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Concealed Carry

     Accountability,  I was driving down the road the other day listening to the news on the radio, some guy had been caught in connection with two bank robberies. He pleaded guilty and received 20-25 years in prison. The first bank robbery he got $1000, the second robbery he got a little over $2000. I am not going to say that he should not go to jail for robbing banks, he should, he committed a serious crime. 

 For about $3000 he was held accountable and will spend a very long time behind bars.

Now consider white collar crime, where hundreds of millions, or billions of dollars, even adding up into the trillions, go missing.  In almost every case the money is our tax dollars that was used to bolster or ‘bail out’ a huge incompetent company or bank, never to be paid back, to be sucked into some ‘black hole’ never to be seen again. Congress calls the big shots into Washington to explain were the money went,(this is a scripted act) only to be told that they do not know what happened to it………..and what happens to these ‘big shot’ CEO’s?NOTHING! What happens to the people in Congress that allowed the money to be given with no strings attached? NOTHING!


    Why are we, the ‘little’ people angry? There is no ACCOUNTABILITY where there should be. What makes these ‘high rise’ thieves less susceptible to big prison time than that small time crook doing 20-25 years for stealing $3000………………….political favors/connections in high places bought by campaign contribution’s to crooked politicians.

Mark Shean, 12-18-2011


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