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Concealed Carry

Reviews  Towns Served   Gun Sense #31, Frequently Asked Questions

There are some towns in Ma. that require from 2 – 5  letters of  ‘recommendation’ when you apply for a class ‘A’ LTC.  As mentioned, this is on a town by town basis, *many towns do not ask for these letters even though they can. If you are applying for an FID card this will not be asked of you, and is stated on the application that it is not required.  If you are asked to produce letters of recommendation my advice to your friends is to keep it short and to the point. This is an example/template to follow: [I have known Eric for X number of years and have no reason to believe he should not attain a gun license. He has always been level headed in my view. Any questions please feel free to call me.  Thank you, John Doe], include you’re address, phone #. 

  The reason it should be kept ‘short and sweet’: *In my opinion it has no legitimate purpose, as I am certain many towns have already surmised. When towns ask for letters from friends, it would follow that friends will write nice things about you. What would the police possibly glean from these nice letters? Nothing. It is just a ‘hoop’ that some towns want you to jump through simply because they can. I do not believe the police even glance at these letters. Your friends can not possibly know what the police already know about your legal record, (if any) so it is a pointless and time consuming exercise/’hoop’. Police Dept. Firearm Policies in some Ma. Towns,

If you were a criminal in prison you would probably be asked for names of those who might want to come visit you. This has relevance, if you were to escape, the authorities would now have a wider base of information in their search for you. You on the other hand are a law abiding citizen, the police already know this to be true, due to the lack of any criminal record, you should not need to jump through ‘hoops’.  Treating you badly does nothing to prevent a single crime. *Don’t be discouraged or intimidated, play this game if you must, you will still get your license. Another ‘hoop’ some towns/cities put people through is demanding a “Reason” letter, please go to  Gun Sense #19, ‘Reason’ Letter for Ma. class ‘A’ LTC   for help in dealing with this game. Sincerely,

Mark Shean,  About Me

submitted 1-5-2012 revised 8-13-2014   Gun Sense #29, Firearm Safety Test with relevance to Ma.

Gun Sense #19, ‘Reason’ Letter for Ma. class ‘A’ LTC


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Gun Sense # 33, Character Letter, or "Letter of Recommendation" for LTC in Ma.., 8.4 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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