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Concealed Carry


First, if you would like a copy of your adult criminal record, (if any) you can call the CORI unit at 617-660-4640, Also look at Gun Sense #34. I think the fee is $25. You can use this report to clarify, in your own mind, if there are any possible ‘road blocks’ that may stand in the way of your getting a gun license.

Conviction”; A finding or verdict of guilty or a plea of guilty, whether or not final sentence is/was imposed.

I will list some laws that you as a gun license holder are required to know. I am not a lawyer, but the last time I checked I don”t have to be to reproduce what is public information, …..

To read this chapter in full, and any other articles in the Gun Sense series, it is available as an Ebook and a Paperback at Amazon under:
Gun Sense Massachusetts Gun Law Information and Common Sense Firearm Safety By Mark R. Shean Sr.




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