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Concealed Carry


Not my opinion, these are facts.

I am going to point out some court decisions that have come down on the side of the police. These cases were filed by people who were victims of violent crime, or filed by the surviving members of  families on behalf of a  member killed by violent criminals. They have two things in common, 1. The police did not arrive in time, or at all, to save the victim(s), and  2. No one has ever won a decision in court against the police because someone died before they could respond. Here are a sample of  four cases to highlight why the Second Amendment is vital. At the end I will give a brief summary as to why this is the way things will always remain.

This first case,…..

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  • Scott says:

    Mark, Well said, and extremely valid points.

    NOTE: Thank you Scott, These facts stand on their own. MS

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