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Concealed Carry

Mark Shean, author of Gun Sense, now #1 on Amazon.

I am attempting to give you all an accurate reference or ‘at a glance’ guide of what states will honor the Utah non resident CCW, and what states will honor the Florida non resident CCW, and what states will honor both of them, or just one of them. Now , I have found this to be harder than I thought it would be when I set out to do this project,  if there is something, anything I have missed please email me about the oversight pointing to accurate facts, and I will research and correct the error quickly. Thank you. Mark Shean–

First things first, I thought it would be best to begin by listing all the constitutionally dysfunctional states/regimes, these are the regimes where the progressives, (democrats) will not honor anyone’s out of state license to carry, (your a bad guy in these states). These regimes are listed here in alphabetical order:

CALIFORNIA, CONNECTICUT, HAWAII, ILLINOIS (Obama nation), MARYLAND, MASSACHUSETT’S, NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK, OREGON, RHODE ISLAND, WISCONSIN. There you have it, eleven states that do not consider your gun rights as a citizen of the United States under the Constitution. Personally, I will not spend my money in states that do not honor our Constitutional/God given right to self defense within our nations boarders, from sea to shining sea.

These next states will only honor the UTAH non resident CCW, (as opposed to Florida) if you have it, not both:  Arizona,  Michigan,  Minnesota, + North Carolina. *Bear in mind the title of my article, I am not talking about other non-resident licenses these states may already honor, only these two ‘multi’ state license’s.

These nextstates will only honor the FLORIDA  non resident CCW, (as opposed to Utah) if you have it, not both:  Kansas,  New Mexico,+ South Carolina.*Again, bear in mind the title of my article, I am not talking about other non-resident licenses these states may already honor, only these two ‘multi’ state license’s.

Colorado, under 18-12-213. Current Reciprocity.
(1) A permit to carry a concealed handgun or a concealed weapon that is issued by any state that recognizes the validity of permits issued, (by Colorado) pursuant to this part 2 shall be valid in this state in all respects as a permit issued pursuant to this part 2 if the permit is issued to a person who is:
(a) Twenty-one years of age or older; and
(b) (I) A resident of the state that issued the permit, as demonstrated by the address stated on a valid picture identification that is issued by the state that issued the permit and is carried by the permit holder; or
(II) A resident of Colorado for no more than ninety days, as determined by the date of issuance on a valid picture identification issued by Colorado and carried by the permit holder.
(2) For purposes of this section, a “valid picture identification” means a driver’s license or a state identification issued in lieu of a driver’s license.

   Before I get to the states that do honor both the Utah and Florida CCW, there needs to be some clarification for New Hampshire, Florida, Kansas, New Mexico + South Carolina. OK, here we go, New Hampshire will honor the Florida and Utah CCW only if  you are a resident of Florida and Utah.  Kansas, South Carolina and New Mexico will honor the Florida CCW only if  you are a resident of the ‘Sunshine’ State, they will not honor Utah. Lastly, Florida will recognize the Utah license only if  your a resident of Utah. Please read this paragraph over a couple times, it can be confusing.

The next list of 27 states will honor both the Florida and Utah CCW, this does not mean they will not honor other state licenses as well, but for the sake of attempting simplicity, if you have a non resident Florida and/or Utah CCW multi state license you will know where you can take your concealed handgun in your travels:    Alabama,  Alaska,  Arkansas,  Delaware,  Georgia,  Idaho,  Indiana,  Iowa,  Kentucky,  Louisiana,  Mississippi,  Missouri,  Montana,  Nebraska,  North Dakota,  Ohio,  Oklahoma,  Pennsylvania,  South Dakota,  Tennessee,  Texas,  Utah-(FL),  Vermont,  Virginia,  Washington,  West Virginia, + Wyoming. Again, 27 states in all.  NOTE: Utah honors the Florida CCW even if your not a resident of Florida. As mentioned previously, Florida does not do the same for Utah.

These next are a few states that do not honor the Utah CCW, but a couple may honor Florida* and other state licenses, only if you are a resident from that state:

KANSAS, As of 6-14-2011, will recognize: Arizona, Florida, (as already mentioned),  Minnesota,  Nevada,  New Jersey, North Dakota,  South Carolina, + Texas.

MAINE, As listed 8-23-2011,will recognize:  Arkansas,  Delaware,  South Dakota,  Louisiana,  North Dakota, + Wyoming.

