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   In the September 12th edition of  USA TODAY, the editors ‘view’ on Rick Perry’s stance on Social Security was, in my view, comical. They begin by saying that since its inception in 1935 that it has been very popular with both parties. Of course it has been popular, both parties have been stealing from it since 1935, whats not to like about putting in worthless I.O.U.’s with no thought of ever returning the money? If Social Security was established correctly it would have been OFF limits to everything else except people retiring, if that had been done from the very start a huge surplus would be in place right now.

    USA TODAY says that Perry’s “harsh rhetoric misstates the reality”.  His view that it is a “Ponzi scheme” and “monstrous lie” is way over the top so the paper says. USA TODAY then goes on to define a Ponzi scheme, as being “an undertaking designed to swindle people out of their money by using income revenue to produce bogus investment returns to attract more money”.  “Ponzi schemes have two salient features USA TODAY says. First, they are criminal enterprises, second, they work only until people get wind of what is going on, at which point they inevitably collapse”. BINGO! I agree with USA TODAY completely, they hit the nail right on the head!

  Social Security/the government  has been swindling  people for years out of a portion of their income promising a bogus return on their investment in the form of a retirement stipend in old age. A majority of people put in far more than they ever live to get back, what happens to the money they did not live long enough to collect back? It is rolled back into the SS fund so politicians can then steal it for other things, it should go to the persons family, that sounds very criminal to me that it should be rolled back in…. The second point made by USA TODAY, that once a Ponzi scheme is uncovered it collapses…. well SS is/has been collapsing, and the people are now very aware of it. It is not an ‘entitlement’ as the politicians, including Obama would sorely like you to believe, it is YOUR money that YOU have put into SS, you SHOULD get it back, you earned it throughout your working life!

   Politicians think that by raising the retirement age more people will die before they can collect anywhere near what they put into SS, this is the political ‘fix’ for years of political theft of the SS fund.  Is it a “monstrous lie” as Perry indicates? It most certainly is. It is a lie to continue garnishing young peoples wages for the failing SS fund knowing full well these young people will never get any return on their investment due to politicians direct theft of the SS funds. So I guess that makes it a government run Ponzi scheme after all, run by government criminals. Bernard Madoff was a boyscout compared to Congress all these years.

   USA TODAY says Perry has not made clear his ‘fix’ for SS, everyone except USA TODAY already knows what the ‘fix’ is, pass legislation that makes it a federal crime and life imprisonment for any politician that puts his dirty money grubbing paws into the SS fund for anything other than what it was intended, RETIREMENT! Fixed.

That Rick Perry is the ONLY candidate with the courage to say what needs to be said about SS in these GOP debates tells me he is the right man, (so far) to lead this country out of the mess Obama has only helped to worsen since he took office. So by USA TODAY’s own definition they unwittingly show precisely why Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, and a monstrous lie. Good job USA TODAY!

NOTE: In the 9-15-2011 edition of USA TODAY they ran a political cartoon stating that there are 462 million Americans in poverty….even counting all illegal aliens there are not that many people in the entire country, not even close……I hate to confuse the issues with the facts, obviously USA TODAY would rather slant then use facts.


Mark Shean, 9-15-2011



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    I was watching Fox news today when an interesting/disturbing story came on concerning an employee of Walgreen’s, or I should say ex employee. The ex employee is Mr. J. Hoven.  Mr. Hoven was thrust into a very scary position when two criminals attempted to rob and murder people in the Walgreen store where he was a pharmacist.
   Walgreen’s fired Mr. Hoven for defending his own life and the lives of others. Walgreen’s claimed Mr. Hoven did not follow co. policy pertaining to just being a good little victim, as it turns out the video shows the criminal trying to gun down Mr. Hoven prior to Mr. Hoven responding and shooting back with his legal licensed handgun. The criminals gun malfunctioned…….thank God.
   According to this story, Walgreen’s refuses to produce their so-called policy on employees and how they are ‘trained’ to respond to a robbery. Why is it that you will not produce this policy for Mr. Hoven’s attorney? Is it because it does not exist?
   Whether or not such a policy exists is really not very relevant to this story, Mr. Hoven’s a hero, is an American citizen, has a God given right to self defense, backed up also by the Second Amendment. No company supersedes either. Whom ever wrote such an ass backward policy endangering employees lives at Walgreen’s is a completely clueless moron, hidden within the safety of  corporate headquarters, far removed from the ‘front’ lines.
 Rest assured I will not darken the doorway of another Walgreen’s until you wake up and put the lives of your employees before your ‘bottom line’, and I will do my best through my blog to spread the word. Change your foolish/dangerous policy and allow employees whom are legally licensed to carry a handgun, do so at work, without fear of being helplessly murdered due to asinine policy makers/lawyers at Walgreen’s.
   Walgreen’s has been in the news in the not to distant past for firing others who refused to be good little victims, this is a very bad company policy, (if it really exists), very criminal friendly, endangering all of  the employees. Lets not go there, until Walgreen’s publicly change their attitude toward their employees. Every retail company should smarten up on this issue, and if they did robbery in these stores would go way down and the chance of survival would go up for employees. 
Mark Shean
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    I thought I would float this out there for your consideration/input. Now I know that this past storm, (Irene) was bad in many areas, but I live in Plymouth Ma. which was not  even near the direct path of this  downgraded storm. The day before it hit New England, NSTAR left a message on all answering machines about what to do when power was lost, (I guess they somehow knew it was a forgone conclusion) the next day, (Sunday) at exactly 10 AM the power went out. I could not understand why it went out because it was barely windy, it was only lightly raining sporadically. I have been through many Nor’ Easters with really high winds and heavy rain conditions without losing power……really.

    At the same time, 10 AM, we lost our Verizon service, in our case it was the land-line phone and computer, these were out for the better part of 5 days, again, why? We tried to contact Verizon to get any idea as to how long this might drag on, with no luck, no one at Verizon would answer their customer service number. We left the cell phone on ‘speaker’ for hours listening to crappy elevator music designed to drive you off the phone while on hold waiting for anyone to answer!

   After 35 hours we got electrical power back from NSTAR,  jusssst  long enough to throw out everything in the refrigerator. I will watch to see if NSTAR reflects that time frame on the bill……. As for Verizon I will watch closely to see if they deduct the five days from their bill. I suggest you do the same. I have a sneaking suspicion that NSTAR will bill everyone for those hours, pure profit for service not rendered. Keep an eye on your bill. Now there is talk another hurricane may be on the way up the coast, lets see how delicate our services are this time around…….

 Mark Shean, submitted on 9-4-2011



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