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Concealed Carry

Archive for May, 2011

  The news story: IMF Head, (a Freudian slip?) Accused of Sexual assault!

   Strauss-Kahn, (related to Genghis-Kahn?) a leading member of the French Socialist Party, one of the most powerful men in the entire world, wow, turns out being a lowly sexual predator. I hope the young woman recovers in time to see justice done.

   The IMF (International Monetary Fund) provides ’emergency’ loans to 187 nations in severe distress and tries to maintain global financial stability I read, what was somehow omitted in this description was that the U.S. tax payer makes the impossible IMF mission remotely possible, were it not in such corrupt hands. In 2003 alone the U.S. tax payer bailed out the IMF, (at the insistence of the Federal Reserve frauds) to the tune of 27,000,000,000 billion dollars! Did you know that?? Research it! How much money has the IMF raped us for since then with our politicians help?  That is a good question to hit your so-called Representative’s and presidential candidates between the eyes with. If you think the IMF is relevant, you need to look no further than the crisis it caused in Argentina to dispel its relevancy.  Yesterday we hit our national debt limit/ceiling because of bailouts/foreign aid, but maybe that’s a topic for another deficit/$ related article?

   Strauss-Kahn, this high ranking socialist seems to be right at home enjoying the rewards of capitalism, an apparent oxymoron. A $3000 dollar a night penthouse suite, on our tax dime. For that kind of money why didn’t we just get him a hooker? Maybe it is because the IMF/Kahn is so comfortable raping U.S. tax payers, that he thought, why not LITERALLY?!  Kahn, a perfect example of a ‘gangster bankster’ elite involved in the rape and pillage of so many countries/people…….this is news?  Just sounds like the rich trying to screw to poor, now its his lawyers turn to try to victimize her, again.

  I hope the police send the DNA evidence to the same lab they sent Monica’s infamous blue dress, a symbol of yet another abuse of power.  Next the book, then the movie……….. Pawns R US.

Kahn/IMF  is one more example of who and what your glorious politician’s are sending our hard earned money too.  U.S. tax payers had better wake up and put an end to it, contact your so-called representative!  This would help take a big bite out of our politically induced deficit.

Kahn will walk free because he will grease the right palms, with our money.

Mark Shean, 5-17-2011

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    I remember in the not very distant past, when our representatives spoke of the ‘deficit’, it was in the term of  billions in debt. It was after the Democrats got into office that the deficit took off to a trillion for the first time and quickly snowballed to 3 trillion with all the ‘bailouts’ and other hugely unpopular legislation being forced down our throats such as Obamacare. Three trillion was described to us in the news as something that our great grandchildren would be burdened with as a way of explaining what the size and scope of this debt really meant.

    Now we are pushing the 15 trillion dollar debt mark! This took two short years!  With no end in sight!  The Democrats want to raise the debt ceiling without making any effort to curb spending!  Now that’s being responsible!

    I think that there are two ways to look at this based on how all of our so-called representatives have acted. One way is that we really are not in the financial trouble that is being portrayed in the news and in Washington. That the USA is really super wealthy beyond all of our wildest imaginations and we as tax payers can support not only our country but the whole world, the politicians know that, and therefore show no real concern in their callous spending of our tax dollars. Because, if we were in real trouble, shouldn’t cuts in spending  immediately begin with all foreign aid around the world being cut off ? If you believe the news, explain how we can support the world yet we cant support ourselves??  The money saved by cutting welfare to the world alone could be put to work rebuilding infrastructure, helping the flood and tornado victims in our own country, etc!  The runaway spending simply does not ‘jive’ with our country being broke…..

    The second way to look at a wildly out of control 15 trillion dollar + deficit is,  (if  it is real)  that our entire government from the top down is grossly incompetent with no thought of what is in the nations ‘best interest!  How do you see it?  Is anyone out there getting angry at their ‘representatives’ yet?

   I don’t see many comments here, tear yourself away from the ‘smoke screen’ of sports for a split second to see whats actually going on around you because you will not be prepared to deal with the shock of hyper-inflation, (look it up) in the not very distant future. The majority of  you are not even paying attention….unbelievable.

Mark Shean, submitted 5-13-2011

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