NEVADA, As of 7-1-2011, will recognize:  Alaska,  Arizona,  Arkansas,  Kansas,  Kentucky,  Louisiana,  Michigan,  Missouri,  Nebraska,  New Mexico,  North Carolina,  Ohio,  Tennessee,  Rhode Island, + West Virginia.

NEW HAMPSHIRE, As listed 8-23-2011,  Alabama,  Alaska,  Arkansas,  Arizona,  Colorado,  Florida (as previously mentioned), Georgia,  Idaho,  Indiana,  Iowa,  Kentucky,  Louisiana,  Michigan,  Mississippi,  Missouri,  North Carolina,  North Dakota,  Oklahoma,  Pennsylvania,  Tennessee,  Utah (as previously mentioned), + Wyoming.

NEW MEXICO, As listed 8-23-2011, Formal written reciprocity with Texas, informal reciprocity with;  Alaska,  Arizona,  Colorado,  Delaware,  Florida, (as already mentioned),  Kentucky,  Michigan,  Minnesota,  Missouri,  Montana,  North Dakota,  Ohio,  Oklahoma,  South Carolina,  Tennessee, Virginia, + Wyoming.

SOUTH CAROLINA, As listed 8-23-2011, will recognize:  Alaska,  Arizona,  Arkansas,  Florida, (as already mentioned),  Kansas,  Kentucky,  Louisiana,  Michigan,  Missouri,  North Carolina,  Ohio,  Oklahoma,  Tennessee,  Texas,  Virginia,  West Virginia, + Wyoming.

NOTE: It does not matter what license you may have to go into other states, the states you go into EXPECT you to know their laws concerning concealed carry. So it is in your best interest to do your homework prior to traveling. Even in the 11 constitutionally dysfunctional states you are protected by a federal law* if you find yourself passing through one of these 11 regimes, it is known as the McClure-Volkmer Act of 1986, you can read it below:


NOTE:   The Federal McClure-Volkmer Act of 1986*:  In a nutshell, (as I read it, not verbatim). This federal act will protect you from criminally friendly, ‘constitutionally dysfunctional’ states/regimes, (11 of them, Ca. Ma. Ill. NY. NJ. etc.)  in this way: Individuals transporting through certain states that would otherwise view such transport as ‘illegal’, may do so under this law if the weapons are unloaded, cased and stowed in a trunk or locked vehicle compartment which is not readily accessible to the occupants. Any ammunition must also be kept separate and be locked away from the occupants and firearms.

 Mark’s Note: (This ‘act‘ I believe, is to ensure the safety of any criminal(s)  intent on a felony assault of you and your loved ones in these 11 ’constitutionally dysfunctional’ states/regimes) also (I suggest buying the ammo when you get to where your going, as there may not be enough ‘compartments’ in your vehicle to be in compliance.)  This ‘act’ is a reflection of our so-called Representative’s looking out for our safety…….?! Sure…..

ACT’ 0f 1986 continued;   The law abiding traveler(s)  must simply be passing through the ‘constitutionally dysfunctional’ states/regimes, and must be bound for a jurisdiction where the possession of such weapons are not considered a threat or illegal by any ‘constitutionally respectful’ state(s).  As long as the traveler(s) maintain a steady uninterrupted course through the ‘constitutionally dysfunctional’ states/regimes with the ‘offending’ weapons/ammo stowed in the manner described above, they will be protected from a felony assault on their inalienable  rights from the 11 ‘constitutionally dysfunctional’ states/regimes that they might travel through. Prime example; New Jersey

   On a personal note: I believe we should be able to go anywhere within our United States, with one license issued by the state wherein we live, as we do with a drivers license per the Full Faith and Credit clause in our Constitution, found under Article IV, Section I. Go read it, it is already clear, all but two of these states are playing games with our gun rights. Vermont and Alaska has the Constitution right, they dont need gun licenses there to own firearms, if your a known criminal, a code is put on your drivers license, you can not own firearms, and you better not be caught with one.

