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Concealed Carry

     I see in the Patriot Ledger the other day that our ‘glourious’ governor has proposed a gun bill, and is trying hard to push it through the legislature before the legislative session ends July 31. This gun bill would limit legal, law abiding, gun license holders from buying more than one gun per month. It would also take away our right to sell guns among ourselves, as we have done for decades, with the proper paperwork obtained from the police department,  instead makeing us go through a gun dealer so that we will need to pay additional fees and taxes on each transaction. Something, I am sure, offered as a bone to the gun dealers so as not to fight this legislation.

   This bill only targets the law abiding citizen, I can say this with complete certainty, as we are the only ones who can walk into a gun store to legally buy a gun in Massachusetts’s. The criminals don’t have a gun license, therefore cannot buy a gun legally anywhere, at any time! How will this stop gun crimes? Answer; it will not do a thing to stop even one gun crime, ever. And like the other three nit-wit states that have passed this foolishness, there are NO statistics to show gun crime has been curbed, and there never will be.

     Under this bill, lawfully licensed people who buy more than one gun a month would receive a maximum fine of $1000 and a  2 1/2 year jail sentence on a first offense! That is tougher than the state is with repeat drunk drivers or perverts that molest our children!  This bill  is specifically aimed at legally licensed gun owners that have already jumped through the ‘hoops’ in order to exercise a RIGHT under our Constitution! You know, I think that for a second offense, our ‘glourious’ Representatives should consider reinstating the Death Penalty, that seems reasonable to me………how about you?

    I  read that Mary Elizabeth Hefferman, Deval’s secretary of  ‘public safety’, claims that “anyone who has entered a plea by reason of insanity, or has had a mental health hearing in the court system would be prevented from getting a gun license”. Nothing wrong with that, but she goes on to say, “right now, that information is not kept in a database accessible to licensing authorities”. That is a falsehood, or, if she really believes what she said, she is not qualified for her job. By law, it is a requirement that doctors, who make these assessment’s, are to report this information, and that it is stored in the (NICS) National Instant Check System.  Come now, dishonesty, in order to get an anti gun rights bogus bill passed? Has that ploy ever been used before? Is that our elected servants working in our best interest folks? If you think so, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale……..

  Here is an interesting question our ‘glourious’ servant’s have not touched upon in this bill. What if there are multiple, legal gun license holders in one family, under one roof, lets say…. five people. That would mean each person could buy one gun per month under this bogus law. Wow five guns per month, 60 guns per year, oh my God! The humanity! Think of the children! Crime run amok!

   I think it is time for the governor to put his energies towards important issues like the economy and jobs, leave lawful citizens alone. Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that the Second Amendment is the law of the land, what part of “shall not be infringed” is it that politicians like Deval Patrick don’t understand? Please read the two quotes below, in your mind which one best reflects our ‘leaders’ , and how they like to “operate” today.  Mark Shean, written 6-28-10

  “It will be an unjust and unwise jealousy to deprive a man of natural liberty upon the supposition he may abuse it” -GEORGE WASHINGTON-

  This next quote is from the founding leader of the Russian Communist Party. ” It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed“. Vladimir Lenin

You decide. MS

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