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Concealed Carry

    This is a post by Stephen Challis, reprinted here for your consideration. MS

   A second Obama term will give him the opportunity to appoint at least 2 supreme court justices. A left wing bias to the court will quickly strike out large parts of the Constitution in the name of progressiveness.
Not only with respect to the Second Amendment but across the board. Health Care, Immigration, Education and Energy will ,to use the Presidents own words, to be fundamentally changed.  Make absolutely no mistake. 
    Any gun owner in the USA voting Democrat in November is the quintessential Turkey voting for Thanksgiving. They are voting to hand over their guns, their rights to ever own a gun and most important a total change in the American way of life. That is the message every NRA member should be putting out, to all 80+ million gun owners.

Posted by Stephen Challis-NRA Instructor

I could not have said it better, please get the word out.  Mark Shean, submitted 2-19-2012   KB1WSV

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