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Concealed Carry

    I have been watching the ‘talking heads’ on TV and listening to them proclaim that the democrats would love to see Newt as the GOP nominee, I do not buy it. I firmly believe the democrats are scared to death of that happening, that they are using reverse psychology so that republicans will be swayed away from Newt and be pushed towards who the democrats really want as the GOP nominee, Romney.

    Newt is the polar opposite of Obama, and would destroy Obama in debates.  Romney on the other hand has no contrast to Obama. Romney care, Obama care, what the heck will they debate about that will set them apart? Obama will use that to his advantage. Sure Newt has baggage that Obama would go after about his personal life, Obama may have only been married once and never cheated on his wife, great, he is still destroying the country, so don’t put so much emphasis on fidelity for people who want to run the country. Clinton was a good example, he routinely cheated on his wife,  but the economy was good so he got re-elected. That is what people really care about it seems, a good economy. 

     White collar high rollers and the GOP ‘establishment’ are also pushing for Romney because they are scared to death of Newt.  They know Newt will hold them accountable for their irresponsible greed that has contributed to the country’s downward slide. They know Romney will not. Newt has said he will go after activist judges that think they can ‘invent’ laws from the bench,  judges that try to re-write the Constitution from the bench, this is a huge reason the GOP establishment and the democrats are scared to death of Newt,  They know he means what he says.

     If you want real change that will put America on the road to recovery, if you want to see heads roll that contributed to the mess we are in, vote for Newt Gingrich. If you want a wishy washy Massachusetts ‘moderate’ who will not hold anyone accountable vote for Romney. John McCain just endorsed Romney, one weak moderate endorsing another, that should tell you the ‘fix’ is in for more of the same. Every news outlet, including Fox,  is pushing Romney and minimizing Newt for all they are worth, they are trying to manipulate the outcome of this race, don’t allow them to do what they have been doing for years any longer.  If you want real reforms Newt will bring them. Let the heads begin to roll!

Mark Shean, submitted 1-7-2012

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