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Concealed Carry

    I am a conservative, I know many more conservatives.  We no longer are part of the Republican party, the Republican party has left us with its insistence for pushing moderate candidates down our throats. Moderate candidates do not represent our principles, and we will not ‘settle’ for or ‘accept’ a moderate candidate such as Romney on the ‘notion’ he is more ‘electable’. We will not bend our principles, when you do they are no longer principals. We want accountability, no, we want a reckoning in regards to accountability that no sheepish timid moderate can satisfy.

    John McCain was the last moderate that was pushed on us by the GOP, how did that work out? Bob Dole preceded John McCain against Clinton, how did that work out? And the GOP still is to dense to get the message that it has disenfranchised conservatives, and brother, that is dense. It is dense enough to put Obama back in office for 4 more years, that’s how dense the GOP has become.

   I watch Bill O’Reilley, in the ‘so called’ no spin zone, he is subtle, but none the less, try as he might, he wears Romney on his sleeve. He offers suggestions on how Romney should act and what he should say. He brings on guests that all have their suggestions for Romney. If Romney were a conservative with steadfast values he would not need all the ‘advice’, he would know what to do and what to say, and he would say it with conviction, with no apologies. Chris Christie nor anyone else will be up on that stage with Romney when he debates Obama to prod Romney with advice. Romney has very rehearsed answers to specific questions, if a question is presented that is out of his rehearsed answers he begins to look uncomfortable and to ‘waffle’. I am as qualified as anyone to say that, (even the talking heads). My wife and I have watched each and every debate thus far.

   Because I have watched all the debates, I can also say, without reservation, that Newton Gingrich, (Newt) needs no such advice from ‘talking heads’ in the media such as O’Rilley. Perry endorsed Gingrich, Perry knows what this country needs, he is not only a conservative but also a true patriot for his endorsment! Newt knows what needs to be said and he says it. We need that very refreshing bluntness, as an American I am not put off by the harsh truth, I welcome it. Truth has been a political casualty for far to long, Newt is the only conservative on the stage, and he will never need a teleprompter to express his conservative views. Teleprompters are to remind liars to keep their lies in order.

    The GOP is afraid of Newt because he will bring fiscal responsibility to Washington, he has done it before and can do it again. The GOP is afraid because he will hold people accountable, they know they cannot manipulate Gingrich like they would a timid Romney, and that terrifies them. That is precisely why they will continue to push moderates down our throats. If Romney ‘buys’ the GOP nomination as they plan, my wife, son, and I, as true conservatives will sit this one out, we care if Obama gets back in, it will do more damage to America,  but it will be obvious the GOP doesn’t want us anymore.

Mark Shean, submitted 1-21-2012




One Response to “GOP Has Left Conservatives Behind”

  • D.B. says:

    D.B. commented on your blog post “GOP Has Left Conservatives Behind” on Newt Gingrich for President

    YOU ARE SO VERY CORRECT !!! I feel very much like you, I am tired of the Republicans picking moderates & expecting conservatives to settle. America needs a strong, true conservative to bring America back to its greatness. Thank You for posting this!!! It is so refreshing to hear from other like-minded conservatives!!! GO CONSERVATIVES, GO NEWT!!!

    Thank You D.B.,
    Mark Shean,
    Newt took South Carolina today!

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