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Concealed Carry

Governor Patrick, and so-called ‘Rep’. David Linsky (D), among others have come up with a very ‘shady’ and reprehensible scheme to try to force gun registration on all legal gun owners in the ‘guise’ of ‘safety’. I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale cheap if you believe that one. It worked (briefly….) for Hitler and Stalin along with many other dictators in the past and present, and now our very own dictator wanna-be politicians today want to give it a whirl!! Gooood luck!

Politicians who are in ‘bed’ with the insurance companies may try to force everyone, (under threat of course) to buy liability insurance for their guns in Ma. This has NOTHING to do with safety or preventing crime, (proper storage laws are already on the books, as are safety classes) and EVERYTHING to do with another creative way to start a (backdoor) gun registration scheme while making themselves rich with ‘kick-backs’ from the insurance lobby! How can you be ‘forced’ to buy the insurance if they don’t know what you own until you REGISTER your guns? Threats issued from your so-called self serving ‘Reps’ is the only way. Tell them to pound sand! Make SURE you threaten them with your vow to unseat these career leeches in the next election cycle! Here is the phone # at the State House on ‘bacon’ hill to do just that…617-660-4640, go to it!!

Why do you think that when you get a speeding ticket that you have to pay your auto insurance co. additional money in penalties for the next 7 years thereafter? You did no damage to the car that is insured, or to anyone else’s car or property did you? Every time someone gets a speeding ticket politicians in this state profit from it! They are in bed with the insurance companies. They will profit from this so-called ‘gun liability insurance’ scam also!

Lawful gun owners have absolutely NO obligation to comply with an unlawful dictate such as this. It is a direct violation of our Constitutional rights, trying to effectively price us out of our Second Amendment!! It discriminates against lower income Americans, of any color, who may live in crime ridden areas by making it imposable for them to ‘afford’ their Constitutional right to self defense, hell, $100 to apply for a gun license in this politically asinine state does that for many! The people we loosely call ‘representative’s’ who would go along with this get rich quick scheme for themselves should be tried for treason, and imprisoned in forsaking the oath they took when gaining public office. We all know the oath they took as a solemn vow to UPHOLD the entire Constitution! They were all eager to swear the oath, once in office they appear just as eager to forsake it in order to line their pockets with bribes from special interest groups.

Firearms are the only consumer product that is protected in our Constitution, politicians with an eye to totally controlling the masses hate the Second Amendment and will try any scheme/scam to circumvent it! The criminals will all line up for the insurance………..SURE!

You going to throw all lawful gun owners in jail Deval and Linsky? How many criminal acts will that stop?! NONE!  You and your ilk know that!  You have an ulterior motive. We are under NO obligation to comply with your unconstitutional/unlawful schemes/dictates!

A few words from someone who understood political corruption and human nature throughout history all to well:

“Rightful  liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around  us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’  because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the  rights of the individual”. Thomas Jefferson

“One man with courage is a majority”. Thomas Jefferson

We seem to have come full circle, from the shot heard ’round’ the world at Lexington and the birth of liberty 237 years ago,  and now, once again, suggested and pursued implementation of tyranny from our so-called ‘Representatives’ as the norm, the British of old would have been quite proud of these ‘tories’ I am sure !!

Sincerely,   Submitted by Mark Shean, 1-18-2013

7 Responses to “Backdoor Registration Scheme! Liability Insurance for Guns in Ma.”

  • DOUG SHORT says:


  • Rod Berube says:

    Personally I wonder how they feel if we take 1775 action against them. How about a little tar and feathering or scalding hot tea poured down their throat. We could string them up and stretch their necks good. If they are serious about it then evidently it’s going to take a lot of resolve across this country to set the record straight. Other states have legistlation ready to go through to ban any federal gun control laws. I wish I was living in one of those free states. But it doesn’t give these politicians here in this state the right to take away our freedoms. I haven’t broken any law and I’m sure as hell not going to be adding any funding for their so called insurance scheme. All this is going to do is empower the criminals to be more brazen with their torment and crime spree in our communities! The Mayor of Boston (Mummbles) has been wanting and parading this front for years and so has the entire Democratic party. Shame on all of them too. Maybe they should be the victims or be stalked. I Wonder how fast they would want a gun for protection? They are a bunch of idiots hiding behind media propaganda who sensationalize every gun story that is a crime. You will never hear the story of the law abiding citizen who stopped a criminal with his firearm……

  • David says:


    Thank you, this is to the point, real, and covers the bases. Like you I have written to our reps, but feel that they can to easily ignore my comments. but if we all, and on a consistent bases, write and let them know what we think then perhaps they will listen. As to the shot heard round the world, yes it has come full circle, we are back where we started. That said, “even so come Lord Jesus” Rev 22:20

  • Mark D. says:

    Our Massachusetts officials are out of touch with the needs of people and the message of the Second Amendment, I might just move to New Hampshire sometime and give them my property tax just because of their lenient gun laws compared to Massachusetts. Liability insurance for a thing protected by the Second Amendment is the most asinine thing I’ve seen proposed in Massachusetts. These gun grabbing pests have to be ousted! This isn’t to promote safety it’s either a profit for state government in both money and power (disarming people gives them a great chance to screw us even harder).

  • David Lee Valdina says:

    Hi All,

    Mark sent me this. Let me do some thinking out loud, on paper/email on this subject. Not an organized presentation mind you, that can come later if needed.

    (1) The Bill of Rights is a recognition of our God given rights. In other words, the Bill of Rights does not give us these rights, they existed before the Bill of Rights was written down and incorporated in our Federal Constitution.
    (2) Since these are God given rights, the pursuit and practice of these rights, is the same as an act of God, no insurance required
    (3) If they can require insurance on the exercise of one right, they can do so on all of the rights. Can you see pricing and insurance policy covering your exercise of free speech, freedom of assembly etc.
    (4) For all of us who own homes and have homeowners insurance, or have an apartment and have a tenant’s policy, we have insurance already for liability. These policies are typically all risk except for that which is excluded. It covers negligence. So whether you throw a golf club because your hands are sweaty and injure someone, or negligently shoot someone, your policy covers you.
    (5) No “registration” of your guns with the insurance company is asked for nor wanted.

    Stand strong, stay educated, sell the message with logic.

    My best, David Lee Valdina

  • Jim O says:

    Great article Mark!! Yes I will call my rep and let him/her Know to reject the bill.
    Thanks for keeping us informed.
    Jim O

  • Bob P says:

    Liability insurance for guns is no different than the old “Poll Tax”( pay to vote).It’s just another unfair and unjust way to raise money for the elected officals in Mass.
    You only have two options 1) Move out of state 2) VOTE THEM OUT.(My Choice)
    All the restrictions and regulations are only to punish the legal gun owner. The person intent on committing a crime is in no way effected. Nor do they care about regulations.
    It’s like cigarettes, keep taxing and raise the price, and say its pays for health costs and keeps kids from getting them.
    They would like you to believe that gun insurance is for safety. It will stop gun violence and keep everyone safe. Sure it will. And I still believe in the tooth fairy too.

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