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Concealed Carry

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The answers can be found at the bottom of  ‘Gun Sense’ # 23, don’t cheat.

1.   A firearm is given to, or received from another individual with the ‘action’ open whenever it is possible to do so?  T   F

2.   Ammo must be stored in a locked container, in original boxes.   T   F

3.   Can a handgun be carried loaded in a vehicle in compliance with ‘Direct Control’ ?  Y   N

4.   A firearm in the ‘Stored or Kept’ condition may be temporarily left in a vehicle unattended?  Y   N

5.   What condition is a firearm in, if it is not under your ‘Direct Control’ ?

6.   Define ‘Stored or Kept’.

7.   While transporting firearms not under your ‘Direct Control’ can they be loaded?  Y   N

8.   When firearms are kept in the home, is it a good idea to talk to children about gun safety at the earliest age possible?  Y   N

9.   Are firearms that are not under your ‘Direct Control’  in the home supposed to be unloaded and secured?  Y   N

10.  Should you treat firearms as loaded at all times?  Y   N

11.   Today’s double and single action revolvers have external safeties?  Y   N

12.  Should you exercise the same degree of firearm safety no matter what size caliber/type firearm you handle?  Y   N

13.  Are a ‘mis-fire’ and a ‘hang-fire’  exactly the same thing?  Y   N

14.  Should you ever take a firearm from someone if that person has not shown you it is technically unloaded first?  Y   N,  Once taken how should it be handled, explain.

15.  How long should you wait in a ‘mis-fire’ situation?

16.  When hunting always identify your ‘game’  and what is beyond before taking a shot.  T   F

17.  Can you describe a ‘squib’ load?

18.  Should a mechanical safety on any firearm be trusted to work?  Y   N

19.  Definition of  “Conviction”; A finding or verdict of guilty, or a plea of guilty, whether or not final sentence is/was imposed.   T   F

20.  Who bears the responsibility of firearm safety at all times?

21. You will need to sign an affidavit stating that ‘None of your guns have been lost or stolen since your last application’ at each 6 year renewal.  T   F

22. You should always make and keep copies of anything you file with the police.   Y   N

23. Ammunition is to be in original containers, locked in a cabinet, closet or box when not in use.   T   F

The answers can be found at the bottom of  ‘Gun Sense’ #23  

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Reviews  Towns Served

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