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Concealed Carry

    10-3-11, I have watched all of the GOP debates with interest as the 2012 race heats up. This is my opinion of the candidates so far, in no particular order.

UPDATE: 10-11-11 Debate,  I did not like the round table set up and the Bloomberg channel does not try to hide their ‘left’ slant with ‘gotcha’ questions. Also I noticed the media (Mr.Rose, host) of the show was not giving each candidate the same amount of time, instead he was trying to lead the audience to who he wanted to go against Obama by omitting others from the debate, mainly grilling Romney. Newt Gingrich for instance was only given two questions in the entire two hours, he gave great answers and drew applause both times, the other candidates did not. All in all I don’t think anyone lost any ground, they stuck to their ‘talking points’.  This is the media trying to decide for us who should run in 2012.

   Michelle Bachmann: She started out strong but has faded almost into obscurity, she really has not been able to resonate well with the overall public since before the Florida debate. I don’t think the public is ready for a woman President quite yet. I think she would be good as a  VP if she is offered that chance. UPDATE: 10-11-11 Debate, Michelle sounded very good, I did not like the round table set up and the Bloomberg does not try to hide their ‘left’ slant with ‘gotcha’ questions

   John Huntsman: When he starts talking I cant help but thinking of a phony car salesman. This guy is the ‘slick’ type of politician, he really does not belong as a GOP contender, I think he is a democrat acting as a ‘spoiler’ to the process. By looking at his poll numbers he obviously is only fooling himself. Get out of the race John.

  Rick Perry: I like most of his stands on issues, he appears honest in my view. He is a conservative candidate and we need conservatives in this race.  I do not agree with his Dream Bill in Texas for illegals getting ‘free’  college educations while Americans struggle for the same education.  I do understand that as a governor he was presented the bill by the representatives of the Texas people, and signed it in accordance with the will of the people, so in that respect he did what he was elected to do. As far as the vaccination issue for young girls, he has stated it was a mistake to go about it the way he did, but it was not lost on me that he did have a opt out for parents, it was not mandatory even though people want to pretend it was so to hurt him in the polls. Politics are dirty.

  Ron Paul:  What can I say about this guy, some things he talks about I agree with, like his views about the Federal Reserve, and on the Constitution. Other times I think he is a totally senile isolationist wing-nut, as when he made the statement that he did not see any reason Iran should not have nuclear weapons because other nations did. Gee Ron, the very second Iran got nukes they would launch them on Israel, and you do not understand this as a sitting congressman all these decades? If people want Obama to win just put Ron Paul against him. It would be the same outcome as when Dole ran against Clinton, or when McCain ran against Obama the first time. Old and Cranky vs. Charismatic, the GOP should know the outcome by now. Ron Paul does not have what it takes to win a majority of conservatives, his son would stand a better chance.

  Mitt Romney, I firmly believe that there are southern democrats in office who are more conservative than Romney. He is a very weak Republican at best, who talks a good game but even then his words come off as insincere. He is only a couple notches above Huntsman on his ability to hide his phony side. He is not what real conservatives are looking for in a candidate, many will just stay home if he is the one who runs against Obama. I believe this is why the lefty media is trying to keep him in the limelight, they want him to be the one. His health-care (Romneycare) for Ma. is surviving solely because it is being subsidized by the federal government. In other words it is a failure. Obama care will also need to be subsidized, who will do that? Sky high taxes will be the only way to subsidize Obamacare. Romney does not have the moral courage to say his health-care plan in Ma. is a failure. He is weak.

  Newt Gingrich: He is very smart, probably the brightest candidate on the stage. He thinks fast, has good solutions, would make a great VP because he would be a real asset to any President. The problem is Newt just comes across as a cranky old professor. Personally I think he would make a great President, unfortunately he has a lot of baggage and the media would use it against him to harpoon his message with smoke and mirrors. I would like to see all the states move their primaries into January of 2012, get it over with, so the media would have lost the ability to manipulate the public perception of candidates to the medias liking.

  Herman Cain: I liked him from the very first debate. Refreshingly candid, direct and to the point. He is the only one on stage that is not a career politician. I like that fact. I can detect nothing phony about him. He is the only candidate that has a tax structure plan that makes sense, the 9-9-9 plan, no one else says a word that makes any sense in that direction. You will hear him talk of it in these debates. He is starting to pick up momentum, as he should if anyone is listening. I feel he would get this economy back on track in short order. What he may lack in foreign policy he can surround himself with experts in the field, not thugs and unqualified friends from Chicago…..Americans deserve better and Mr. Cain knows it. Cain & Gingrich in 2012 has a nice ring to it………….

  Rick Santorum: I do not like his whiney debating style, he sounds desperate to make a ‘splash’ in the polls, its not going to happen. I don’t see him as Presidential, or even as a VP, now or in the foreseeable future. Step aside Rick.

  Gary Johnson: I have only seen Gary once in Florida, he was dry, and at times entertaining, (dogs making shovel ready jobs), I will need to see how he carries himself in a couple more debates before I form an opinion. He is a Libertarian, that is not a bad thing, I like the fact that Libertarians like small government. I like the fact that he vetoed nearly 700 tax bills as Governor of New Mexico and did not raise any taxes in the 8 years he served as Governor. I need to hear more about him….

  NOTE: There may be others that throw their hats into this race, as I am sure there will be those throwing in the towel soon, I will update this as events occur.

 Mark Shean, submitted 10-3-2011


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