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Concealed Carry

By Mark Shean Sr. author of #GUN SENSE, now on Amazon. 


Hollywood has quite an influence on how people view things, right or wrong, people formulate notions based on what they see at the movies or on television. In my gun class I will dispel some of these notions. I start by saying something like; I am now going to ruin some of the things that you believe to be real because you have seen it on TV all of your life. Remember, Hollywood is entertainment, nothing else.

For example:…..

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3 Responses to “Gun Sense #24, Hollywood Bullets vs. Real Bullets”

  • PsychoDad says:

    Of course the most famous Hollywood bullet trick is a cowboy managing to fire several dozen rounds from his Colt six-shooter!  Mythbusters did an episode with the bullet-into-water routine, and as you note, the impact of a bullet on water slows it quite a bit and/or shatters it beyond usefuleness.  If I recall correctly, the .50 cal actually fared the worst of the several different kinds they tried.Unfortunately, Hollywood seems to believe their own special effects too much — seems they all think themselves that guns are so dangerous they have to be forever isolated from human contact — I assume they regard conservatives the same way….

    NOTE: Thank you for your comments, yes Hollywood ‘elite’ would ban gun ownership and delete the Second Amendment in an instant if they could, but its OK to them if they use/misuse guns in order to make mega money on movies/tv to line their pockets. They are beneath contempt. MS

  • Iain Schnaible says:

    Let’s not forget the best Hollywood bullets you can buy. The ones from “Wanted” that, with just the right sweep of the barrel across the target area, will curve around the target’s cover and take out the bad guy! I wish we’d had these when I was in the Marine Corps. I don’t know how many times I could have used something like this to get to a bad guy behind a solid wall.

  • Mark Shean says:

    That would be nice, but of course you know democommies would want to ban them…..

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