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Concealed Carry

Archive for November, 2011

   Have you taken notice of how the lame stream ‘lefty’ media has gone after each GOP candidate that has come to the forefront since the debates began, with one noticeable exclusion, Mitt Romney. Everyone else is fair game with the media except Mitt, this is the medias way of trying to push their ‘favorite son’ on us as the only candidate that should be the GOP nominee. The media feels that if Mitt is the nominee Obama is sure to win the general election. The plan is, that after, and only after Mitt is chosen the GOP winner will they, (the media) go after him in a big way by showing all his past ‘flip flops’ on a host of issues. Truth be known, Mitt is as bad a flip flopper as John Kerry ever was.

    The media is, (in my opinion)  afraid of Newt, they try to minimize and marginalize and attack him in every way they can. The media feels that Obama can defeat Mitt in a debate forum but they are afraid Newt would mop the floor with Obama in any debate. The media wants to make sure Newt never is afforded the chance. They realize that Newt is not only brilliant but he also has b***s, a very dangerous combination against someone who is only armed with bull s***, and an absolutely dismal record (Obama).

   Does Newt have baggage? Yes. There is not one person on this planet that does not have some sort of baggage, the media will try its utmost to point out Newt’s baggage while being completely mute about Obama’s record or baggage. The media feels that the First Amendment protects anything they do, or do not do. Omitting facts is the same as lying to the American people. The First Amendment means freedom of speech, not freedom to decieve, but this is exactly how the lefty media operates.

   I believe that if America wants to start climbing out of the dangerous deficit that is smothering all of us, they will not be deceived by the same old tactics of yesterday any longer, we can not afford it. We need a candidate as completely conservative as Obama is completely liberal, and Mitt Romney is not that candidate, Newt Gingrich is.

   Don’t listen to what the lefty media has to say about Newt, listen instead to what Newt has to say about America, we are in a very serious situation, Obama’s experiment into European socialism has got to end before it goes any farther.  Europe is imploding right now and Obama is either to naive to see it, or he wants America to fail in the same way, you decide. 

Mark Shean, 11-24-2011

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     On 11-16-2011, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 822, the National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act, by a vote of 272 to 154. This is the will of the people speaking, and the Senate had better pay attention.

  The bill, which was introduced by Representatives Cliff Stearns (R-FL.) and Heath Shuler (D-N.C.). A Senate version of the bill has yet to be introduced. Passage of this legislation was by a bipartisan majority and is an important step by Congress to expand the ability of law-abiding Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms across state lines.

 Just as states recognize out-of-state driver’s licenses, this bill ensures that a person with a valid right-to-carry permit can lawfully carry a firearm in other states that issue carry permits or that do not prohibit the carrying of concealed firearms for lawful purposes. Forty-nine states recognize the right-to-carry, with only Illinois and the District of Columbia prohibiting this right. Boycott them until they decide they are part of America also.

The bill does not affect a state’s concealed carry law. Restrictions on where firearms can be carried within each state would remain in effect.

   The bill’s many supporters call it necessary to ensure the fundamental right of self-defense for American citizens.  The right to defend yourself and your loved ones from criminals is fundamental, and it should not be denied when you cross a state border. Lets now see what the Senate will do, the people have spoken loud and clear, will the Senate forget their oath to uphold the will of the people? If so it is up to us to throw the bums out.

Call and email your Senators, demand they pass this important legislation.


Article lV protects the “Privileges and Immunities of citizens in the several states” the Privileges and Immunities clause; States have no rights to deny Privileges and Immunities granted by other states. Concealed carry is a ‘privilege’ granted by your state, right?

Section 5 of the Fourteenth Amendment, gives Congress the power to enforce the provisions of that amendment.

The Supreme Court held in McDonald v. Chicago that the 14th Amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms against state infringment.

Congress has the power to regulate commerce which includes the power to remove state barriers to free interstate travel.

Article lV, Sec. 1 of the Constitution reads: “Full faith and credit shall be given in each state to the public acts, records and judicial proceedings of every other state. And Congress may by general laws prescribe the manner in which such acts, records and proceedings shall be proved, and the effect thereof.”
This is why you do not need 50 drivers licenses-

If the Senate blocks this carry bill we will know they refuse to listen to the will of the people, that should be the end of all their political corruption come election time!

Mark Shean, 11-18-11

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Land of the Free

Lord who grants salvation to kings and dominion to rulers, Whose kingdom is a kingdom spanning all eternities; Who places a road in the sea and a path in the mighty waters – may you bless the President, the Vice President, and all the constituted officers of government of this land. May they execute their responsibilities with intelligence, honor, compassion and love for the constitution wonderfully crafted by our founding fathers. May you always bless these United States and show us the direction to continue to be the land of the free and the home of the brave.
I reprinted this from online and felt it should be passed on.
M.Shean 11-13-2011
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The main clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment are:

Section. 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Section. 5. The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article


In Massachusetts a 209-A restraining order for instance is in direct violation of the Fourteenth Amendment as it confiscates property, (guns) without ‘due process of law’ based only on hearsay, and often is a manipulation of the courts simply to harass the accused by the accuser.

Mark Shean, 11-11-11

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