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Concealed Carry


I will list some questions here that I have encountered in my Ma. classes, with answers. Also my Gun Sense series may answer other questions.

Q: Do you give the Ma. state class for the LTC/FID license?

A: Yes, I have given the class since 2000, my son joined me in 2013, we travel all over the state* giving  the required class. Please go to my HOME page for details, where you schedule your own class.

Q: A Massachusetts friend wants to store a firearm(s) in my safe, is that legal?

A: If he has a gun license, and you have a gun license, yes you can, but the licenses have to cover the gun, if it is a handgun you both must have a LTC.

Q: What does ‘unrestricted’ mean in applying for LTC ?

A: It means for any Lawful purpose in how you utilize your firearm(s).

Q: In Massachusetts is it illegal to ride in a vehicle with a loaded weapon with a LTC with children in the car?

A: No, it must be under your Direct Control as outlined in G.S. #22. But you can not take it onto school property, read G.S. #35.

Q: In Ma. if I apply for a license to carry would my son being a police officer influence the decision in Ma?

A: No, It should have nothing to do with your son being a police officer or ‘who’ you know, instead it has everything to do with your past, as far as court records go, or lack thereof. Please read #39 Gun Sense of my series.

Q: My friend has a ma LTC but I do not, can I shoot his gun?

A:  Yes you can shoot his gun under his direct supervision, but he may only have one gun there while you shoot. Read #22 Gun Sense.

Q:  Can I win an appeal on LTC in Ma. if i had a restraining order 20 years ago?

A: It should not be denied if you had a restraining order 20 years ago or 2 years ago, please read G. S. #39.

Q: When should you follow up on your LTC application?

A: The average time it takes to be processed is about 4 months, give the police a call then to check the status of your LTC.

Q: Can a LEGAL Resident Alien apply now for an LTC, (license to carry) in Massachusetts ?

A: Yes, a Legal Resident Alien (so-called ‘green card’ holder) can apply for an LTC on the SAME BASIS as a citizen.  It is the result of the federal court, Fletcher v. Haas decision, found here:  Civil Action No. 11-10644-DPW.   See GS #30.

Q: In Ma. is carrying a concealed weapon driving through school zone legal/OK?

A: Yes, in any state it is OK, if it were illegal that would amount to a complete gun ban, Democrats in office would love that…….at least the oath breakers would anyway.

Q: What do you do if you applied for a LTC and no response after 40 days? How long will it take?

A: After 40 days it is just a waiting game, on average it takes 4 months before you get the license, be patient.

Q:  If I am denied a Ma. LTC can I apply for an FID card?

A: Before any open ended question like this can be reasonably answered, I would need more details like WHAT were the reason(s) given in the denial letter from the police? I am knowledgeable about whether a denial is valid or not, and how to proceed if it is not valid, but I don’t read minds…..

Q: I was asked for three reasons to get a LTC, what should I say?

A: The best reason would be ‘Any Lawful Purpose’, on the application, ask if they accept that, if not put for ‘Personal Protection’, don’t restrict yourself by saying anything else like for Employment or Hunting. But if they want to make you ‘explain’ yourself with three reasons read Gun Sense #19 also #39.  

Q: Can you get a gun permit with a misdemeanor in Massachusetts?

A: Please read Gun Sense #20

Q: What guns are approved to own in Ma. ?

A: Copy and paste this link for approved firearms.

Q:  What do I do about a lost Ma. LTC?

A: Read Gun Sense #18

Q: When I get pulled over do I have to tell the police I am carrying in Ma.

A: No, please read #38 Gun Sense.

Q: Which states honor the Florida Firearm multi state license?

A: See my Florida info tab on the left of page.

Q: How do I check the status of my LTC application ?

A: After 40 days contact the police by email and ask, save that email and any response. Be aware though that the average wait is 4 months….Read #39 Gun Sense.

Q: What is a Squib Load?

A: Please read Gun Sense #6.

Q: What is favorable Reason for gun right request?

A: I wrote one, please read Gun Sense #19

Q: Is there a template for a character reference letter for LTC in Ma.?

