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Concealed Carry

   We are going to be ‘blessed’ with a health-care plan that we will be forced to purchase, and fined heavily if we don’t, (find that government power in the Constitution, good luck). This plan purportedly covers ten million more people without adding a single new doctor, worse yet, doctors will quit because of it,  this plan will provide for 16,000 new IRS thugs, oops, ‘agents’ to enforce it and was written by a committee whose Chairman, (Tom Harken D-IA) says hedid not understand it! It was passed by a Congress that could not be bothered to read it, (“But we have to pass the bill so we can find out whats in it, away from the controversy Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca), quote unquote) but this Congress made damned sure they would be exempted from it!

   The funding will be administered by the Treasury Thief, oops I mean Chief, (Tim Geithner) who didn’t pay his taxes, and in which we will all be taxed, (those who still work) for the next four years before any benefits can take effect, by a government which has already put Social Security, Medicare, (and the overall economy) well on the way to bankruptcy, all to be overseen by a Surgeon General who is obese, (Dr.Regina M. Benjamin) and a President, (Obamawho smokes, all the while he is telling people that Social Security, (that we pay into all our working lives) is an entitlement!! He really believes that we are all that stupid…..


NOTE: I took some liberties with this by adding a few highlights such as names and quotes where they should have been inserted in the first place, but were not. I don’t like ‘sugar coating’.

This country is in real trouble, but if the government shuts down on August 1st maybe we should celebrate, at least all the pin heads in D.C. who caused this entire mess will not continue mis-spending our money right away.

Scalia Upbraids Obamacare Defender: ‘We’re Not Stupid’   Conservative Justices Attack Obamacare Mandate In SCOTUS Hearing

For a real eye opener you might want to look at the above two links, this will show you the Obama socialists vs. consevatives, and how important it is that Obama is not given another chance to appoint one more retard to the Supreme Court!

Sincerely, Mark Shean

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