suggested it would. I was told that they would “probably start me
off with just an FID…”. I politely said, “no…not interested; if you want to
reject my application do so in writing and I will appeal.”

I was then told that
“We’re winning all the appeals…”. I replied, “well…you won’t win this one. I
am a picture of stability. I’ve been in the same job for forty years, the same
address for 30 years, I pay all my taxes & bills, I owe nobody anything,
I’ve never been in trouble or arrested, and I’m not going to be the only one in
this town without a gun. If I don’t qualify…then nobody here does and you’ll
have to defend virtually every permit you have given out to justify excluding

The officer then said “well we didn’t give you a license to drive without a
permit….why would we give you a permit to carry a handgun when you have no
experience?” I said “well, I don’t have a right to drive, but I do have a
constitutional right to have a weapon….and since you brought it up, I’ve had a
driver’s license for 43 years, driven over one million miles, and not had an

At the end I said; Look…I don’t own any property that I can’t just
replace. I don’t own anything that’s worth hurting anyone or getting in trouble
over…but I do have a wife and two daughters in a neighborhood that is becoming
increasingly dangerous, and the police alone cannot guarantee their safety. The officers

So again….thanks a lot for your help Mark, particularly with
preparing me for that interview. Tom M
Wareham Ma. 9-15-2013

NOTE: Some towns will act as if, because you have never had a gun license before, or because of your age, that they instead want to give you a restricted license like an FID instead of the LTC you are legally eligible for. Here is a note you can and should put onto your application if you live in a town such as this. ( I have met the criteria as set down by the law, age or experience notwithstanding). The police enforce existing law, not ‘invent’ new laws……….

1. Notwithstanding, despite, in spite of imply that something is true even though there are obstacles or opposing conditions. The three expressions may be used practically interchangeably. Notwithstanding suggests, however, a hindrance of some kind: Notwithstanding the long delay, I shall still go. Despite indicates that there is an active opposition: Despite procrastination and disorganization, they finished the project. In spite of implies meeting strong opposing forces or circumstances that must be taken into account: She succeeded in spite of many discouragements.

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Revised 8-13-2014

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67 Responses to “Gun Sense #39, LTC Application/’Interview’ Process, Steps/Tips in Ma.”

  • Mark Shean says:

    Yes, the law states 40 days, but do not hold your breath, on average it takes about 4 months.

  • Doug M says:

    Receive my LTC this week after my inquiry with you. Two days short of 6 months for the Town of Plymouth.

  • Mark Shean says:

    Hi, six months is quite a bit longer than normal which is around 4 months….but you got it! Safe shooting, please read #4 Gun Sense.

  • jay fry says:

    Mine has got approved within 42days i called to check on status and they said it was approved waiting on physical ID now ……2 weeks later

  • Mark Shean says:

    You are lucky, the average wait is 4 months, be patient.

  • Frank says:

    Mark—Should I really refuse to accept a target and hunting restriction if applying in boston, where they almost exclusively give target and hunting restricted licenses?

  • Mark Shean says:

    That’s right Frank, if you do not fall under the reasons to be denied they do not have the legal authority to the deny the license that you apply for. Ask politely for a written denial letter and read #13 Gun Sense.

  • Frank says:

    On the application where it asks to list any crime you have been in front of a judge for (I have a violation or 2 from years ago) can I type up all the information on my computer and print it and then attach it to the application, signed, or does it have to be hand written on paper?

  • Mark Shean says:

    Type it up and sign it Frank. On the application put an * and ‘See Attached Paperwork’, also make a copy for your file, you will need to submit the same info every time you reapply.

  • Nick says:

    Great article. Thanks for the post. I just got my unrestricted LTC in Salem, which I was shocked to get. All together time frame was early December I emailed for appointment, about 6 weeks just to meet with officer in mid January. The state approved and issued my permit 9 days later, but it took until mid march to actually have it sent from state to ny local PD. 3.5 months start to finish, and amazingly approved for unrestricted first attempt in salem who from my understanding hardly ever issues unrestricted.

  • Mark Shean says:

    Did you follow my tips when you applied?

  • Nick says:

    I did not, I didn’t find this article until a few weeks ago when trying to figure why I had not heard back yet. Certainly going to recommend it to anyone I know that is applying! My interview wasn’t even an interview as much as only filling out application. Was never asked a reason for wanting/needing it.

  • Krista says:

    I applied for my LTC on 12/8 and as of my follow up call the second week of February, she indicated they were just processing November’s applications and it would be a few more weeks. Since I applied in December, I bought a new house and moved. Do I need to notify the PD that I applied with that I moved or can I wait until the LTC is finally in and then follow all of the notification protocols? Some people are telling me I may have to reapply for the LTC in my new town but that seems ridiculous. Any insight? Thank you!

  • Mark Shean says:

    Hi Nick, On the application they ask for a reason. And if they ask for a ‘reason’ letter from you read #19 Gun Sense. Mark

  • Nick says:

    The officer did not have me fill it out personally. She just asked me the info and typed it in herself, she never asked me that question.

  • Mark Shean says:

    Hi Krista, No, Wait until you get the license, (average wait is 4 months) then read #14 Gun Sense and follow the simple directions, you DO NOT need to apply again.

  • Mark Shean says:

    Very interesting, what town do you live in? It seems strange. This could mean they will issue it with a restriction like ‘Target and Hunting’ and wanted to slip it by you……always speak up and say the reason you want it ‘All Lawful Reasons’ or ‘Personal Protection’.

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