A: I wrote one, please read Gun Sense #33.

Q: What is a hang fire? or a misfire?

A: Please read Gun Sense #5.

Q: I am moving in same town, what do I need to do for LTC in Massachusetts?

A: Please read Gun Sense #14.

Q: Can you carry a gun in a bar in Ma.?

A: Read Gun Sense #35.

Q: Is there a firearm safety test online for Massachusetts?

A: I wrote a test that is specific to Ma., Please read it at Gun Sense # 29. I put the answers at the bottom of Gun Sense #23, don’t cheat….

Q: Is a person with ma ltc permited to carry in a hospital?

A: Read Gun Sense #35.

Q:What should I expect in a firearms permit interview?

A: Read Gun Sense #39.

Q: Where can I not carry in Ma. ?

A: Gun Sense # 35, Places you Cannot carry Firearms in Ma.

Q: Can a LEGAL Resident Alien apply now for an LTC, (license to carry) in Massachusetts ?

A: Yes, a Legal Resident Alien (so-called ‘green card’ holder) can apply for an LTC on the SAME BASIS as a citizen.  It is the result of the federal court, Fletcher v. Haas decision, found here:  Civil Action No. 11-10644-DPW.

Q. How long do I have to wait once I submit my firearm license application to the police ?

A. Generally speaking, you should receive your carry permit on average 4 months from the time you turn in the application. This may still vary from town to town depending on staffing. Some towns will hold applications until they accumulate a certain number of them before sending them to Boston to be processed, this can add a little time to your wait.

Q. How does the denial process work ?

A. You are sent notification. If you do not receive written notification, with reasons for denial from the police within 40 days from the day you applied then you are not being denied, it is still within the 4 to 6 week ‘window’ so just be patient and it will come.

Q. If I am denied what recourse do I have ?

A. part 1, That depends on the reasons given for the denial. If you do not think the reasons given have legitimate grounds then I suggest you go to; Gun Sense #13, Petition for Judicial Review, Specific to Ma. This is on my website and walks you through the process, and yes, a denial can be overturned by a judge without the use of a lawyer. part 2, If you are denied for a past misdemeanor go to; Gun Sense #20,’Misdemeanor’,Been Denied Your Gun Permit/License in Ma. Some loosening of the laws occurred in 2004, this could mean you are no longer banned from getting a gun license in Ma. under certain circumstances.

Q. Do I have to notify the authorities if I change my address while in possession of a gun license?

A. If you move out of state no. If you move from one town to another in Ma. yes. If you move from one street to another street in the same town no. Go to; Gun Sense #14, Change of Address Notification Forms-and a Renewal ‘tip’, Ma. For detailed important information.

Q. What do I put on my application for a ‘reason’ to get my gun license?

A. These three words,  ‘Any Lawful Purpose’, this should suffice for reasonable police as it covers any contingency in your use of a firearm under the law. But, if for some reason your police department inexplicably will not accept that, use these three words: ‘For Personal Protection’ as your second option. And if your police department also wants you to write a letter to the chief explaining your ‘reason’ for wanting a gun permit then go to, Gun Sense #19, ‘Reason’ Letter for Ma. class ‘A’ LTC  If  your now feeling a bit intimidated, I wrote a ‘template’ letter to help guide you, tweak it..

Q. Can I store a loaded firearm as long as it has a trigger lock on it ?

A. No, stored firearms are to be unloaded. improper storage is a felony. Read; Gun Sense #22, Firearm Storage and ‘Direct Control’ in Ma.

Q. Can I carry a loaded handgun in a motor vehicle?

A. Yes, under your ‘direct control’ .  Read Gun Sense #22, Firearm Storage and ‘Direct Control’ in Ma.

 Q. Can I leave a firearm unattended in my motor vehicle?

A. Yes, please read #22 Gun Sense.

Q. Where can I find a gun club to join?

A. Ma. has an abundance of gun clubs, many feature fishing as well, some specialize in other kinds of outdoor hunting/shooting sports.  Here is a good link to find a club near you:

Q. Can I bring someone shooting at a range on my license if  he/she has no gun license ?

A. Yes, but you may only have one gun present, you are responsible for safety as you supervise  someone shoot.

Q. How much is charged by the state for an FID card?

A. As of July 12, 2011, the cost for someone under the age of 18 will be $25, and $100 dollars 18 or over. An LTC or FID are free if you are 70 or older.   (should be 65)….