Submitted By Mark Shean, 8-23-2011

12 Responses to “FLORIDA -non resident- CCW Multi State Licenses”

  • Joe S. says:

    I am a michigan resident and am 18. I have read your excellent rescourceful articles and plan to purchase a NH, Maine, and any other non resident permits that I qualify for and that more than one state accepts though I am a non resident. Would it be legal to use in a state that accepts non residents with the proper Idaho non resident permit if I am 18 and the state i.e. Arizona requires 21 to ccw?
    thank you

    Hello Joe, Thank you for the compliment, please feel free to read my ‘Gun Sense’ and pass that info to your loved ones and friends. You have a good question Joe. You said your a Michigan resident, 18 years old.

    Do you have a non resident Idaho permit for concealed carry that says 18 is OK for concealed carry?

    I do not believe any state issues a concealed, (handgun) carry permit to anyone under 21.

    I know that you can hunt in another state with long guns if your under 21 Joe, with proof of taking a Hunter Safety class, your hunting license is honored as your gun license(long guns) in other states during hunting season because the states want you to spend your money in their state for the revenue. It is BIG bucks $$$ and they don’t want to make it hard to hunt if your a non resident. When it comes down to brass tacks Joe, everything is about the almighty dollar. I think an 18 year old should be able to carry a concealed handgun if he has no record. But I do not believe that will be the case anytime soon.


    Mark Shean, MA.FID/LTC/UTAH/FL

  • Gordon L. Smith says:

    Thank you for all the information that you provide on your website.

  • Rob Painter says:

    Hi, I was reading over the Illinois Non-resident license. It does not sound very hard to get, but there s a backlog. The way I understand it, if licensed in another state, (resident) you can carry concealed (only in your vehicle). I have a Texas resident and a Florida non-resident. So as progressive Illinois is, it is not the Communist state of California.
    About 10 years ago, because of business I had to go to south central LA. Anyone familiar with thre projects of Chicago, Gary and Detroit for 15 years. South central same thing and a white man stands out and is considered a target.
    At that time, I figured I would take my chances. I did in Chicago, and where I went cops almost demanded I wear a vest and carry.
    At the time, and it may still be the same, it was a misdemeanor for carrying concealed with a caveat: The gun carried better damn sure be registered in California or that was a felony! Of course at that time, my firearms were from Wisconsin and obviously not registered there. Needless to say, I don’t frequent any of those places anymore.
    I do think I am going to apply for my Illinois non-resident though. You can check all that out on the Illinois non-resident CHL.

  • Mark Shean says:

    Ok, I am not sure of what your question is, but better safe than sorry.

  • Tom says:

    I enjoyed your article. I was wondering if one posesses one or both of these licenses, does that cover all legally purchased guns even if there’s a gun that’s banded in another state or a preband gun?

  • Tom says:

    I live in one of those crappy states, Mass where the laws are so strict that I’m always checking to make sure I abide by them in fear of loosing my carrying rights. Dam liberals! My other question might seem obvious but thought I’d ask. If I get those other licences, those are only to carry and not purchase a gun in another state right? Thanks, Tom

  • Mark Shean says:

    You can buy a ‘banned’ gun but not a new ‘banned’ gun from any dealer, you can buy it used from a dealer or private party but the E-FA-10 form will always need to be filled out. Please look at Gun Sense # 36.

  • Mark Shean says:

    You can purchase a gun in another state but you will need information of a dealer in Ma. where the dealer in another state will need to ship the gun. You will need to give the dealer in another state the FFL#, fax#, and address of the dealer in Ma. He will ship the gun there, (but not a (banned gun on Ma. list) Then you go to the Ma. dealer to get the gun and he will charge a fee to fill out the E-FA-10 change of ownership transaction form.

  • Mark Shean says:

    Hello Dan, When our representatives disregard their Oaths to Office, you know, the one about upholding the Constitution (all of it) than ya, they are dysfunctional and need to be recalled from the office of Trust that We The People allowed them to have in our service, they are a threat to our freedoms. You are the first and Only person that has mentioned anything along these lines. Take off those rose colored glasses kid…….
    If your looking for ‘political’ correctness’ go somewhere else for your gun related information.

  • Clark Rachesky says:

    I am still unclear. I am a Texas resident. I have the non resident Florida CCW. I AM traveling to Florida, will I be able to carry concealed in Florida. I do not have a TX T

  • Mark Shean says:

    What is a TX T ? Did you read the packet Florida sent you? It should point out what is expected of you in Florida. Also that would be an easy google question.

  • Charlie van nostrand says:

    Mark: I am a resident of New York State and have a CCP for NY and a non-resident CCP for Florida. Am I ok travelling between these two states by car?

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