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Concealed Carry

Submitted by Mark Shean Sr. author of GUN SENSE, now on Amazon

I knew I would not be disappointed by the ‘left’  in the wake of the shootings by Jared Loughner in Arizona. Politicians are starting to have ‘brain storms’ as to how they will stop this from ever happening again. They see this as the perfect opportunity to go after our guns, instead of recognizing a glaring fact, that you simply cannot legislate away bad intentions.

One of these ‘brain storms’ would be a law that would make it illegal to come within 1000 feet of any public official/representative with a gun. Do these law makers really believe THAT would have stopped Jared Loughner from committing his demented crime in Arizona?! I suppose these law makers think that if the 1000 foot law had already been on the books, the crime would never have been committed!  That Loughner would have successfully been ‘thwarted’ by this law and would have had to ‘rethink’ his strategy. How naive. That makes law makers proposing this to look as unstable as Loughner! How many laws are on the books already against committing murder? Has that stopped murder? Lets have a few more laws making murder illegal, that should stop murder from happening! Right….

There are so many public officials/representatives running around, how would you know, at any given time, if you were within 1000 feet from one of them in the first place?! I guess that means we should all turn in our guns, just to be on the ‘safe’ side of that law. And that is the point of these stupid laws in the first place, control over us peasant’s. The ‘left’ will never stop trying to politicize these kinds of tragedy’s, the ‘left’ will never stop trying to disarm honest people.  Which by the way, the ‘left’ will never stop the Jared Loughner’s of the world no matter how many laws they dream/scheme up. If a bad person wants you, he will get you, regardless of laws, or whether you have an ‘important title’ or not.

  NOTE:   Has anyone else noticed that Loughner looks like uncle Fester of the Adam’s Family?  His Lawyer probably told him to shave his head and look as crazy as possible in order to claim the ‘insanity’ defense.  After all, its not a matter of  ‘if’ he did it, it is a question of  ‘why’.

As far as ‘progresive’ law makers wanting to impact the entire populations right to keep and bear arms,  how about this novel idea; Hold individuals accountable for their individual actions, leave everyone else alone…..!

And now a word from one of America’s Greatest Founders, in my view, and our first President.   (“It will be an unjust and unwise jealousy to deprive a man of his natural liberty upon the supposition he may abuse it.”)  George Washington

Mark Shean, submitted 1-12-2011

Author of: #GUN SENSE, on Amazon

2 Responses to “How About Another Law? That Should Take Care of It!”

  • Steve says:

    Yes I have been watching this closely as a new gun owner Mark.

    Gun sales in Arizona spiked because of worries of new laws. Lets also be aware that its not just the 2nd amendment thats in trouble right now its also the 1st. They are talking about the fairness doctrine and more, to limit free speech now. Lastly let me mention how Obama called to thank the sheriff in Arizona. I would love to have heard the conversation to see if he really thanked him for his work (or rather his officers work) or if he thanked him for blaming the “right”.

    NOTE: Thanks Steve, Good point, I would like to know what was said to the sheriff by Obama also. Mark

  • Jim Forand says:

    I will once again quote Ted Nugent ” The only good offender is a dead offender.” Death penalty immediately…….Thank you
    NOTE: No, thank you Jim, MS 🙂

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