Q. Not having a license, can I shoot on a friends property with his gun if he has a license but is not present while I shoot?

A. No, he needs to be present to supervise you shoot, also, there can only be one gun out.

Q.  If I found myself in a situation where a criminal has broken into my home and I fear for my life and the lives of my family, should I fire a warning shot or shoot to wound a threatening criminal?

A.  Every situation can be unique, never fire a warning shot, (thats a Hollywood move) it just shows an attacker where you are and if he has a gun he will not return the favor by firing a warning shot.  Do not shoot to wound, shoot to stop the threat. Under stress you lose your fine motor skills and use your gross motor skills, if you try to wound the criminal you will not stop the threat to you, he can still fight back, aim for the largest portion of the attacker and fire until the threat has been stopped.

I will be adding to this list as more questions arise that would be beneficial to pass on to you. My Gun Sense series may have answers to many of your questions already, please use it as a source of information.


Mark Shean,  About Me


13 Responses to “Gun Sense #31, Frequently Asked Questions”

  • Vic says:

    Hi! If you will – this answer:

    Q: Can I leave a firearm unattended in my motor vehicle?
    A. No, not under any circumstance.

    Seem to contradict to the answer key (Gun Sense #23, A.4). So – can a firearm be left unattended in a vehicle if in stored/kept condition (e.g., locked in a case)?

    Thanks! – and thank you very much for such an informative site!

  • Mark Shean says:

    Hi Vic, there is a lot of confusion on this. The best thing to do to clear it up is to contact the State Police as they are they ones that will give you a yes you can or no you can not answer. Please get back to me and let me know what they tell you. Thanks.

  • Mark Shean says:

    Hi Vic, I corrected that answer to N, I guess that slipped by me jumping from page to page doing this test, I had actually put T when it was a Y or N answer. My mistake, thanks for pointing that out.

  • I was just denied my LTC in MA the reason that was stated was I was untruthful on my application
    There was an incident over 20 years ago that I completely forgot about and the charges were dropped I have zero felonies but I just forgot to list the incident. I wasn’t untruthful just forgetful doesn’t someone have to prove I was untruthful and not accuse me of lying don’t they have to prove I was lying? What gives someone the right to judge me when they don’t know me? Can I fight this? Can I beat this?

  • Mark Shean says:

    Email me or contact me through the contact link Jeff.

  • Jeffrey Garrity says:

    Mark I can’t seem to find your email or contact link you can email me directly at

  • Lance Ferguson says:

    Is there any problems of mounting a car holster in vehicle. Like for instance mount holster under steering wheel or next to console so there would be quicker access if needed or just for the driving comfort. and i know of course not leave it in car unattended.

    thanks for any input.

  • Mark Shean says:

    No problem with that, it is within reach and under your direct control , read # 19 Gun Sense.

  • Daniel Montani says:

    Hi Mark,

    Question I couldn’t seem to find an answer to as far as storing guns and ammo, more specifically magazines. Are the storage laws as far as storing guns and magazines empty as well as ammo in original container for long term storage? Is it possible to keep a loaded magazine (locked in a container with, but not inside, the firearm) while you are home? Reason I ask is say in the event of someone breaking in you would have to open the container and load the magazine, insert it into the gun then chamber a round all while being burglarized. Seems a little crazy but I’m fairly new to mass gun laws. Thanks again for the help, this site is great.

    Dan Montani

  • Mark Shean says:

    Read #22 and #37 Gun Sense Dan. If you need you can call me.

  • Matt sermini says:

    Why am I not eligible to buy a firearm if I have obtained an FID but am not at the age of 18.

  • Mark Shean says:

    That is state law Matt, when you turn 18 you can buy rifles shotgun’s and ammo. How old are you now?

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